7 Most Sociable Sea Creatures in the World

Friendly and intelligent, these 7 sociable sea creatures will make you think they are humans. not creatures of the sea!

​7. Dolphins

Sociable Sea Creatures, 7 Most Sociable Sea Creatures in the World

Let’s start with a creature that everybody know it is friendly and very intelligent. The dolphin. Yes, they are above average, but how intelligent are they in fact? That’s hard to say, would it laugh if you’d send it some memes? Probably not, but dolphins are known to interact with humans even since Roman times.

They would drive fish towards the fishermen waiting on shore for them to casts their nets in the water. Then, the dolphins would go after the unnetted fish, who were left disoriented by the nets.

 In more recent times, there have been a lot of research done around dolphins and communicating with them.

6. Killer Whales

Sociable Sea Creatures, 7 Most Sociable Sea Creatures in the World

Ok, so killer whales are basically dolphins in tuxedos, but they have shown signs of intelligence same as their grey cousins.

There are reports that in the 1900s, orcas used to smack the water off Twofold Bay in New South Wales to signal whalers that baleen whales were nearby.

5. Goldfish

Sociable Sea Creatures, 7 Most Sociable Sea Creatures in the World

I bet many of you have a goldfish at home, but did you knew that you can train them to swim towards you and follow you in their tank as you walk around the room?

Yes, like in Evan Almighty but for real. People were able to train goldfish to do that, but, strangely enough, they only do it with their owners, not other people.

Goldfish may swim up and down to signal owners to turn their aquarium lights when they are off or they will swim to the surface when they are hungry until their owner feeds them.

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4. Archer Fish

Let’s talk about another fish, the archer fish. Like the goldfish, it lacks a neocortex. In mammals, that’s the part that takes care of the more complex things, like cognition, reasoning and language.

And altough the archer fish don’t have a complex brain, scientists were still able to teach them to recognise and differenciate between human faces, even though they lack the brain cells that make that possible!

It’s not like they bump into humans faces eveyday on the ocean floor. Fish aren’t that dumb, they actually know who you are!

3. Common Octopus

Sociable Sea Creatures, 7 Most Sociable Sea Creatures in the World

The common octopus is another fascinating, intelligent and really sociable creature. And it  is number 3 on our list of the most sociable sea creatures.

The octopus is a molluscs and there has been a lot of research around communicating with molluscs. Researchers were able to teach octopusses, cuttlefish and squid to distinguish and respond to geometric symbols or train them not to eat food and wait, just like you do with your pet.

2. Seal

Sociable Sea Creatures, 7 Most Sociable Sea Creatures in the World

The second on our list is a harbor seal. Not just any seal, but a seal named Hoover with an interesting story and more interesting abilities.

In 1971 off the coast of Maine, Scottie Dunnin found a seal pup who was left orfaned and took him home to his husband as a foster mum. The family treated him as the family dog, even taking Hoover shopping or when they went downtown.

During this time, Hoover learned a variety of English words, would play games and the sociable harbor seal would also mimick his foster parents speech. George, the father, had a thick accent and he passed it on to Hoover.

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1. Grocery Shopping Penguin

And when I saw the footage I couldn’t believe my eyes.You can see on the video how Lala is basically living with them as a pet, and even has a room with special AC to keep the temperature down.Look at him waddling like a penguin!

And the best part is yet to come. Lala has a tiny penguin shaped backpack that she uses to… guess what? Go into town for shopping!

That’s right, the video is real. No animation, no puppets, the penguins strolls into town to get groceries and people just love him.Here you can see him having a small snack.Here you can see someone cooling him off.And here you can see his cute little penguin walk. Look at all that swag.This has to be the best animal documentary ever!

So what does this mean for penguins? Well, first of all, penguins are really cool. Secondly, having a pet penguin is not such a good idea. They are protected animals, with some penguin species being vulnerable and some even endangered.

If you do encounter one, your best option is to call a professional organization that helps conserve and protect them. As all animals, they should be treated with respect and make sure we allow them to live free in their own natural habitats.

If you just want something cute, maybe you should get a stuffed penguin toy instead.

And speaking of penguins, why don’t you see penguins in Britain?

Because they’re afraid of Wales.That was really, really, not good. Let me try another one.Where does a penguin go when he loses his tail?A re-tail store!Okay, that’s it for me!


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