15 Most Controversial Photos Of Mars

No. 15

UFO on Mars In December 2017, a blog dedicated to UFO enthusiasts posted a photo, provided by NASA, of a spherical object taken by NASA’s Curiosity robot.

It is assumed to look a lot like a 19th-century artillery bullet. It may have been lost here. According to NASA, the bullet is 5 mm in size, made from calcium sulfate, sodium, and magnesium.

No. 14

Mysterious statue on Mars The photo was provided by Viking 1 Satellite in 1976. It has brought endless inspiration to Hollywood movies about aliens.

This stone is like the head of an ancient statue buried in the sand of a civilization that has lost for thousands of years, according to some predictions.

Wow! At first glance, it looks a lot like the snake character in the famous movie Medusa.

No. 13

The giant fish fossil Look! Another stone that looks like a fossil of some fish was accidentally recorded by the self-propelled Curiosity robot.

So amazing… Immediately, it became the hot topic of aliens and UFO fans on social networks. According to experts at NASA, Mars does not have enough oxygen in the atmosphere to constitute complex life forms.

Without complex life forms, there is no big fossil. Is this a sign of life of thousands of years ago on Mars?

No. 12:

The mysterious ancient statue The photo was taken by NASA’s Spirit probe robot in 2007. According to the UFO Sightings Daily, the stone is an ancient statue of Mars.

Then, the Planetary Society quickly countered, saying that this is a classic example of a combination of human imagination and Pareidolia delusion.

No. 11

The ancient Assyria The photo was taken by Opportunity. After the photo was published, many thought it was very similar to an ancient Assyrian god kept in the British Museum.

They are similar in many ways. That is why UFO fans have the chance to discuss, and scientists continue to think that “it is imagination and light”.

I do not understand what the hypothesis of imagination and light is and why it is mentioned so much? The answer will be at the end of the video.

No. 10

The mushroom on Mars This ring-shaped object has led many to believe that it is a mushroom. However, NASA thinks that it is only the result of the probe robot going over the cliff and dropping rock and soil.

Oh my god! Is this a mushroom in the zombie empire that still appears in popular movies?

No. 9

The spiral pattern After the photo was published, some people said that this belongs to an ancient civilization.

But according to scientists, this spiral pattern is not created from any mysterious civilization. In fact, they arise from the activity of lava on the planet’s surface.

The photo was taken by Mars orbiter probe of the University of Arizona.

No. 8

The famous Morse code Fantastic! From the perspective of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, some strange geological objects on the Mars surface look like famous Morse code.

The photo, taken in 2016, was transformed by the scientist Veronica Bray into a word based on Morse code. The result of the phrase is “NEE NED ZB 6TNN DEIBEDH SIEFI EBEEE SSIEI ESEE SEEE”

No. 7

The skeleton on Mars The photo was taken by NASA’s Curiosity Robot in 2014. The stones are very similar to human bones.

However, scientists explain that this is only the result of the erosion of wind and water. So far, there are still controversial opinions on this issue.

No. 6

The giant spider on Mars A member of a social network in the US accidentally discovered a strange creature resembling a giant spider or crab appearing in a photo of Mars sent by NASA’s robotic probe.

Many people think that this is a wonderful life sign on Mars. I am thinking whether this was a dominance of the evil spider army like in a science fiction movie.

Oh no! In fact, we are only being deceived by the Pareidolia effect! The Pareidolia effect is repeated so much that do you wonder what it is?

The answer is: It is the Face Illusion Phenomenon which is one of the interesting phenomena of the human brain.

The sign of this phenomenon is that human face appears when looking at any object such as an orange, a wall, a cloud… It only appears in human intuition at a specific time.

No. 5

The pyramids on Mars In 2013, a photo taken by NASA showed the existence of a pyramid on Mars, believed to be a civilization.

So does Mars have civilization or not? That question still has no final answer. But these photos of the Red Planet have always stimulated the imagination of scientists.

No. 4

The lizards and rats The photo published by NASA in 2013 quickly created an online fever. The netizens even created a Twitter page called “Mars rat”.

In another photo also in 2013, one also saw an object that looked exactly like a lizard. However, like previous arguments, NASA said it was all rocks that accidentally had shape like that.

No. 3

The mysterious woman In many of NASA’s famous Mars photos, perhaps no other photo is as reminiscent of human beings as the 2015 Dark Woman.

The Robotic Explorer Curiosity Rover came across a “woman” quite clearly, with a dress and… unmistakable breasts. In particular, this “woman” is full of mystery like a ghost.

But according to analysts, this is an edited product to attract the attention of people.

No. 2

The photo taken by NASA’s self-propelled vehicles posted on the site showed a floating black object.

It seems to have wings like an unidentified creature. Many say that it is exactly a flying creature. However, some people have criticized and thought it looked more like a malfunction while taking photos rather than an alien creature.

No. 1

The giant spoon on Mars Experts hunting aliens continue to rejoice when they spot the photo of a spoon on the red planet.

This gives a belief in the life that once existed in this place. According to the Daily Mail, a UFO hunter’s account posted on Youtube a short video taken from NASA’s data searching for life on Mars, showing the sight of a spoon on the surface of the red planet face. Is this a lost civilization?

The answer is still open. And this is also the second spoon after the 2015 spoon! Previously, the hunters of extraterrestrial life found rings and gloves on the planet.

However, many people are skeptical and think that this may be an optical illusion. The video has now ended.

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