Top 5 Scary Jigsaw Traps in the World

Top 5 Scary Jigsaw Traps Do you want to play a game? Does this line sound familiar? If it does I’m assuming you’re familiar with the Saw movies and the insanely scary traps characters get stuck in and that’s what we’re going to be talking about today. Alright, let’s get started on our list of the top 5 scary jigsaw traps.

1. Classroom Trap

This trap is from Saw 3 and it’s so messed up. In this clip, we have a boy named Troy who wakes up in a classroom in his underwear with chains attached to his arms legs, and worst of all his lips.

Well, it’s more lip this chain has gone through his jaw more so than his lip. He wakes up in a bloody panic and then tv turns on and we see Jigsaw.

Jigsaw goes on to tell Troy that he was given a life of privilege but took it for granted as he kept going to jail. And says that tonight they are going to see how far troy will go to break the chains once and for all.

The tv then turns off and troy turns to see a bomb with a 1:30 minute count down on it. So basically Troy has to rip all these chains out of his flesh in under a minute and 30 seconds if he wants to live. Troy rips out all of the chains except the one that goes through the bottom of his mouth before time runs out.

2. Lovers Triangle trap

This is from saw 7 and it was in 3D because that’s just what you want when it comes to a horror movie. This was actually one of the only traps in the series that played out in public. In this trap, we have Brad and Brian in a display window hooked up to a saw.

Then appears Dayna suspended from the ceiling. Obviously, this draws in quite the crowd. The jigsaw appears and tells the trio that Dayna’s been playing both of these guys and has been using them to get material possessions.

Jigsaw tells them they have 60 seconds to chose which one of them will die. If the guys want to save their girlfriend then they are going to have to kill the other man by pushing the saw all the way to one side and cutting into the other person’s chest.

Or they could leave the saw in the middle and it will cut into their beloved girlfriend. The saw starts up and Dayna tells Brad to kill Brian. Obviously, this infuriates Brian so he uses all his strength and slightly cuts into brad.

Then Dayna up there says she now loves Brian. Brian then tells Dayna to fuck herself and pushes the saw to the middle of the table. Brad and Brian make a pact to let Dayna die since she’s clearly a liar. And then the saw slices into Dayna’s stomach and she gets cut in half and her intestines fall all over the floor.

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3. Reverse Bear Trap-

Ok, this is one that’s always stuck with me and completely freaked me out. It’s from the first film and whenever I think of the saw movies I think of this trap. It’s a rusty helmet-like thing that’s hooked into the person’s upper and lower jaw and once it goes off it essentially rips out the person’s jaw.

In the first film when this trap was used on a heroin addict named Amanda, it actually did have a somewhat happy ending. So in order to get this thing off her face, Amanda must retrieve a key out of the stomach of her dead cellmate.

So she cuts open the cellmate- gets the key and is able to free herself just before the trap goes off. This device actually appeared 2 more times in the series and was even used on Detective Hoffman- who wasn’t as lucky as Amanda and actually had half of his jaw ripped off.

It was also used on Jigsaws wife and killed her. It is without a doubt one of the most memorable devices in the saw franchise.

4. Angel trap

This trap is from the 3rd saw movie and involves detective Allison Kerry who was in the first 2 saw movies as well. For this trap, Allison is suspended in the air in a harness and hooked up to the ceiling with brackets connected to her ribcage.

She has one minute to escape before the trap goes off and rips open her chest. The key to releasing herself from this harness is beside her in the bottom of a large jar filled with acid.

She warned if she doesn’t act quickly enough the key will dissolve in the acid. So she does it she actually sticks her hand in the jar of acid- his skins burning and peeling away but she manages to get the key.

She then unlocks the harness but little did she know Jigsaw never had any intention of setting her free. The trap goes off and her chest is ripped open.

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5. Venus fly trap

This is from the second saw movie and it’s extremely gruesome. In this one, Michael is attached to watch Jigsaw refers to as a death mask. It’s on a spring timer.

He only has 60 seconds to find the key and free himself before the traps 2 nail-spiked halves close on his head. The best part is the key to unlock the mask is implanted in his eyeball.

So he needs to basically cut out his eyeball to free himself. Yeah, it’s disgusting. He’s unable to cut into his eye so the trap shuts on his face and kills him.

And there you have it that’s our list of the top 5 scary jigsaw traps. Thank you so much for watching and ill catch you in the next one.