10 Hardest To Buy And Most Expensive Dishes

Who will accompany you on the journey to explore the world. The topic of food is always a matter that everyone cares about because it is an indispensable need for mankind. Pork, fish, crab,… are probably not strange to everyone, but there are extremely expensive dishes, like pork thighs that cost thousands of US dollars or more terribly, the dish that is worth as much as a car.

Oh, this is crazy, isn’t it? However, in addition to having luxurious villas, cars, or going with hot beauties, eating super expensive dishes is the way rich people affirm their class. Let’s find out The 10 most expensive dishes in the world Let’s begin now……

10. Iberico Bacon – $4,800

In Spain, Iberico bacon made from a rare black pig breed is considered a delicacy only for the elite. In particular, black pigs must be raised in a free-grazing manner, eating cereals and oak seeds that are directly fallen from the tree.

Thanks to being fed a lot of oak seeds, the meat and fat of the black pig has a very specific oak aroma and is easy to distinguish with pigs that are raised with other foods.

To make this scrumptious dish, after salting, people will bring pork thighs into cold rooms of 1 to 12 degrees for about 6 months so that the proteins and fats in pork are transformed in a beneficial way. And finally, these pork thighs will be stored at room temperature with seasonal changes.

This period of preservation of pork thighs can last for 3 years until completion and serve. The price of each salted pork thigh varies from cheap to very expensive, and the expensive one can be more than $4800.

9. Gold-coated chicken wings – $1,000

And this is the answer to the video “10 Chinese street food”. Which of you answered correctly? Leave your comments below to receive meaningful gifts from us. Fried chicken is known as a popular fast food.

But now, this dish has been upgraded to a whole new level in the US. The Ainsworth restaurant chain in New York City has combined with reality TV star Jonathan Cheban to create the menu “24K gold-coated chicken”.

There are 3 options with prices from low to high for customers to choose. You can choose the 10-piece option for $30 or 20-piece option for $60. If you have more, you can order a special 50-piece option with a bottle of Ace of Spades gold champagne.

The price for this option is $1,000. Currently, this dish is served at 2 locations in Manhattan. As described by The Ainsworth restaurant, this is “the most delicious and expensive 24K gold-coated chicken wings in the world”.

8. Densuke black watermelon – $6,100

In Japan, Densuke black watermelon is only grown on the islands of Hokkaido. In the 1980s, to compensate for loss from reduced rice crops, each year only about 10,000 watermelons are harvested.

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On average, each Densuke black watermelon weighs about 5 to 7 kg, with some weighing up to 11 kg. This type of watermelon has a round and oblong shape like “torpedoes”.

The characteristic to identify this melon is probably its black skin, bright red flesh, and extremely sweet taste. In a recent auction on Toma Island of Hokkaido Islands, a 47-year-old fruit broker named Satoshi Ogino paid $3500 to buy a Densuke watermelon.

This is an extremely expensive price but not yet the highest in history. In 2009, a Densuke black watermelon was successfully auctioned for $6,100. However, you can still enjoy regular Densuke black watermelons for about 5000 yen per a kilogram.

7. Weasel coffee – $1,000/kg

Perhaps we have heard the phrase “weasel coffee”. This is originally a special drink, ranked as a “luxury” in the world. Weasel coffee first appeared in Indonesia, with the name Kopi Luwak.

Over time, many countries around the world have also mastered their own weasel coffee, creating an industry that generates huge profits. It is estimated that a kilogram of weasel coffee on the market can cost up to $1000. But what is the origin of the weasel coffee?

Many people probably know that the other name for this type of coffee is “Weasel dung coffee”, and that name says it all. The weasel coffee bean is exactly drawn from the weasel’s dung. Specifically, weasel eats coffee, and the beans will pass through the stomach and be affected by enzymes in the gut.

Enzymes are just enough to erode the outer shell of the seeds and ferment, and then slightly penetrates into the coffee kernel, then they will “defecate” into dung to make weasel coffee. For those who don’t know, it’s scary.

Obviously, because it’s like you’re drinking a pile of dung. However, this coffee will have to go through extremely strict procedures that completely eliminate the unhygienic factors. Along with that, a roasting process with its own techniques will create weasel coffee with a “unique” taste that anyone who drinks once will remember forever.

6. Billionaire’s soft serve gold-leaf coated ice cream

Dubbed the “most luxurious ice cream” and specializing in serving wealthy customers, with prices of up to 99 pounds, this ice cream is causing fever on social networks thanks to its distinctive attractive appearance.

Unlike the usual gold-coated ice cream, “Billionaire’s Soft Serve” is more elaborate and is sold at Selfridges ice cream shop in London, England. An ice cream weighs 350 grams and is elaborately decorated like a work of art.

It is sold at a much higher price than regular ice creams. And this is the reason why it has such a high price. In addition to the 24K yellow leaves, the ice cream is made of many expensive ingredients, including raspberry macarons with edible diamonds, Belgian white chocolate that contains salted caramel sauce, black chocolate covered by gold leaf, a small tube containing fruit sauce, mango and ginger.

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In addition to 3 layers of salty gelato cream, the outside is covered with luxurious golden pearl beads. According to the chef, only the outer shell of the ice cream takes about 20 minutes to create. An ice cream alone can take up to 4 hours of meticulous work. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that this cream is really a true work of art, not just food.

5. Saffron – $10,000/kg

Saffron is a spice made from the pistil of saffron. It is dubbed the “red gold” or “Emperor” of spices when ranked as the world’s most expensive. At present, a pound of saffron falls to about $10,000.

The cost of saffron is very expensive, partly because of difficulties in growing this plant because saffron is unable to reproduce. A single saffron sample produces only about 1.8 kg of pistil.

This means that to make one kilogram of dried saffron, one has to pick up to 170,000 fresh flowers, equivalent to 40 hours of continuous working. If working alone and sharing shifts, people must harvest within 5 days to get enough 1 kg of the finished product.

4. Shark fin soup – $120 – $200/bowl

In the menu of the world’s most expensive and sophisticated dishes, Chinese shark fin soup is ranked among the top. This dish is ranked in the list of “four great delicacies” of China including abalone, shark fin soup, sea cucumber, fish stomach and is considered a symbol of wealth and luxury.

A normal bowl of shark fin soup is sold for about $120-$200. The process of preparing the food is also extremely complicated because the fish are soaked in warm water, peeled off, cleaned, simmered in special broth.

Processing until a finished product usually takes at least 48 hours. One customer said that the broth from the chicken bones and pork ribs of the soup is usually golden, pure but sweet. It must say that it is unmatched.

Although it is considered a high-class and luxurious dish and is famous as the representative of such rich people, shark fin soup has its own “notoriety” and has been condemned by many people for cruel fishing to make this dish.

China has a lot of other dishes, such as worms, which you can watch in our previous videos. The link to those videos is put in the comment section, but you should consider it before clicking.

3. Chocolate pudding – $34,440

This pudding sold for $34,440 is as expensive as a car. This cake is made from 4 of the best Belgian chocolates along with peaches, oranges, whiskeys and some other things like gold, caviar. This chocolate pudding is finished with a 2-carat diamond on the top of it.

This cake is made in the shape of a small bell that is often used as a Christmas decoration. The chocolate pudding is served with one of the world’s most expensive wines such as the Chateau d’Yquem. This wine is sold for $500 per bottle.

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This chocolate pudding comes with a 2-carat diamond. Earlier, the Guinness World Records also recognized it as the most expensive chocolate in the world. This chocolate is made by Amedei Porcelana and is sold for $90 for 450g.

2. Acqua di Cristallo Mineral water

Acqua di Cristallo mineral water is considered the most expensive water bottle in the world. With just a 750ml bottle, this drink can quench your thirst and drain your account.

This water is made from spring water in the Fiji Islands or spring water in France and Iceland glacier water, mixed with 5mg of gold dust. The most special feature is that the bottle is made from 24K solid gold, designed by designer Fernando Altamirano of the famous brandy brand Tequila Ley, based on a sculpture of Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani.

Designer Fernando Altamirano, who previously designed the world’s most expensive cognac bottle, Cognac Dudognon Heritage Henri IV, has set a new record with a bottle of water designed for $60,000. This is his second Guinness world record for the highest-priced bottle samples auctioned.

In addition to pure gold, the bottle of water has less expensive versions. The bottle shell is made of translucent gold, silver, translucent silver, crystal, and a combination of these materials, with a general price of $3,600 per bottle.

These do not mean that Acqua di Cristallo is only available to those with money. Bottles of Acqua di Cristallo in the Ice Blue version are only sold for $285.

1. Albino Sturgeon caviar

Considered “black gold” and ranked No. 1 in the list of the most expensive dishes on this planet this is a dish for super-rich people because they are like a black pearl – Strottarga Bianco white gold caviar for $100,000 per kilogram!

An unimaginable amount of money for a sandwich! This is not something to “throw” the money to buy because it is only sold in extremely rare and meager quantities through orders for a long time. This type of caviar is more expensive than gold because it is taken from extremely rare albino sturgeon.

Albino sturgeon is considered to be the best fish in the world that is raised under a 5-star condition for about 20 years to get eggs. Each fish can produce 3 kg of fresh eggs.

Reportedly, the cook must dry 6kg of fresh caviar and mix with 22 carats of fine 24k white gold and rare diamond chips to have 1kg of canned. This product specializes in serving the Royal and super-rich class in some of the best restaurants in the world, from Monaco to Dubai.

Usually, customers who want to eat have to book in advance and wait for 4-5 years to buy this expensive dish. This is crazily expensive. I

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