8 Most Bizarre Beauty Styles In The World

Who will accompany you on our journey to explore the world! Beauty is always the issue that women are most concerned about, and that is extremely normal.

But there are beauty styles which are so strange that no one would have expected. From the custom of extending the neck to making jewelry from recycled things or more horribly, braiding hair with cow dung… OMG! All will be in today’s 8 Most Bizarre Beauty Styles In The World

8. Naked breasts and clay application into hair

In northern Namibia, the Himba tribe lives separately from the modern world. They live in remote areas of Kunene. People of this tribe are considered the most beautiful people of the black continent.

Men and women here don’t have the habit of wearing clothes. They only use animal skin to cover the sensitive part of the body.

Upon reaching puberty, a Himba girl will braid her hair into locks, and then they will apply clay on the outside. They also use a special mixture to apply to the body to create attractive red skin. For Himba people, this is a traditional beauty with red color which symbolizes earth and blood. That’s really special, right?

7. The long neck

The standard of beauty of the Kayan tribal woman in Myanmar or Thailand is quite strange. Here, beautiful women must own a long neck.

To have a graceful long neck, Kayan girls must wear metal necklaces on their necks when they are 5 years old. Gradually, the larger number of necklaces will increase the length of the neck.

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The weight of the full set of necklaces can be up to 10 kg. Due to the regular wearing, the skin of the Kayan’s neck often has wounds, ulcers, and is paler than other skin areas.

Not everyone wears enough necklaces. However, they often do not remove the entire number of necklaces because the neck of the Kayan neck is too weak and can break at any time. I guarantee that these Kayan people can not be confused due to this long neck.

6. Putting coins in the nose

Coming to the land of the Apatani tribe in India, visitors inevitably feel “startled” when witnessing the women here owning the strange nose. Instead of jewelry, they plug the coin into the nose.

It is known that when they were young, the noses of Apatani tribe girls were pierced by their parents and inserted the buttons into the nose.

The button also grows with the age of the woman, which later creates a “very odd” nose. Previously, the Apatani people were considered a gentle tribe and prone to being invaded by other tribes.

Thus, they had to use that method and tattooed the face to reduce the beauty so that the enemy “did not want” to invade. After that, the nose plugging became the beauty of women here.

But from 1970 until now, Apatani girls no longer keep this tradition. This practice only exists in the old generations.

5. Shaving eyebrows and eyelashes

Contrary to other styles, the eyebrow shaving style is quite simple. At that time, eyebrows and eyelashes were not an important beauty trait in Europe, so women often shaved their eyebrows and eyelashes.

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Many researchers believe that this bizarre fashion trend may stem from rickets that causes hair loss. Perhaps it might be a slender woman with a beautiful face without eyebrows and eyelashes that made people follow and consider it to be the most unique trend at that time.

4. Recycled jewelleries

Daasanach is a semi-nomadic tribe with a population of about 50,000 people living in the Omo Valley, Ethiopia. The Daasanach takes months to collect bottle Caps and other miscellaneous things to afford the broken watches.

This item will be recycled into jewelry or wigs that can be used by anyone from old to young. Young girls and children will wear simple wigs, while elders will wear the most elaborate ones.

Men only wear wigs on the top of their heads until they get married. Only when they finish hunting or winning a match with their rival can they wear a hat decorated with clay beads, colorful cloths and a feather to make the hat more lively.

3. Braiding hair with dung

The tribe is called Mwila, belonging to the Mucubal group and living in southern Angola, which still has many cultural traits different from the rest of the world.

Every woman from old to young has a very different style of “hairdressing”. Their hair is decorated with special grips, which is a mixture of… cow dung, butter, and some kind of medicinal material.

The strange beauty style of the Mwila tribe is also shown in the necklace of the woman. This jewelry is also made from cow dung but is adorned with meticulously stitched necklaces.

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The women of the Mwila tribe are even considered a commodity. Their husbands can exchange them for a cow for cultivation. Men in this tribe can marry many women at once.

2. Face tattoo

The two tribes living on Mount Victoria, west of Myanmar, have the custom of tattooing on their faces as a symbol of maturity and beauty. Dai tribal woman’s face is tattooed with black dots.

When a girl reaches puberty, she is considered to be old enough to have a tattoo. The tattoos were made of thorns and ink from soot, cow bile, herbs, and lard. Some people have tattoos all over their faces, while some only tattoo a few motifs. Until now, this tribe no longer practices this tradition.

1. Cutting the lips for plate insert

The beauty of the Surma tribe in Ethiopia is probably “unique”. The Surma live in the high mountains of southwestern Ethiopia. By the time of puberty, the Surma girls had to undergo “the torture” for beauty.

A tribal person will use a knife to cut the lips, make a big hole, and then insert the plate in the middle. The plates are made of baked clay and then painted in various colors.

At first, they will use small plates. Then the size of the plate will increase gradually with the amount of lip expansion. Typically, a plate with a diameter of 10 cm is the standard beauty.

For Surma men, the bigger the lips are, the more attractive the women are. Do these beauty styles make you tremble? They are so strange and unbelievably bizarre. What a useful video! Hopefully, the above knowledge can help you. in

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