Top 10 Freaky Lifestyles In The World

Life has many interesting things that excites us to experience and discover. Everybody has their own lifestyle. However, there’re also some people live in a very freaky way.

For example, living as a dog, sleeping up high, or living without eating. That sounds crazy but it’s the truth. Let’s get started with 10 freaky lifestyles in the world

10. Jess

Jess, a 21-year-old girl living in Lakeland, Florida has an extremely strange lifestyle that is living as a child Not only dressed in an innocent way, Jess also has a lot of habits of a child such as diapering, bottle-feeding, sucking on nipples or rolling around in a wooden crib.

Jess said that pretending to be a child was the best way to help her retrieve her lost childhood. At the age of 2, Jess was sexually abused. The accident had become a fear that had depressed Jess for a long time. Now, as an adult, Jess has a life like any other girl.

However, she and her boyfriend, David, still play the game together. Thanks to the help of her boyfriend, Jess has attracted a large number of fans online.

Thanks to that, Jess has regained joy and confidence in life. Besides supportive views, some opposing opinions said that their father-daughter game is like a deviant sexual orientation.

But they denied that. For Jess, David is like her guardian. While for David, he wanna give Jess his care.

9. Tom Peters

Tom Peters, 32, is a strange British mutant. He has lived like a dog. During the day, Tom is a lighting technician and a theater technician. But when night falls, he dresses and acts like a dog.

Tom really enjoys living the life of a dog, he can sleep in a cage, walk on all fours. Even when eating, he bows his head and only uses his tongue to eat like real dogs.

According to him: ‘My actions are not weird, for me personally, it is just an “exit” lifestyle, a way to keep me away from the pressure of money and my too busy life. Tom’s ‘Nick name’ is Spot.

Like most dogs, Spot has an owner, which is Rachel Watson, Tom’s close girlfriend. Because of this bizarre lifestyle, his wife thought that he was a psychopath, and she couldn’t continue living with him.

As a result, they got divorced but they were still friends. Despite that, everyone respects Tom’s way of life, saying ‘Tom doesn’t hurt anyone with his choice, with his way of life, everyone has no right to judge him.”

8. Elizabeth Sweethart

75-year-old Elizabeth is an artist, who is famous with the nickname ‘The Green Lady of Carroll Gardens’ for her special interest in green. She now dyes her hair green, her clothes are the same color, even most of the things she owns – from towels to furniture, appliances to cosmetics are green.

She said green made her happy, helped her cope with life’s problems, and she would never think of another color. ‘It always gets better every day.

I can’t even sleep when there aren’t any green things around me.’ Elizabeth’s ‘addiction’ of green brought joy to many people.

Every time going out, Mrs. Elizabeth can attract all people’s attention on the streets. Children gather around to see her, while adults wanna take pictures with her

7. Thai Ngoc

Thai Ngoc is admin’s compatriot, a Vietnamese. It is strange that for 40 years he has not slept. His insomnia began in 1974, when he was 30 years old. When the second child was born, Mr. Ngoc’s wife passed away. Shortly after, he discovered he could not sleep anymore.

At first, he was so scared because he was afraid of exhaustion and could not raise his children, he went to many places for medical treatment but it was not effective.

Later he felt normal and began to stay awake 24 hours and work all night. Wide known about his story, many people think that he ‘made it up’.

In fact, after many tests with modern medicine, he shows that his brain circulation reduced due to the intensity of ejection to the left brain decreases in both the carotid artery and the vertebrae, the resistance changes slowly in the vertebral artery;

The asymmetry between the two hemispheres – especially in the vertebral artery system that leads to this phenomenon. How amazing! I thought this was a miracle, how about you?

6. Matolias

Because of avoiding the expensive rent, Marcio Mizael Matolias has live like a “king” in a sandcastle on one of Rio de Janeiro’s famous beaches for 22 years. He said, ‘I grew up in Guanabara Bay.

My liking is living on the beach. People all pay a lot for beachfront houses but I didn’t. I had my own options for life and I was very satisfied with that ‘ In addition, Matolias said that he can freely enjoy his favorite hobbies living here, such as golfing, fishing and reading.

Few people can imagine that inside the 3m2 sand castle, Matolias has built a small reading corner, where he often immersed himself in the pages next to the murmuring sea waves.

Children who live in this area are particularly interested in Matolias and his sandcastle because he is very friendly, they even considered him the king of the castle.

5. Mick Dodge

Mick Dodge used to live in a modern world full of hustle and bustle. But one day, he decided to say goodbye to his family. Giving up on the stressful things, he packed up and came to a tree in the forest, where he decided to be his new house.

Since 1991, he has not used the shoes, he ventured through the forest with bare feet. He said that when walking like that, the nerves in the foot are quite sensitive, and that is really washing away your sins.

He also said that the legs are like a ‘compass’, the harmony with nature has become ‘the map’ for him to move. To introduce to many people the life experience like this, he created the profession EarthGym – Teach you how to always have a healthy body when living in nature.

As long as you think you’re exercising, nature will be the best exercise equipment. He is very interested in this life and never intends to come back to normal life in a noisy city.

4. Prahlad Jani

Prahlad Jani, 82, left his home when he was seven and wandered around Rajasthan, Indian. As a man living 70 years without eating.

Jani believes that he was supported by a goddess so he doesn’t need to eat or drink and still lives a normal life. A supernatural researcher, who followed Janin in 2003 for 10 days said his body absorbs urine as soon as it forms in the bladder.

His body weight dropped a little after the test. Mr. Jani believes that he survives to this day thanks to a god pouring elixir into his mouth.

However, others think that it is a lie. It is known that many Jain and Hindus in India can stay away from food and drink for up to 8 days and the body is completely normal.

In fact, going foodless is part of their religious rituals, and most humans cannot live without eating for 50 days. It can be said that this is the most special case.

3. Maro morandi

Mauro Morandi’s boat was broken and he had to anchor on the beach of the island of Budelli, Italy in 1989 There, he learned that the caretaker was retired, so he sold his boat to buy this territory as his own kingdom.

31 years went by, Mr. Morandi is still the only resident and protector of this island, although there are many legal disputes but justice always belongs to the right person, he is still the manager of this island. Speaking of here, Maddalena Archipelago National Park consists of 7 islands.

Budelli is considered the most beautiful of them all with pink beach Spiaggia Rosa. Pink sand is made up coral reefs, coral fragments, seashells and shells due to the waves.

And is valued by the Italian government as a place of high natural value. During 31 years living on this beach, he faced many challenges and difficulties, but he never intended to leave this island.

To overcome the dull times, Mr. Morandi turned juniper into sculptures, highlighting the faces hidden deep in them.

In addition, he read books and pondered the wisdom of Greek philosophers and literary infant prodigies.

As the years passed, when wifi began to spread over the island, he realized that he could not be more selfish. He began sharing his beloved paradise with the whole world through social media that drew many visitors to come.

2. Julia Gnuse

Julia Gnuse, a 55-year-old American woman. She led a normal life like many other American women until the age of 30. In 1990, Julia encountered a special incident.

When exposed to light, Julia’s skin will burn and then they left scars on her skin. Burns like that are ugly and Julia wants to cover them up with tattoos.

She said, “In 1991, I got my first tattoo and went to the tattoo shop. I tattooed an octopus which is big enough to cover the scar”.

And then since then, for nearly 30 years, Julia has come to the tattoo shop almost weekly. Each time, Julia added to her body a new tattoo. Julia’s tattoos are optional based on her inspiration, they could be from an interesting TV show, a movie or an idol.

These images include scenes in the jungle, and all the actors in the movie “Bewitched”, many celebritie. So far, that tattoos have accounted for 95% of her skin

1. Phoebe Smith

As a woman addicted to sleeping in the air, Phoebe Smith once slept on a crag cliff more than 100 meters high, 30 meters high on a tree, under a bridge or in the Arctic surrounded by bears.

The addiction of female writer, explorer Phoebe Smith began in 2006, when she slept under the stars on Uluru Australia.

Since then she has started searching for strange sleeping places like in Canada, the Arctic, New Zealand and the USA. She said, ‘We sleep one third of our lives. We can make the night as adventurous as the day.’

Adventurous yet to be safe, Phoebe’s secret is the technique of tying and climbing. Phoene’s father, Brian, 70, was worried about his daughter at first, but he changed his mind after she took him along on a camping trip.

Sleeping outdoors is when Phoebe can have a tight sleep because it’s when she stays away from the stress of daily life. She only thinks about how to be safe, alive and the death.

The adventurer hopes her sleep in the air will encourage other women get out to explore. Such freaky pleasures!

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