10 Women With Extraordinary Strength

Hello, all mystery analyzing experts! My dear, when we talk about strength, people often think of athletic men, but women today are becoming stronger and stronger than any man.

There are girls that can lift hundreds of kilograms. It is beyond our imagination, isn’t it? However, they really exist. Today, we will find out about 10 women with extraordinary strength

10. Natalia Kuznetsova

Russian Natalia Kuznetsova, 26, is one of the strongest women in the world with a muscular body that makes many men admire.

Natalia Kuznetsova has long been a “lady” that many people have to refrain as she set a world record for lying and pushing the weight of 170 kg and lifting the weight of up to 240 kg.

The beauty from the birch country also owns a respectable body with a height of 1m68 and a weight of 90kg. She started practicing sports at the age of 14 when she weighed less than 40kg.

The regular exercise has helped her “change a lot”. Besides the admiration for the sports spirit of Natalia, many people think that her body is too muscular, which makes men panic.

To maintain her muscular body, Natalia always practices many hours a day and pursues a protein-based diet and limits spicy and salty foods.

She is also confident to share her impressive training progress on her personal Instagram account and quickly gains hundreds of thousands of followers. And now is the most interesting part of the, which is Ask and Answer.

9. Tatiana Kashirina

Tatiana Kashirina was born in 1991 in Noginsk, Russia. She is one of the strongest women on the planet. Tatiana Kashirina first became the champion of the World Weightlifting Championship in 2014 and currently holds 5 world records.

Kashirina broke her own personal record at the London Olympic Games in 2012 in the category of snatch at 154kg. The best performance in the clean and jerk of Tatiana Kashirina is 192kg, surpassing the old record of Lulu Zhou, an athlete from China

8. Aneta Florczyk

Aneta Florczyk, born in 1982, is a Polish. She has been passionate about sports which are not for women from very early ages. Becoming a bodybuilder at the age of 16, she possesses a muscular body that any man must dream of.

Making good use of the strength and passion, Aneta Florczyk won numerous awards related to bodybuilding and weight lifting in her homeland Poland. In 2000, the girl born in 1982 won the European Cup and was the first athlete in Polish sports history to break the weight of over 500kg.

How terrible! Lifting a man over her head with bare hands, or bending large iron blocks are just normal for her.

But while her career was at its peak, she faced with doubts regarding her performance. It was rumored that this Polish female bodybuilder had used muscle stimulants and physical support. Unfortunately!

7. Kati Luoto

Kati Luoto was born in 1972 in the city of Helsinki – Finland. She is 1.72m tall and weighs 82 kg. Kati Luoto is a woman of extraordinary strength and an athlete who won the tournament for the strongest women in the world in 2013.

She has stepped up to the top, 7 times at the nation’s women’s strength competitions. But the most remarkable thing is that now Kati Luoto is 43 years old but her health is much more abundant than the youth class, surpassing other young rivals in a super classic way to hold the championship and deserve to be named one of the most powerful women in the world.

This middle-aged woman has made the fans shock and unable to believe in their eyes, when lifting nearly a 110 kg dumbbell into the air. Kati Luoto is the one who laid the first foundation for her competitive career with the second prize in the first women’s strength competition in Finland.

6. Nina Geria

She won the prestigious award of “The strongest woman in the world” in 2011, which has put the name of athlete Nina Geria on the top list of the national athlete team of Ukraine.

She has begun to pursue sports, which are not for women since 2003 with the first exercise is to throw weights, despite the disagreement of friends and family.

Under the enthusiastic training of the coach, in just 4 years, Nina Geria has shown everyone her natural ability and proved that her choice is not wrong by becoming an international tug of war competitor and the nation’s most promising candidate.

She was honored to represent the country in the world competitions, especially athletes competitions for women. The girl born in 1990 with an ideal height of 1.84 m and a weight of 90 kg does not stop practicing.

After many years, the first world record that Nina Geria achieved was in stone put with a 120 kg lifting stone. Nina always appears regularly in the tournament for the most muscular woman, as well as the international and national tug of war competitions with respectable records that little men can do.

5. Kristin Rhodes

Kristin Rhodes is an American citizen, born in 1975. She has a height of 1.73m and weighs nearly 100kg. She also has three children.

Genetically inherited with extraordinary strength and a robust body, since she was a young girl, Kristin has enjoyed playing in sports that require strength and endurance such as football, javelin, weight lifting…

These games make many men terrified when hearing as they are almost for men only. Kristin Rhodes was trained to be the strongest woman in the world thanks to her husband’s mentoring.

The first female athlete competition she participated in was held in California, USA in 2006 and she was lucky to be among top people. A few years later, Kristin Rhodes did not stop surprising the world, when conquering every challenge for 5 consecutive years from 2007 to 2012.

Despite being over 40 years old, Kristin Rhodes does not miss any competition or tournament for the extraordinary strength of women.

4. Varya Akulova

Varya Akulova was born in 1992 in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine. She is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the strongest woman in the world with the ability to lift objects weighing 4 times heavier than the body.

As a child, Varya showed her special ability. At 1 year old, she was able to perform a handstand. At a year and a half, she can snap her fingers. At the age of three, Varya can do acrobatics.

By the age of 4, she began to get used to the heavy exercises. At the age of 12, Varya could carry both of her parents on her back and carry three dumbbells at the same time.

She was named in the Guinness Book of Records for the first time in 2000 after winning the challenge of lifting an object that weighs 100 kg when she weighed 40 kg.

In 2006, Varya was recorded for the second time in the record book when she lifted an object weighing 300 kg, 4 times heavier than the weight of her body.

3. Bev Francis

She was born in 1955 in Geelong Australia Bev Francis started her athletic career as an athlete of the Australian team from 1977 to 1982, with a drop in 1980 due to a knee injury.

Bev competed in many categories such as shot put, discus throw, and javelin throw. After that, she came to weightlifting and became a world champion in the period of 1980-1985.

Bev Francis has broken 40 world weightlifting records and is the first woman in the world to lift the weight of 135 kg when lying. The best achievement of Bev is a squat of 200kg, a bench press of 150kg, and a deadlift of 225kg.

2. Becca Swanson

Becca Swanson was born in 1973 in Nebraska – USA. Becca Swanson has been attending women’s strength competitions since 2002.

She is currently the only woman in the world who has successfully performed squat weightlifting of… 360kg and more. Her best performance is … 385kg.

Swanson can do the bench press of 270kg, a weight lifting of 308 kg. In 2006, Swanson weighed 89 kg and did a squat at 363kg, 4 times heavier than her body weight.

1. Iris Kyle

Iris Kyle was born in 1974 in Michigan, USA Looking at her image, no one thought she was a woman because of her strong physique. Amazing!

Iris Kyle has been an unrivaled bodybuilder since winning the Olympia competition in 2004 for the first time. From 2006 to 2014, Kyle dominated the tournament for famous bodybuilders and is considered the one who wins most in the Olympia, the achievement that no male or female athletes can do.

She also became the first woman to perform three types of weight lifting: squat, deadlift, and bench press of more than 540kg. Many magazines have named Iris Kyle as the strongest woman on the planet. The list above may lack some names.

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