10 Unusual People Who Are Born With Extra Body Parts

Your companion on the journey of world discovery Humans are always born with 2 hands 2 legs 1 face and perfectly beautiful eyes.

However, there are some people in this world who are given some extra body parts from God which causes many arguments in the community. So what is the truth behind those abnormal body parts? Let’s check it out with me about 10 Unusual People Who Are Born With Extra Body Parts

10. Little Dominique

The first position in this list belongs to these 2 girls, Little Dominique, 10 months old, from the Ivory Coast. They have some extra body parts like pelvic, urinary bladder and legs.

According to the diagnosis of the doctors, they are known as the body-attached twins, whose attaching point starts from their waist.

This incredible thing has wholly shocked the doctors here They have been successfully separated apart after completing a 6-hour long surgery which was done by the American doctors. Currently, they have fully recovered, that is so amazing, right?

9. Manar Maged

This is Manar Maged, who was given birth in a hospital located in Egypt in 2004. This girl has become a new phenomenon in Egypt and also across the world because of her 2 heads attached with her body.

Her 2nd head has eyes, nose, mouth and can even blink or smile but can’t function independently since it doesn’t connect with her internal organs In 2005, doctors did a surgery to separate the 2nd head apart from her body with a hope that she can live a cheerful life ahead.

But sadly, she passed away a couple days after due to a serious infection. Although she passed away, but her image will forever be remembered in our hearts

8. Kiron

Kiron is a boy who has up to 2 heads. OMG! I can’t believe what I’m seeing here. What is going on? In 2015, the medical industry in Bangladesh announced that they just received a strange operation with the appearance of this little girl whose body has up to 2 heads Thousands of people fled right to the hospital just to see this baby with their naked eyes because they believe that unusual babies are the reincarnation of God And of course, her appearance did freak them out, including her dad.

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It’s sad to know that this baby only got through 20 days of her life and passed away in the pity of people

7. Lương Tú

Trinh China is well-known with their intense population so the fact that there are some unusual people living in that country must be obvious This grandma – Luong Tu Trinh, 90 years old, is a clear example for that.

People here call her with a nickname “unicorn” because of the horn growing on her head. Wow! That is so surprising, right? Accordingly, 2 years ago, there was a mole suddenly appeared on her forehead.

So her son has applied soil on it to make it less itchy for her But nobody would expect that the mole exploded and the horn started growing from there.

The horn got bigger day by day, it’s not only itchy, painful but even bleeds, making her feel very annoyed. Currently, its diameter and length are 13cm and 6cm respectively According to the diagnosis of the doctors, this horn is actually a tumor.

Although her family really wanna cut that horn off, but because of her age, doctors assume that it would be very life-threatening for her. So as a result, she has to live with that horn for the rest of her life

6. Myrtle Corbin Miss Josephene

Myrtle Corbin, born in 1868, in America, has up to 4 legs when she was born. However, her 2 middle legs were shrunk and unmovable.

That’s why her dressed were always designed in a unique way that can fit her 4 legs The reason why she has up to 4 legs was due to a parasitic fetus.

The only way that she can get money was to use herself as a displaying object in a circus and got 450 dollars every week from there Besides having lots of legs, Josephene even had up to 2 sexual organs but her fertility is still as functional as other women.

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At 19 years old, she got married to a doctor – Clinton Bicknell and gave birth to 4 daughter, 1 son and lived a very happy life with her family

5. Jie Jie

Jie Jie was born in Anhui, China Right when she came into life, she already had 1 right arm and 2 left arms, but only 1 kidney.

But sadly, 2 of her left arms are unmovable. After going through many check-ups, doctors decided to remove her left arm which locates near her chest because of its inactivity.

The surgery took up to 3 hours but was really successful. So, let’s wish her a beautiful and healthy life ahead, guys!

4. Betty Lou Winlliams

Betty Lou Winlliams is a weird woman who has up to 4 legs and 3 arms. She was born in 1932 in America, and because of her unusual appearance that she had been able to get lots of money and quickly became a millionaire before turning 10 However, those excessive body parts of her are actually her parasitic twin sister, who has 1 waist, 2 legs, a small piece of meat that looks like an arm, but the other one seems to develop more healthily but still only has 3 fingers.

Accordingly, her sister’s head even deeply merges inside Lillie’s body as well By spotting out this specialty, a CEO from a company hired her to perform at many crowded museums to attract visitors come and observe this unusual lady Thought that was a happy ending for her, until she got married with a pervert who stole all of her possessions and fled away.

At 23 years old, she passed away in Trenton city by suffering from asthma. Despite that, her image will always be remembered deeply in our hearts

3. Chandre Oraon

Mr Chandre Oraon, is a tea picker, 35 years old, from Alipurduar, West Bengal, India. People view him as the reincarnation of the monkey God Hanuman in Hinduism When he was born, Chandre already has a pinch of hair grow at the back but he still never cuts it until this very moment.

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As a matter of fact, many people even travel for so long just to see and touch his pinch of hair to get some luck in return They even enjoy seeing him climbing the mountain like a real Monkey God. Really special, right? I would love to have a tail like him too What do you think about this man?

2. Lali Singh

Lali Singh is born in a poor farmer family. Right when she was born, she is already infected with the Diprosopus disease – which is very rare.

Besides her ears, other body parts of her are all duplicated – 4 eyes, 2 noses and 2 mouths. Her family said that she can even eat using 2 of her mouths while 4 eyes can still blink normally Lucky for her, nobody in the village try to distance themselves away from her because of her weird disease but even try to approach her since they believe she is the reincarnation of God Every day, hundreds of people visit her and try to touch her legs with respect in order to receive some kind of fortunes in return.

But sadly, this little girl couldn’t make it through and passed away when she was 2 months old. But it’s glad to know that the villagers have set up a temple to remember her

1. 6-legged baby

This baby was born in a hospital located in Sukkrur district, Sindh province, Pakistan. She looked pretty fine when she was born, however, the only thing that differs her the most are 6 of her legs.

2 of them are normal, but the rest grow under her belly, each has a different length Although this have freaked people out and was very life-threatening to her.

But lucky, in 2012, she did a surgery to remove 4 of her extra legs and now lives a very happy life like every other kid Are you amazed at the previous people?

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