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Top 10 Most Crazy and Disgusting Candies in the World

Top 10 Most Crazy and Disgusting Candies in the World

1. Camel Balls

Enjoy a piece of chewing gum now and then? Then why not try Camel balls, the sour gum shaped like the testicles of our favorite humped back desert dweller.

Although the gum is sold as a gag gift, some parents were more than upset with the company that designed the inappropriate treat.

2. Cat Butt Gum

Disgusting Candies in the World

If camel balls aren’t your thing why not try some peppermint cat butt gum. That’s right, for the low price of $1.99 you can get 8 peppermint pieces of gum that are shaped like a cat’s ass that has the ability to “suddenly change your mood”.

3. Underpants Sucker

Ever get the urge to suck on some underpants? Me neither. But for those of you among us that do, I present to you the minty fresh underpants sucker.

The tighty whities on a stick comes with a satisfaction guarantee but unfortunately have been discontinued.

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4. Ear Wax Candy

Nothing is more appealing than the yellow goo that comes out of your ear. That’s what one candy manufacturer thinks.

The huge plastic pink ear is filled with a yellow sugar sledge that you dig out with a plastic q tip.

5. Boo Boo Licks

As disgusting as it sounds, there are is a small group of people in this world that not only pick, but eat their scabs.

Well what happens if you don’t have any scabs to pick and eat? Why not try Boo Boo licks, the edible candy bandage.

Made with real fruit juice this repulsive treat has a gooey sticky center and should satisfy any scab eater.

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6. Zit Poppers

Gummy scabs not doing it for you? What about popping goo filled candy acne? Although the appeal of biting into something and having a blast of ooze fill your mouth isn’t for everyone, the simulated experience of popping a zit is probably a little satisfying.

7. Nacho Cheese Mints

It’s always handy to have some mints around to keep your breath at it’s freshest. But what about freshening up with the flavor of nacho cheese.

As much as I enjoy nachos, I don’t think a processed cheese flavored mint would be the best choice, and anyone speaking to you face to face would probably agree.

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8. Meatball Bubble Gum

If you’ve ever wished that someone would create a bubble gum that looks and tastes like meatballs, you’re in luck. Claimed to be fully cooked and ready to chew, Would anyone notice if you slipped a few in the spaghetti sauce next time you cooked up some pasta?

9. Jelly Belly Bean Boozled

A popular challenge on YouTube, Jelly Belly Bean Boozled pairs up some of the most delicious flavors with some of the most disgusting. With flavors like stinky socks, skunk spray, or rotten eggs who could say no?

10. Hematogenas

Don’t be fooled by this delicious looking candy bar as it has a horrifying ingredient, cow’s blood. Reviews on amazon claim it to be a good snack that will give you energy for hours, stating the candy bar is wonderful and a great product.

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