Wynn Las Vegas Golf Course, What You NEED To Know About The Brooks vs Bryson Course

The Wynn Golf Club course hosted the epic match between Brooks Koepka vs. Bryson DeChambeau.

This feud cannot have slipped your attention as it was the talk of town in the golf world. Las Vegas, the city known for its casinos, gambling and shows also has many beautiful golf courses.

But the Wynn Golf Club has the distinction of being the only golf course on the Las Vegas Strip. From lush greens to rushing streams, you may forget you’re in Las Vegas at the newly designed 18-hole championship course.

The Wynn Golf Club was designed by Legendary architect Tom Fazio to create a truly unique golf experience at the only resort course on the Las Vegas Strip.

The course is a 6,722-yard, par-70 championship length course with many trees that are more than 70 years old and over 60 feet tall.

This golf course offers more than just a beautiful setting and views of the Vegas skyline. It’s also a difficult course that requires careful thought and strategy on every single hole.

Tom Fazio said the following about this course: “When you look at the scorecard, the yardage may appear to be short, but it won’t play quite that short because the short holes are short and the long holes are long.

It’s an interesting concept because that’s what fits the property.” You must be wondering, how much does it costs to play the Bryson vs Brooks Match course?

Green fees for Wynn Golf Club are a whopping $600 per round. Making it one of the most expensive golf courses in the country.

The course however, comes with some extra amenities including a Professional caddie program including PGA-member caddies, practice area access, Electric Golf Carts fully stocked with beverages, we like the sound of that!

And rental clubs without extra charge. One advantage is that you don’t have to get an invitation to play or have to know someone.

You just need some disposable income to spend. Brian Hawthorne, the resort’s executive director said laughing; “And if you keep somebody from gambling for four and a half hours, we might be saving people money”.

The Wynn however, is not as expensive as Shadow Creek, a golf course also located in Las Vegas and designed by Tom Fazio. Shadow Creek recently increase its peak season green fees to $1.000 per round.

Since the reopening op de the Wynn in 2019 there has been a high demand. Make sure you book a tee time way in advance! As now guests have to book 90 days or more in advance to play.

And don’t forget to bring some extra balls as there is water on 12 of the 18 holes. Unique location Wynn Golf Club resides on the Las Vegas strip with a lush scenic course.

It is a complete contrast to its surroundings. Looking at the White sand bunkers, greenery, and rushing streams, you will forget that you are in Las Vegas.

The 18-hole, par 70 championship course is beautifully designed, but at first, it seemed impossible to even think a golf course can be located here.

Here you can enjoy the benefits of being the only one on the strip. You can step out of the comfort of your room, take the elevator down and step directly on the green grass.

With the new changes to the course by Tom Fazio, the course now feels longer thanks to the elevation changes.

Making the Wynn Golf Club course a perfect place to play and a truly unique golf experience. The course was almost lost!

Did you know that the golf course was almost lost and turned into a waterpark? CEO Steve Wynn actually closed the golf course back in 2017.

The plan was to turn the golf course into a waterpark called Wynn Paradise Park. Due to allegations of sexual misconduct Steve resigned as CEO.

His successor luckily scrapped the plans as he thought a pristine golf course would make more sense than a swimming pool. And they decided to restore the course back in 2018.

Storied History Long before the property became home to the Wynn’s it was hallowed ground. The property was home to the Desert Inn. It was a resort and casino with the same name.

The Golf Course, next to the Desert Inn Hotel and Casino, opened in 1952 and hosted the PGA TOUR Tournament from 1953 to 1966.

Now called the Sentry Tournament of Champions. It was in 2000 that The Desert Inn closed its doors and Steve Wynn bought the property.

Steve built the Wynn Las Vegas and renovated the entire golf course with the help of Tom Fazio. The designer had to recreate everything.

As the old desert course was built in the 50s and was very flat. The money hole! The 18th hole is the grand finale of the Wynn golf experience.

Since the redesign it’s now a par-3 instead of a par-4, that stretches almost 250 yards from the back tees.

The 18th hole is not only famous for its striking 35-foot-tall, 100-foot wide waterfall directly behind the green.

But also for prize money offered for anyone making a hole-in-one. The Wynn regularly offers up to $20,000 for hole-in-one, depending on which tee box you are playing.

Tom said that Wynn wanted some drama, uniqueness, and interest, and he wanted to add that as an experience for every guest that stayed there.

The entire place has a dramatic feel and a unique platform for golfers, which is man-made. So when the new match got announced between the two rivals, fans were excited.

They thought if the match ends up in a playoff hole, it would be interesting to see who will ace the hole.

The Famous Feud Between Brooks and Bryson The Wynn Golf Club course was host of the epic match between Brooks Koepka vs. Bryson DeChambeau.

This feud cannot have slipped your attention as it was the talk of town in the golf world. The world’s most popular players Brooks and Bryson, have been publicly airing their grievances against each other for quite a while.

Whether it is a real feud or just another PR Stunt to gather social attention, is still debatable. The feud started back in 2019 when Brooks had Tweeted about how he finds slow play irritating.

He does not understand how someone takes 15-20 minutes to hit the ball. This was clearly focussed on Bryson, who took his time selecting his club and playing his ball during the European tour.

In August, things escalated when fans also started getting annoyed with Bryson’s way too long routine.

Things seemed to look good for a while until January 2020 things got intense again. This time around Bryson called out Koepka.

“Even genetics cannot make him look good, he doesn’t have abs, but I do.” Koepka responded by saying I might not have abs, but I have more majors than you.

The saga continued and in May 2021, a video got leaked where Koepka was giving an interview, and DeChambeau and his caddie walked by the interview and whispered something inaudible to his caddie, you could clearly see the frustration on Brooks face.

Since then, the two players have been continuously dissing each other on social media. The Epic Finale Match Finally, Bryson vs Brooks played against each other on the 26th of November to settle the score.

The duo played a 12-hole match. And one player dominated the entire match. It was Brooks that took the victory with 4 & 3.

Bryson failed to win as he missed an easy putt at the eighth and another one at the ninth. Brooks and Bryson shook hands at the end of the match.

The bitter rivalry of the two might have ended post-match, but who knows they might start their battles again.

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