Top 5 Unique Pets You Won’t Believe Exist

Top 5 Unique Pets You Won’t Believe Exist

Alright without further adue lets get started on our list of the top 5 pets you wont believe exist.

5. Racoon

This is bandit and he is a 75 pound racoon…and yes he is someones pet. Or I should say was because sadly he passed away in 2004 at the age of 9. Hes even in the Guinness world record book for being the worlds fattest raccoon.

The reason hes so large is because he was born with a thyroid problem which led to his massive weight gain. He was abandoned as a baby and then was actually adopted by a dog and raised as if he was one of her puppies. Ok that’s pretty adorable.

Imagine you just see a dog walking down the street followed by her puppies and one little raccoon. He was then later taken in by a woman in Pennsylvania where he happily lived out the remainder of his live.

4. 2 Headed Snake

Whats better then a snake with one head? A snake with 2 heads of course. Back in 2016 this 2 headed snake came into our world.

An Australian reptile breeder was shocked when one of h8is eggs hatched this 2 headed python. The snake was nicknamed The twin Destroyer by the reptile breeders daughter.

This python is like any other snake until the body splits at the neck. The reason this snake has 2 heads is due to a complication when the yolks failed to split correctly in the egg.

Since a 2 headed snake is super rare to come by they can be sold for up to 50 thousand dollars. But the breeder insists he will not be selling the snake as he and his family have grown attached to it and will be keeping it as a pet.

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3. Zeus (World Largest Dog)

So this is Zeus and he’s basically the size of a small horse. But as it turns out he’s not a horse at all just the world’s tallest dog. This huge great Dane was Kevin and Denise’s pet dog.

And I saw was because sadly he passed away in 2014- which was just before his 5th birthday. But he had a good life- he was extremely friendly and made many human friends through his work as a therapy dog.When Zeus stood up on his hind legs he was almost 5 and a half feet tall.

And a fun fact – as you may have concluded a dog this large and in charge would need a lot of food to fuel his body. He would actually eat 30 pounds of dog food everyday.

2. Python

Yourin Sandat is 7 years old and he lives ion Cambodia. His best friend slash pet just so happens to be a python named Chamron which translates to Lucky.

This animal is 16 feet long and weighs over 220 pounds. So your probably thinking to yourself what kind of parents would allow there child to a huge python for a pet? Wouldn’t they be worried that’s dangerous? Well it turns out Yourins parents are all about it.

They allow this snake to slither around their entire house- and treat it as though its another family member.

Turns out before this little boy was born his mother had a dream that a snake would come to protect the family. And so far this snake seems to be doing so.

But let me tell you taking care of a snake is not easy. When it comes to food this python consumes 22 pounds of chicken per week…yeah that definitely adds up.

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1. Alien Cat

This is Matilda aka the alien cat. Now while some people might be freaked out by her I think shes freaking adorable. As you can see Matilda has one feature that makes her stand out from all the other cats and that’s her set of huge glassy eyes.

When she was first brought into a vets office they thought she may have had feline leukaemia- but after some tests were run it was discovered that she actually had a mysterious eye condition.

Sadly because of this condition her lenses have detached and she is completely blind. Her owners looked into a possible surgery to correct this but its high risk and theres no guaranteed success.

Luckily though Matilda isn’t in pain. Matilda even has an Instagram with 1 thousand 252 followers. So yeah shes doing pretty well for herself.

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