10 Most Expensive Virginities Ever Sold

From an 18-year-old girl who sold her V card to pay for her studies to a teenage model from Peru who sold her purity to pay for her mother’s medical bills and brother’s school fees, we take a look at 10 of the Most Expensive Virginities ever sold.

1. Rosie Reid

In 2004, Rosie Reid, an 18-year-old student, auctioned her virginity on the internet to pay for her studies. The winning bid came from a 44-year-old BT engineer and divorced father-of-two who paid 8,400 pounds to claim Rosie’s petal.

It was Rosie’s first time to be with a man, although she already had a lesbian lover who reportedly stayed in the same hotel while Rosie was obliged to please her costumer. It was also reported that the lesbian lover just cried and cried the morning after.

2. Alina Percea

In 2009, 18-year-old Alena Percea from Romania, auctioned her virginity so she could afford to pay for her computing degree. She received 8,782 pounds from an Italian business man.

The 45-year-old man paid for her trip to Venice, and toured her around the city. When someone claimed that she was no longer a virgin, Alina decided to get two medical exams to prove that she was still a virgin. She reportedly enjoyed the experience, and agreed when asked by the winning bidder if he can see her again.

3. Shatuniha

In 2013, an 18-year-old from Russia, only known as Shatuniha, auctioned ‘the most precious thing’ she possesses to the highest bidder. Putting herself in the category of ‘new, not used,’ the young woman told bidders, “I am in urgent need of money, so I am selling the most precious thing I possess.

I am ready to meet up soon, even as soon as tomorrow, and I am ready to have my virginity verified.” According to the Siberian Times, a man named Evgeniy Volnov, won the auction for a price of 900,000 Rubles or £17,500.

4. Unigirl

In 2010, a 19-year-old student from New Zealand, offered her virginity to the highest bidder on the Web site “iNeed.” Under the name Unigirl, she wrote that she is desperate for money to pay for school.

Bidding and correspondence between buyers and sellers on the iNeed site is private, so it is not known what bids Unigirl’s offer received. But according to her post, more than 30,000 people had viewed her ad and more than 1,200 had made bids before she accepted an offer of more than 45,000 New Zealand dollars, which is about $32,000 U.S.

5. Catarina Migliorini

In 2012, a 20-year-old Brazilian student, auctioned off her virginity for a staggering $780,000 to help poor families in her hometown. A man called Natsu from Japan fended off strong competition from two American bidders, and an Indian big spender to secure a date with 20-year-old Catarina Miglioroni.

It was later revealed that selling her virginity was part of a documentary by an Australian film-maker, Justin Sisely. Migliorini claimed that she never received the winning bid money from Natsu and Sisely simply used her story to publicize his documentary.

6. Hanna Kern

In 2014, using the alias, Elizabeth Raine, a 27-year-old medical student named Hanna Kern, turned virginity selling into a science. She masterfully designed the auction website, complete with a link to the PR company who managed the bids.

There is also an entire page devoted to the terms and conditions of the arrangement, legal clauses, and a promise to donate 35% of the sale to a charity that provides education to women in developing countries.

The site’s gallery featured an array of polished photographs showcasing the medical student’s body, with her face blacked out. The winning bid for her purity came from an anonymous bidder for a staggering price of $801,000.

7. Raffaella Fico

In 2009, Raffaella Fico, a 20-year-old showgirl who became well-known in the Italian version of “Big Brother,” attracted widespread criticism for her offer to auction off her virginity for 1 million Euros.

The attention that she garnered resulted in her dating football hotties, Cristiano Ronaldo and Mario Balotelli. In 2012, she and Balotelli had a daughter that became a court battle when the two split.

8. Graciela Yataco

Graciela has been working since the age of eight, left school at 15, and started working as a model at 18. In 2005, she decided in an unprecedented move to sell her virginity in order to pay for her mother’s medical expenses, and pay for her brother’s school fees.

It did not take long before many in her staunchly Catholic country were up in arms. Some said her actions were nothing short of prostitution. Others said she needed psychological help. The highest bidder for her V card was a Canadian man who offered $1,500,000.

9. Natalie Dylan

In 2008, a 22-year-old American woman named Natalie Dylan, shocked everyone by auctioning her virginity on eBay. She also announced on The Howard Stern Show that she wanted to sell her virginity.

She worked with a brothel to ‘take care’ of the entire procedure. According to the deal, she would give half of the winning bid money to the brothel. The winning bid was $3.8 million, but the transaction didn’t take place for unknown reasons.

10. Giselle

In 2017, a 19-YEAR-OLD US model, claimed to have sold her virginity to an Abu Dhabi-based businessman for nearly $3.9 million on a controversial auction website.

Cinderella Escorts, a Germany-based website which encourages young women to auction their virginity to wealthy older men, said the winning bid of 2.5 million Euro beat an offer of 2.4 million Euro from a “Hollywood actor,” and a 1.8 million Euro from a “Russian politician”.

The woman, known as Giselle, said in a statement released by the website, that it was a “dream come true.” And these are the 10 of the Most Expensive Virginities ever sold.

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