10 Strange Restaurant In China

Who will accompany you on the journey to explore the world. The country of China is extremely rich in cuisine. In the previous videos, we have seen dishes such as bat meat in all kinds, grilled centipedes in particular, and dishes from insects in general…

that showed a little bit about the strange Chinese cuisine. So, do you know that hidden in the streets are a lot of incredible restaurants: “customers eat on toilet seats or use airplanes to make restaurants and even enjoy food on a dining table suspended in the air?

OMG! That sounds crazy, right? However, all will be in the video today. 10 most stunning eateries in China. Don’t forget to join our mini-game to be able to receive extremely stylish gifts! Let’s get started!

10. Hospital-like restaurant

Mentioning the hospitals, people often think of medication and are extremely annoyed by the obsession of diseases. But what do you think when it comes to the hospital-style restaurant. Interestingly, right? A restaurant in Taiwan, China has opened.

This bizarre restaurant is known that all the staff in the restaurant are beautiful girls wearing nurse uniforms while chefs are wearing doctors’ clothes. In addition to the menu of famous food, the other special thing is that customers are served drinks through the strange infusion bottles.

Because of this weirdness, the restaurant is very special. The rich and tourists are extremely curious and interested in the unique cuisine style here.

According to the owner of the restaurant, more stores will be opened in the near future to serve the needs of tourists and customers who like “strange feeling”.

9. Airplane restaurant

Located in the center of the epidemic area, it is named Lilly Airways. Located in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, this is China’s first airplane restaurant. This unique restaurant is in a Boeing 737 aircraft that used to serve an airline in Indonesia. After the expiry date, they sold it to Li Yang, a Chinese businessman.

Acquired for $5.2 million excluding design and repair, this restaurant has become one of the most expensive restaurants in the world. This owner had to use 70 containers to transport this aircraft within 4 months. The restaurant can accommodate 70 passengers at once comfortably and spaciously.

The most special thing in this restaurant is that all styles of service here are the style of a flight crew, with the staff dressing in flight uniforms, which makes the space extremely interesting.

In addition to coming to enjoy the food, diners can also visit the cockpit for free, which is only accessible to pilots and flight attendants before. The restaurant welcomes a number of curious customers coming here every day.

The menu of the restaurant is quite diverse and very delicious. The dishes on the menu are made by famous Russian chefs. A dinner here costs about 200-300 USD per person. If you want to experience a meal in the cockpit, then you have to pay an additional 100 USD. After this epidemic, do you plan to go to Wuhan city to enjoy food in this restaurant with us?

8. Toilet restaurant

If you find it a bit disgusting, you can pause the video and skip this section, but don’t turn off the video because this is not the most interesting part. Nowadays, eateries with toilet-style dining are increasingly blooming in China.

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The theme of toilet opening in Shenzhen has been filled with diners since the early days. Wang Tzi-wei, the owner of the Modern Toilet restaurant chain, opened his first store in Taipei in 2004 and now has many branches in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China.

Here, diners sit on toilets and…. eat ice cream in toilet-shaped bowls… and on transparent tables that are actually tubs. This restaurant model is popular with young people. The slogan of this restaurant is: “Our goal is to become the number one brand of Unique Restaurant. In the era when creativity becomes king, even feces could turn into gold.

” Especially, babies are also very curious about this type of restaurant. Strange and unique patterns are displayed in the restaurant. The staff here wear uniforms and serve in an enthusiastic way. So does eating on these toilets diners make diners feel uncomfortable? The answer is no. Not only not uncomfortable but they also have an interesting feeling when sitting at a restaurant like this.

7. Aerial restaurant

What do you think if you eat and drink on a dining table suspended in the air? I think it will be creepy and curious. And this restaurant is completely real in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, eastern China.

Creating opportunities for customers to enjoy food in the air is a new way of attracting customers of this special Chinese restaurant. Dining tables are hung near the southern station of Nanjing City.

Each table can accommodate 10 people, including 8 customers and 2 waiters are always on hand. After the customer sits down, a giant rotating shaft would pull the dining table into the air.

The dining table is about 20 m above the ground. Initially, when this restaurant provided free food to be more interested, this phenomenon made diners extremely excited and curious, because they can both eat and watch the city. Until now, customers coming to this restaurant are very crowded, mostly tourists who like strange things and of course, the cost of a meal like this is not cheap!

There are many opinions that eating here is extremely dangerous and can be a disaster if there is a sudden thunderstorm, but despite the danger, customers still feel confident and wait in line to eat. If I have the opportunity to come here, I will definitely try to eat in this restaurant. And you? Please comment below to let us know!

6. Free food for the fat

Nobody likes to be fat, right? Because it is extremely troublesome, but oversized fat sometimes becomes an advantage! There is a very special restaurant in Tianjin, China, which is visited by many people thanks to its unique promotion.

If guests reach the weight that the restaurant offers, they will be served free dinner. Dozens of people lined up outside the store, hoping to be lucky enough to be served free dinner on the occasion of the store’s opening.

All guests with a weight of 130 kg or more will be served a complimentary dinner restaurant. Of course, those who do not reach the weight will have to pay the full cost of their meal. Many people line up and express interest in the restaurant’s hospitality and come here to have the opportunity to enjoy the food.

This PR campaign has attracted the media so much that the restaurant is getting more and more crowded! What an intelligent business idea.

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5. Haidilao hot pot restaurant

In 1994, two families in Sichuan province decided to open a hotpot restaurant called Haidilao. To increase competitiveness, they always focus on the enthusiasm of the staff for customers. Guests are supported by staff to hang bags or babysitting.

This distinction makes the surrounding stores gradually close. Diners are always coming back because of the dedication and free service of the restaurant they can’t find anywhere. In Haidilao, sometimes guests have to wait for 2 hours to get to the table.

To make sure that customers don’t leave, the restaurant devises many tips to help them forget their time. Guests will be able to do nails, polish shoes, play chess, or use light snacks like biscuits and fruits.

All are free! Upon entering the door, diners are welcomed enthusiastically and thoughtfully by the reception staff. Not only the hot towels, but the staff will also give you a hairband or a plastic bag to hold the phone.

Customers can still use the phone without worrying about being broken. Staff will come to the table, use chopsticks to peel the shrimp for you. If you order Chinese ramen noodles, you can enjoy the performance of squeezing noodles at the table.

If the noodles are broken midway through, the chef will remake a new section. Hotpot is a dish for groups. But if you want to come alone, Haidilao still has a way to make you not feel lonely. The restaurant will put a large teddy bear next to you.

In China, staff will deliver ingredients, including broth to customers at a cost of US $10. The staff will help set the kitchen, prepare the broth, and come back to pick up after you have finished eating.

To ensure these guests have a restaurant-like experience, staff will also give them rubber bands, wine, and chewing gum.

4. Robot restaurant

Coming to Robot Restaurant in Cap Nhi Tan City, Heilongjiang Province, China, instead of being greeted and served food by chefs, the diners will be served by robots here with love and thoughtfulness.

Robot Restaurant has 20 robot employees programmed to replace people for jobs such as receptionists, waiters, steamed dumplings, and cooking noodles. Whenever a customer prepares to enter the restaurant, a receptionist will quickly welcome them, guiding them to the table.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the chefs are busy cooking, preparing delicious and hot dishes Robot restaurant serves customers with a diverse menu including 30 dishes priced from 6.5 7.5 USD.to According to the manager of the Robot Restaurant, robotic chefs can cook all the dishes that genuine chefs usually cook. After the dishes have been prepared, the robot waiter will bring the food to the guests and wish you a delicious meal.

Diners comment that they feel the food tastes like it is cooked by authentic chefs. The use of robots in restaurants not only helps the restaurant attract more customers but also helps restaurant owners save costs. The cost of electricity for each waiter robot is $0.32 per day, and for robot chef is about $1.61 per day, which is much cheaper than human!

3. Prison-like restaurant

Diners can experience the feeling of a prisoner when eating at a prison-style restaurant in Jilin, China. Diners dine in iron cages that are locked out with sturdy chains, and the food is served by guards through a small hatch.

Separate rooms are private dining rooms, with doors drawn with the word “free”. The restaurant designed a special menu that costs $1.9, with dishes like in prisons, like traditional bread. Besides, the restaurant also serves noodles and cold meat.

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The table number is printed on the shirt of the prisoner. A police car through the wall is the highlight of the restaurant’s layout. The restaurant owner shared that this idea is to attract customers. However, he also hopes the restaurant will be a warning to people about compliance.

Right in the first week of opening, the restaurant attracted a lot of customers. “This restaurant is very crowded, the style is also quite good. The service is… quite good. Maybe I will come back again but I’ll wait for a time, the opening is so crowded,” said one customer.

Recently known that the restaurant is about to close because it is empty, customers think that eating here will bring bad luck. Do you feel sorry for this strange idea?

2. Zhang An Da Pai Dang restaurant

Zhang An Da Pai Dang Restaurant in Xian, China is the ideal address for any diners who want to “change”, because here you will be “witnessing” as well as enjoying dishes that are difficult to be found nowhere else.

The evidence is that the specialties here imitate the shape of objects such as mahjong chess sets, quill pens or chess boards,… and it is worth mentioning that they are shaped, decorated very skillfully, which makes them look “original” unbelievably.

Many people come here to take a few seconds to check because the food is served too similar to the real thing. It was so delicate that few would have expected it to be edible.

Many curious diners everywhere have come here to try these unique dishes once. Therefore, the Zhang An Da Pai Dang restaurant is always in a crowded and “sold out” state.

It is known that to enjoy these unique cakes, customers have to book a few hours to several days in advance and the cost is not cheap with the peak price of each dish ranging from $5-20.

1. Hoa Son tea house

It is worth it when Hoa Son tea house is ranked No. 1 on this list. As one of the unique dining places in the world, we have to mention the tea house “towering” on the top of Hoa Son mountain in China.

Located at an altitude of 7000 feet above sea level, it always serves China’s finest teas. This is really an ideal place to enjoy tea and admire the impressive natural scenery. However, getting to this special tea house on top of Hoa Son mountain is a challenge that not everyone can overcome.

The road to the top of the legendary Hoa Son is one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Following the path leading to the top of the mountain, you will step up the “stairs to paradise” to reach the tea house.

There, the winner of every challenge will enjoy a traditional tea in the ancient temple. This is also a very risky challenge because someone had to die on the way here. It’s scary, isn’t it?

The stairs that scare thousands of people were built by monks, nuns, and pilgrims. This place is considered a holy place. Because of these reasons, this restaurant is one of the most fearful destinations in China and also the most popular when coming to this country.

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