5 Biggest Car That Used To Be Made

No. 5:

The heaviest bike in the world A man living in Germany named Frank Dose, 49, shocked the world when building a bike with the largest and heaviest size ever with a pair of giant and high wheels like a building.

By using giant tires from an industrial fertilizer truck and scrap metal, Dose combined them and created the world’s largest and most bizarre bike.

The bike was quickly listed on the Guinness World Records for the heaviest bike in the world of 860 kg, and his bike also completed a distance of 200 m.

Only the tire itself is 1.53m high. Wow, it is beyond imagination, right? If you had enough money, would you buy it for exercising?

No. 4

The largest electric truck The electric truck, eDumper is considered the heaviest in the world to date, weighing up to 45 tons – equipped with a 600 kWh lithium-ion battery pack weighing 4 tons.

eDumper is made by the Swiss branch of Kuhn. Hoping to change the habit of using traditional oil engines, they converted a Komatsu HD 605-7 to electric power – making it the largest electric car in the world.

According to the manufacturer, the eDumper actually generates more power than it consumes. With its regenerative braking system when going downhill, the vehicle recovers most or all of its used energy to go up the hill.

Is it smart? The car uses a battery pack as an energy source to help save about 50,000 diesel per year.

No. 3

The largest diesel truck The world’s largest truck BelAZ-75600, made by Russia, serves the country’s coal mining industry.

BelAZ-75600 has a height of 7.22 meters, a width of 9.25 meters, a length of 14.5 meters and is as massive as a 3-story building.

The trip capacity is 320 tons with a total weight of up to 500 tons. Vehicles using 6 giant wheels with each weighing up to 8 tons. Only the engine also weighs up to 11 tons.

BelAZ-75600 uses a 77.5-liter or 18-cylinder diesel engine, with a capacity of 3,500 horsepower. The truck needs 600 liters for the hydraulic system with the pipeline pressure of up to 165 atm.

Maximum speed BelAZ-75600 is up to 64 km/h and the cost of each is up to more than $2 million.

No. 2

The largest Self-propelled Modular Transporter The full name of SPMT is Self-propelled Modular Transporter, with up to 288 wheels.

Each SPMT self-propelled vehicle has dozens of wheels and is controlled by a computer and can operate independently.

The biggest advantage is that it can be combined with other SPMTs like carriages. Therefore, they automatically become the largest self-propelled vehicle in the world and also the vehicle with the largest number of wheels in the world.

Because of this, SPMT often takes on the responsibility of delivering super-weighted goods, such as assembled bridge bodies, carriages, super-sized trucks or even submarines.

The biggest record this self-propelled vehicle has ever achieved is the use of 288 wheels to transport a giant order weighing 1350 tons.

No. 1

Crawler Transporter Built in 1965, this tracked vehicle weighs 2,721 tons with eight tracks and one track has 57 links with each weighing 900kg.

The vehicle is 40m long, 35m wide, and the height ranges from 6.1-7.9 m and it uses up to 16 engines and 30 drivers.

The Crawler Transporter is the largest vehicle in the world and also the most fuel-consuming when “burning” nearly 300 liters of diesel per km.

Among the giant transporting vehicles in the world, the Crawler Transporter still holds the record for being the largest in the world, or it is said to be no different from a mobile building.

The Crawler Transporter is used to transport rockets to launching sites, sending space shuttles into space.

With $14 million each, the speed is 3.5 km/h but drops to 1.6 km/h when loaded. Making these giant machines move on the road is a miracle, right?

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