10 Massive Deadliest Creatures You’ll Find in the Ocean

Encounters between surface dwellers and creatures of the deep happen far more often than you would think. Some of them are orchestrated and some of them are entirely accidental. One thing is for certain- all of these meet and greets are uniquely terrifying and fascinating in their own right!

We’re counting down the twelve most incredible encounters between people and creatures of the deep. How many of these would you dare?

1. Pilot Whales

Our first pick doesn’t actually call for getting down and dirty in the deep, dark water, but it’s still an incredible encounter all on its own merit.

2. Hammerhead Sharks

Hammerhead Sharks are some of the most elusive animals of the seven seas. They are also some of the weirdest; with giant bars of cartilage and skin slicing across their maws.

3. Killer Whales

 Serious question- do you have to be a special kind of daredevil, or simply a special kind of stupid to jump in the water with some of the most colossal cetaceans on the planet?

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4. Sea Lions

Sea Lions are notoriously territorial creatures that will not hesitate to bring the pain if you invade their territory, and like the watery dogs that they are, Sea Lions can be extremely dangerous if provoked.

5. Manta Rays

Unlike their Sting Ray cousins, majestic Mantas don’t have a venomous barbed tail. Their tails are whiplike and will leave a nasty bruise but not necessarily send you straight to the hospital- or to the morgue.

6. Humpback Whales

Slide into the warm waters of the South Pacific and you might just chance upon something miraculous: Humpback Whales nursing their young right beside you.

7. Whale Sharks

Get into the briny deep with the largest fish on the planet? Yes, please! Whale Sharks might just be the definition of a gentle giant, gliding through the temperate waters of the world’s tropical regions.

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8. Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles are the sea’s most chill creatures. Although they are generally harmless, these shelled swimmers can give you a shock if you’re not prepared.

9. Basking Sharks

Like Whale Sharks, Basking Sharks are huge animals that generally don’t pose a threat to humans, but you wouldn’t know that from their gigantic gullets that open for minutes at a time to suck in every tiny fish in sight.

10. Manatees

These chubby mermaids are true Floridians, where they are celebrated and protected in the Sunshine State. The coolest thing about Manatees?

11. Mako Sharks

Great Whites get all of the credit, but Mako Sharks are the real assassins of the sea. You don’t want to tangle with these cranky predators either, because they aren’t shy of going round to round with humans if they have to.

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12.Bait Balls

Unlike many of the others on this list, bait ball feeding doesn’t give you a one-on-one encounter with a certain type of marine animal, but a whole host of apex predators.

Bait balls are delectable schools of fish that swim in huge packs with sardines and anchovies as the most likely fishes to team up like this.



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