10 Worryingly Diabetic Children In The World

Your companion on the journey of world discovery. As you might know, in recent years, the number of children with diabetes is increasing, especially in Western countries.

It’s because they often eat foods containing many sugar and harmful ingredients for health. Besides, the development of technology such as smartphone, tablets has made them lazier in joining activities that leads to the increasing status of diabetes.

But what if a kid weighs more than 200kg? It’s scary, right? Because of their weight makes them meet countless troubles in life Today’s list is about 10 kids with unsettlingly unusual weight.

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10. Suman Khatun

Suman Khatun, 6 years old, Indian, is less than 1m tall but weighs 91kg. With that weight, she is said to be one of the fattest kids in the world.Every day, she eats 2 breakfasts, including cookies, bananas, rice, and eggs.

By lunch, she has 2 huge plates of rice, 2 bowls of fried fish, 2 fried eggs and a few omelets. Within a week, Suman eats 14kg of rice, 8kg of potatoes, 8kg of fish, 180 bananas and also a lot of candies and a diet of 10 other children.

Despite eating that much, Suman still feels hungry. Although her family tried all means to help Suman eat less but it did not work, if she continued like that, she could die of heart disease. And now is the most interesting part of the that is “We ask, you answer” Tell us who this kid is 3 2 1 Leave your answer below.

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9. Lu Hao

Xiao Hao, a 3-year-old Chinese boy weighing 60kg, 5 times heavier than his peers and this is the average weight of an adult. Lu Hao’s father wanted to find a cure for his son’s obesity who took Lu Hao to the hospital for a checkup.

However, one hospital diagnosed with Lu Hao encephalitis and the other one did not detect any abnormal phenomena. Lu Hao weighed only 2.6 kg when he was born, but from 3 months of age, his weight increased dramatically.

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Xiao Hao has 3 big bowls of rice for each meal, more than his parents. Xiao Hao’s family still tries to encourage him, to play basketball, swimming. However, the more he practiced, the more he became hungry and as a result, he gained weight

8. Honey Boo

Boo As the most famous girl on the list of obese kids, Honey Boo Boo is in grade 4 but she weighs 57kg. ‘Miss obese’ Honey Boo Boo appeared on the reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. She likes to eat ‘skettie’ cooked by her mother.

Skettie is a dish made from spaghetti, tomato sauce and butter. Mr. Lee Thompson, Alanna’s uncle, blamed her mother for never cooking a healthy meal for her daughter. “She fed Alana too much fast food that causes her current status.

At one point, I saw June sister Alana take up 20 fried chicken balls. She allows Alana to eat anything whenever she wants. This is the reason why she is obese ”.

7. Fan Sijia

In 2010, Fan Sijia girl was born in 2008, living in Dongniu village, Yungcheng city, China became a phenomenon where she’s living. The weight of 45kg is too big for a 2-year-old baby, this weight is very dangerous for a baby’s health.

Fan’s family has tried many ways to help their baby lose weight because it is a problem that worries the whole family. Fan is currently 107cm tall and has a terrible weight, her body is much bigger than her peers. However, she looks very chubby and cute.

6. Connor McCreaddie

In 2007, an English boy named Connor McCreaddie was only 8 years old, weighing up to 100kg, his weight was 3 times heavier than his peers. This little boy eats a lot, he likes to eat chocolate, hamburger, chips the most.

Toilets, beds and bicycles aren’t able to bear Connor’s weight. He always had difficulties in dressing and bathing. Besides, Connor does not like to eat fruits and vegetables.

The excessive weight causes him a lot of troubles and health problems On the way to school, he often has to rest to regain his strength and sometimes he even vomits or gets dizzy His mother, 35-year-old Nicola, said that her child is obese due to a disease or health problems. She hopes a certain prescription or treatment will solve her son’s overweight problem

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5. Santiago Mendoza

At 8 months old, Santiago Mendoza weighs 19.7 kg, the weight of a normal 6-year-old child, and is considered the fattest baby in Colombia Santiago has been hospitalized many times because of weight problems.

Her mother said whenever she fussed, she always fed her child with food or milk. That is why Santiago has reached that ‘heavy’ weight. She has always to stay at home because the baby is too heavy to take out.

Since her birth, Santiago has suffered some complications due to weight. The baby is at risk for diabetes, high blood pressure and more bone diseases and joint problems in the future.

Doctors are trying to bring the girl’s weight down to a more manageable level before performing some surgeries to save her life. Santiago will also need a long-term treatment, education, healthy food and physical activity when she grows up.

4. Chahat Kumar

Chahat Kumar from India made the doctors had to roll their eyes when her weight was 19kg when she was 8 months old When she was born, her weight was completely normal like other kids, but just after 4 months, her weight had increased rapidly Even Chahat’s parents were shocked and couldn’t understand why their daughter has such good appetite like that and eventually, they started worrying about her health Mrs.Reena, her mother said that Chahat’s food consumption is more than 4 times of her peer’s.

She wants to eat all day long, whenever she stops eating, she bursts in tears, i feel so bad for her Because of being overweight, Chahat is now facing difficulty when breathing and sleeping.

Nonetheless, her skin is even thicker and rougher than usual which makes it harder to draw blood from her. The local doctors are all surprised with Chahat’s situation, and her family does not have enough fees too help her They just hope that their daughter can obtain a beautiful future ahead So, let’s all pray and hope that she can lose some weights to live a normal life like many others.

3. Arya Permana

12-year-old Arya Permana once weighed 225kg and was named the fattest boy in Indonesia at the age of 10. However, Arya now weighs just over 100kg thanks to removing sugar from his diet and do a lot of exercises like soccer and badminton.

Arya became famous when he was 3 before the video of him struggling to play in a tank in the village of Cipurrwasari in West Kava Province was widely shared. The boy can eat up to two servings at a time for the whole day The growing body makes Arya unable to fit any clothes but can only wrap a towel around his body and sit in small water tanks to cool down.

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It is known that when Arya was born, he weighed only 2.3kg. However, his weight gain abnormally when he was 2 years old. Arya’s parents are worried when their son eats 5 meals a day. A local doctor examined Arya’s health but found nothing out of the ordinary.

At age 9, Arya could not go to school because of difficulty in walking. In recent years, Arya has undergone surgeries to cleanse his body and lose weight. Combined with a diet and rigorous training as directed by the doctor, Arya has dropped to more than 100kg, which helps him able to walk and fit his clothes again. This makes the boy himself and his family extremely happy!

2. Dzhambik Khatokhov

In 2009, Dzhambik Khatokhov was said to be the ‘fattest’ baby in the world because he was only 9 years old when he weighed 148kg. At the age of 1, he weighed nearly 13kg, and more than 36kg when he was 4.

He can even lift 3kg of weight when he reached 3. Dzhambik’s diet usually has oatmeal porridge and cream. Despite problems with his weight, Dzhambik Khatokhov always said that he was happy with his oversized body and had no intention of losing weight. While his mother thinks that he is like every other healthy child and refuses to put her son on a diet regardless of health warnings.

1. Jessica Gaude

Dubbed as the fattest baby in human history and topping this list is Jessica Gaude The 7-year-old little girl living in Tennessee, USA has weighed 222kg. Oh my God! It’s 222kg, guys, you’re not hearing it wrong It is known that Jessica consumes 10,000 calories a day, including Coca-Cola, 15 hamburgers, chips and a few pounds of chocolate.

It’s freaking! In fact, this is the amount of food for a kid for half a year. Despite the excessive weight, Jessica still wants to eat more. Because of her weight, Jessica could not walk, or run, so she had to roll on the floor.

Jessica also cannot stand the pressure, stress and her cardiovascular system are in danger. Doctors have given warnings to her family, however, helping a too gluttonous like her is very tough.

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