Top 12 Smallest Man Made Objects

No. 12.

Super-tiny MP3 player Despite the super small size, this New Kube player has the largest size in the list.

Each side of it is just 1.9m in width and weighs about 28g. When being launched, New Kube made the players like iPod Nano become quite bulky.

Inside, there is an electronic circuit board just equal to a finger nail and a lithium polymer battery which allows hearing within 6 hours.

No. 11.

Smallest Snowman Snowman’s definitely familiar to everyone. When talking about it, you will imagine about a snowman wearing a scarf, a beanie with carrot nose and black eyes standing in the snow, right?

If yes, you’re wrong. The snowman I wanna tell you is totally different. In 2009, Professor David Cox at National Physical Laboratory in West London, England made the world’s smallest snowman with 10 micrometers across, about one-fifth the width of a human hair. And this is one of the tiniest things on the planet.

No. 10.

Smallest car The Peel P50 Microcar since the ’60s once again attracted the public when the super-tiny version was demonstrated during a sequence of Top Gear, England.

This one was sold for Britain at 200USD. It used a 49cc engine with 3 speeds-manual and 3 wheels.

The car had 1 seat, 1 door, 1 windshield wiper and 1 front light. It could move at 72km/h by gas or electricity. P50’s length was just 137cm.

No. 9.

Smallest TV screen The record of super-tiny TV screen was granted to MicroEmissive company in Scotland with the model ME1602.

This screen measured just 4x3mm and the resolution of 160×120 pixels.

No. 8.

Autonomous Flying Microrobot RoboBee is the world’s smallest autonomous flying microrobot created by robot maker of Harvard University.

It was inspired by insects and just bigger than 1-cent coin a bit.

No. 7.

Smallest aircraft The world’s smallest aircraft BD-5J of Bede Aircraft Corporation weighs only 159kg.

This could speed up to 483 km/h, which used the Sermel TRS-18 turbojet. Its propeller is 4-6m in length, weighs about 500kg when taking off and continuously operates on 483km, with 7.010m flight.

No. 6.

Smallest model train The countryside landscape above is enough to surprise us by its size, but if looking closer, we still realize there’s a railway here.

This is the world’s smallest model train, 1:35.200 times in comparison with the original. It was created by a model train enthusiast David Smith from New Jersey, US and sold for 12$.

No. 5.

Smallest camera In 2011, Fraunhofer Institute in Germany launched a super-tiny camera. This camera was used to snap inside the body.

It’s easy to produce, cheap and 1mm3 in volume, the same size as a grain of salt.

No. 4.

Smallest Scupture In April, 2015, the artist Jonty Hurwitz created the world’s most miniscule sculptures. It can stand on a hair and has the same size as an ant head.

The sculpture measured less than 1mm and created by nanotechnology for several months. Due to being too small, it could not be observed by normal eyes.

The only way to see it is on the screen of a scanning electron microscope. Unfortunately, during the photography, the sculpture broke when someone’s finger accidentally crashed it.

No. 3.

Smallest Bible A company named Jerusalem Nano Bible developed a small chip containing full 27 books in the New Testament written in ancient Greek.

Each letter in the bible was printed with the size about 18 micrometers. So you must use a powerful electron microscope if wanting to read this.

This super-tiny version was made of a piece of silicon and designed to easily attach to jewelry or watch.

No. 2.

Smallest Computer Researchers at the University of Michigan have just created the computer having precision temperature sensor with only 0.3 mm, completely defeated the computer of IBM with 1/10 the size.

This device is so sensitive that its transmission LED can induce currents in its tiny circuits. There’s still some controversy when the term “computer” was used here, since we haven’t answered exactly what computer is.

This super-tiny computer has a microprocessor, but unlike the normal one, it will lose all data if being blackout.

No. 1.

Smallest gun OMG, what’s happening? A gun with a pilled size, am I wrong? According to the company’s introduction, the Swiss Minigun is the smallest revolver but has full features as the normal one, with 6-bulleted chamber, 2.3 mm caliber and 1.97m bullet.

Despite the smallness, undeniably, this gun could have damage. Nothing is impossible with human creativity, right? Maybe a sneeze or something accidental could crash them.

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