15 Massive Insects That Are Actually Real

Hello all experts in analyzing strange things Insects are often very scary in human’s mind, especially those giant are even more terrifying.

The giant insects below will make you think they are not in real life and only appear in the movies.

However, in the world, there are many insects having huge sizes like a grasshopper with the handed size, a super-huge butterfly with the faced size Just hear, enough to make you shudder.

15: Giant Walkingstick

The “giant” walkingstick (Megaphasma dentricus) found in North America is recognized as the world’s longest insect.

The adult walkingstick has a body length of over 160mm, if including the whole leg, it can reach nearly 300mm, even up to 600mm. Besides the record in length, this species is also known for good camouflage.

The spindly body with the color of gray or light brown makes them look like a dry twig when standing still.

If you do not look closely, you will certainly not be able to realize this guy seems really mysterious.

14: Titanus beetle

This is a giant beetle in the insect world. This beetle can grow to around 18cm and it’s also the largest beetle in the world.

Some people call them giant cockroaches, but they aren’t really cockroaches but true beetles. Titan is the longest beetle in the Amazon rainforest.

Colombia, northern Brazil and Guianas of France all have their existence. Their favorite habitats are hot and humid areas.

13: Goliath birdeater

Goliath birdeater, scientific name is Theraphosa blondi, is the largest spider in the world. This spider lives mainly in the Amazon, Brazil, Suriname and Venezuela A large spider can weigh nearly 200g and possesses leg span from 28cm to 30cm, which is enough to cover the whole human face. OMG! 30cm.

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If I saw them in real life, it would scare me out. With its huge size, hairy body, sharp fangs, this spider always makes anyone wary of them whenever meeting.

They have been the subject of scientific research, and researchers have discovered unexpected truths.

12: Hercules Beetle

This beetle may not be the largest species on the planet, but it is the most powerful. Not only on the planet, it’s also considered the most powerful animal of all time. It can carry 850 times the weight of its body on its back.

11: Goliath Beetle

Goliathus Another member of the beetle family is also in the top of giant animals. Goliath beetle lives mainly in tropical and subtropical areas of Africa.

Goliathus has the heaviest larvae in the world with an average weight of 80 to 100g, but the adult is only half the weight. Goliath beetles are often kept as pets and food for dogs and cats.

10: Giant Burrowing Cockroach

Referring to cockroaches, many people seem to hate and fear them. Because these insects not only have scary looks, extremely unpleasant odors but also spread dangerous diseases.

However, this horrible animal is favorite pet in Australia. This’s also called macropenesthia rhinoceros from Australia. It’s the largest cockroach in the world.

When grown up, this giant cockroach can be up to 8cm long, weigh up to 35g. Compared to other insects, giant cockroaches also have a long lifespan, up to 10 years.

9: Giant water bug

Giant water bugs often live in the streams of North America, South America, northern Australia and East Asia.

There’re 160 species in the world. They are the largest insect in the Hemiptera, excluding beetles and flies.

In addition, they are also one of the world’s largest bugs, with about 19cm long, approximately the size of a glove.

In particular, this species feeds on small fish and amphibians, or even snakes and turtles. When encountering the prey, this species releases a poisonous digestive juice causing the internal organs of the prey to become liquid, easy for digestion. They’re one of the most painful insect stings in the world.

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No. 8

Giant dragonfly Dragonflies have always been a lovely and beautiful insect that everyone knows. But you will be extremely interested in the giant dragonfly we mentioned below This is the largest dragonfly in the world, with a wingspan of 19cm.

They live mainly in Central and South America, also eastern Africa. The main food of giant dragonflies is spiders.

No. 7

Asian giant hornet Asian giant hornet can grow up to 4.5 cm long and are the world’s largest species of wasps.

Found throughout East Asia, this insect is very aggressive with venoms longer than 6mm. In Japan, about 30-40 people die of this species each year.

No. 6: Giant isopod

Giant isopod lives in deep water (700m below the sea level), along the coast of Georgia (USA) to Brazil (Atlantic), including the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Bathynomus giganteus is a large crustacean of isopod living deep in the sea. It looks very much like the regular bugs in the garden.

It’s a unique member of the group, which is much larger than the rest. A typical giant beetle is about 5 cm long.

However, the adult giant isopod can be 17 to 50 cm long, equivalent to an adult cat. Although it looks big and scary, they are not dangerous to people or pets.

No. 5 Atlas moth

Scientific name of Atlas moth is Attacus atlas Found in Southeast Asia and Malaysia, the average size of Atlas moth is about 25 – 30cm and the wing surface area is about 400sq cm.

The wings of an individual may equal to the size of a human face. Their huge wings are small at the tail and grow to the top.

The wings are very colorful. The upperside of the wings are reddish brown with a pattern of black, white, pink and purple lines while the underside is similar in pattern but lighter in color.

Contrary to the huge wings, its body is very small and covered with a feather. There is a fairly large pair of antennae at the top. For Atlas moth, like most butterflies, female has a larger size and heavier weight than male.

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No. 4: Hemipepsis ustulata

Hemipepsis ustulata seems difficult to distinguish it from its Pepsis relatives, but it’s smaller in size. Its body length is 0.5-2.0 inches, males are significantly smaller than females.

You can distinguish them by looking at their beards. Although the appearance is easy to recognize, but if you compare these two species, you may be confused.

No. 3: Queen Alexandra’s birdwing

This is the largest butterfly in the world with a wingspan of up to 30cm. The bellies of the male and female are bright yellow, but the characteristics of their wings are different.

This insect is commonly found in Papua New Guinea and is threatened with extinction.

No. 2: Supermodel Grasshopper

These “supermodel grasshoppers” are considered to be the largest insects on the planet. They are gentle creatures and very afraid of humans.

The major habitats of long-legged grasshoppers are the hills and forests in Malaysia. The leafy green camouflage allows the species to escape the hunt of predators in the wild.

An adult one can be as big or bigger than a human’s hand. And Now! The most exciting moment of today’s video is to decode the most controversial picture.

Wow! A grasshopper with a huge size much bigger than the one next to it, the picture was spread on the internet, we had a hard time figuring out the grasshopper in the photo.

No. 1: Giant Weta

Giant Weta are the common name for many species of Weta crickets in the Anostostomatidae and are endemic to New Zealand.

Weta crickets are also one of the ‘giant’ insects. Excluding the length of the legs and antennae, the body of each is 10 cm long.

Their weight can be up to 71g. They love carrots very much. Despite being called a cricket, the Weta cricket cannot fly because of its huge size and superior weight.

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