Top 10 Scary Sea Creatures in the World

Top 10 Scary Sea Creatures in the World

Top 10 Scary Sea Creatures in the World

Are you scared of swimming? Of scary sharks? Or seal? Which is the scariest? These are the top 10 scary sea creatures that will haunt your dreams.

For deep sea divers and swimmers, getting under water may mean a career, a profession or simply a hobby that one enjoys in a hot summer afternoon.

Yet for whatever reasons, precaution is paramount as this may present to you an encounter with one of the most dangerous creatures in the waters and chances are they might cost your life!

10. Asian Carp

The Asian carps have been known to jump out of water most times to heights of 2.5-3 meters as they get easily frightened by boats. This leaves injuries on fishermen and inflicts wounds and cuts on them, sometimes even causing concussions.

Kicking off our list, the Asian carp is an unprecedented attacker and one whose precaution might be difficult to take.

9. California Sea Lion

Top 10 Scary Sea Creatures in the World

Coming at number 9, we have this mammoth sea creature as one of the most dangerous man eaters in the world, having more reported attacks than sharks! They can move at very high speeds of up to 10.8km/h, which helps them in catching their prey with ease.

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8. The Barracuda

Top 10 Scary Sea Creatures in the World

Coming at number 8, the Barracuda is a saltwater fish known for its scary appearance and aggressive behavior. It is dark grey in color, but the colors can vary from white to blue or dark green on its upper body depending on the different species, while its sides are silver and its belly white.

It has a snake-like shape with razor sharp teeth of different sizes stuck in their strong jaws that help it capture and eat its prey.

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7. Hound fish

At number 7, the Hound fish are predators whose experience with humans might not be the best. These species have dark blue backs and silver white sides and can grow to a maximum length of about 150 cm in length and weigh up to 6.35kgs.

These species are considered a threat to fishermen due to their body size and strong beaks.

6. Leopard Seals

Pushing our list to number 6, the leopard seal is undisputedly a force to be reckoned with under water. Just like any other seal, the Leopard seal is one of the largest creatures in the sea which can weigh up to 600 kilograms and grow to a range of 2.4-3.5m.

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It has razor sharp teeth and 2.5 cm canines that help it attack and devour its prey with a lot of ease. Humans do not come as an exemption in this list, and many a case have been reported of the giant monster launching attacks on them.

5. Piranha

Coming at number 5, the piranhas do not raise eyebrows being on this list. These small fish are known to attack swimmers and divers especially when in schools, and ambush when stressed, mostly due to food scarcity or low waters during the dry season.

Although the piranhas are relatively small in size in contrast to other creatures in this list, they have very strong jaw muscles and serrated teeth that help them devour flesh off their prey within seconds.

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4. Saltwater Crocodile

The largest reptile in the world does not come as a surprise to us and is indeed one of the most dangerous sea creatures in the world.

Coming at number 4, the marine crocodile, as it is otherwise known comes second after the Nile crocodile which leads the pack with the highest record of fatalities ever recorded. In Australia alone, 106 deaths have been associated with this sea monster from 1971-2003.

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3. The Great White Shark

This mammoth killer shark is definitely among the top 3 attackers of humans under water, and it’s a formidable predator that devours and kills, nothing less of that. Just like its name suggests, this species can grow up to 6.1 meters in length for the females and weigh up to 1905 kg when fully grown!

2. The Nile crocodile

These African predators are notoriously one of the creatures with highest kill count on humans in history. Coming at number 2, the Nile crocodiles are probably the most dangerous water predators living close to high human populations, and also leading in fatal attacks on both children and adults.

1. Killer Whales

The killer whales or the orcas as they are otherwise known, summarize our list of the top ten man-eaters in the world. Being at the apex of marine food chain, no animal in the sea preys on them.

Surprisingly, the killer whales are a member of the oceanic dolphin family and are famous for attacking sharks and other large mammals in the sea.

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