Top 5 Tallest People in the World

People come in all shapes and sizes some people are short and others are tall. And then you know we have some really tall people that have lived on this earth at one point or another and that’s what were going to be talking about today.

5. Vaino MyIlyrinne (8 feet 3 inches)

He is the 5th tallest person in recorded history and lived in Finland. He was born in 1909 and passed away in 1963 at the age of 54.

Vaino was referred to as an acromegalic. A giant who was at one point in time the world’s tallest living person and that was between 1961 and 1963. He is still to this day known as the tallest soldier ever as he served in the Finnish Defense Forces.

4. Leonid Stadnyk (8 feet 5.2 inches)

He is the 4th tallest person in recorded history and lived in Ukraine. He was born in 1970 and passed away in 2014 at the age of 44. It turns out his excessive growth began after he had brain surgery at just 14 years old.

The surgery caused a pituitary gland tumor that caused the gland to secrete large amounts of growth hormone. However 20 years after the surgery doctors had discovered that the tumor had somehow disappeared. And all in all he was healthy.

Some people are skeptical about him though. You see he never actually been officially measured by Gunnies world record and refused to be measured by them. However apparently has been measured by the Ukrainian book of records which records him as 8 foot 5.2 inches.

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3. John F Carroll (8 feet 7.3 inches)

He is the 3rd tallest person in recorded history and lived in the United States. He was born in 1932 and passed away in 1969 at the age of 37.

John F Carroll is best known as one of 17 people in medical history to have reached a height of 8 feet or more. In his lifetime he suffered from 2-dimensional spinal curvature and acromegalic – acro megalic- gigantism.

John was referred to as the Buffalo giant in the medical literature. His extraordinary growth started when he was 16 and he continued to grow until the day he died.

2. John Rogan (8 feet 9 inches)

He is the second tallest person in recorded history and he lived in the united states. He was born in 1868 and passed away in 1905 at the early age of 37.

At the age of 13 John began to grow really quickly which lead to ankylosis – anka losis…sadly complications from this would be what ended up killing him.

By 1882 he was unable to walk or even stand. He was however very creative and got around on a cart that he made that was pulled by goats.

By 1899 he was often in the papers and was referred to as the n word giant. Due to his height he was asked to join the carnival and side shows many times but he always declined. He made his living by selling portraits and postcards.

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1. Robert Wadlow (8 feet 11.1 inches)

Robert lived in the United states and is known as the tallest person ever in human recorded history. this had been written and recorded in the Guiness World record book.

Robert was born in 1918 and passed away in 1940 at the young age of 22. He passed away at such a young age due to an infection in his ankle he had emergency surgery but sadly the case worsened and he died 11 days later.

The reason he was so tall and continued to grow a great deal into his adulthood was because of hyperplasia of his pituitary gland – which results in an abnormally high level of human growth hormone.

Now im a shorty im 5 1 and when I went to Niagra falls we visited the Guiness world record museum and they actually made a replica statue of him so people could stand beside the statue and take pictures and compare heights.

This is my picture when I went ..yeah guy was tall. Editors let me know when youre editing this and ill send the pic to drop box. Well there you go that’s our list of the top 5 tallest people in the world.


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