Abnormal People In The World

Did you find the previous people abnormal? And… of course, today video will bring you lots of joy and entertaining moments, so pleaseeee stay focus okay Now, let’s come with Abnormal people The widest mouth in the world This Angolan man from Africa has a mouth that is 16.5cm long. He is named, Francisco Domingo Joaquim. A can of coca cola can even fit his mouth

The softest body in the world This 18-year-old girl from Russia named Zlata is known to have the softest body in the world. She has a height of 175cm but only weigh 54kg Zlata body parts can bend flexibly.

She can pull her toes from behind to the front easily, or even roll her body like a ball into a fridge A half-headed man Currently, people were chaotic about a photo of a half-headed man appearing on social media, he looks like…he doesn’t have a brain, I guess.

Accordingly, this guy is a prisoner from Miami, America, 25 years old, he survived after a serious accident. Oh gosh, now I finally believe that magic does exist guys The thumb girl Kenadie Jourdin Bromley is quite small when she was born.

At 3 years old, Kenadie was 0.69cm tall, weighed 4.5kg – just equivalent to a 1-month-old baby. And when she first came into life, she was only 1.1kg.

Doctors diagnosed that Kenadie suffered from a rare disorder, as therev are only 125 people across the states and Canada got infected with this disease The longest tongue in the world Adrianne Lewis, 18 years old, from America has a 10.16cm long tongue.

However, she has not been recognized by the guiness book of world records, as the one who is holding the record is Nick Stoeberl with a 3.9 inch tongue Spider woman The 2 sisters, Ganga and Jamuna Mondal are now 49 years old, living in the Kolkata town, west of Bengal, India.

They are a twin sister whose lower body is attached to each other. So in total, they have 2 heads, 3 legs, 4 hands and 1 stomach, but only 1 liver, heart and kidney

The longest nail in the world Mr Shridhar is known as the one who has the longest nail in the world since 1979 with his left nail set recorded 2.2m in total. When his nails were cut off at the Ripley’s Believe it or not Museum in New York, it was recorded to be 9.096m long

The man who has interconnected eyes and mouth Billy Owen, 44 years old, from Las Vegas, Nevada states, USA, is a motorcyclist and also a successful mechanic

He had to eliminate his left eye due to his cancer disorder, oh gosh, what an unlucky man Sultan Kosen Sultan Kosen, the tallest man in the world. Born in 1982 in Mardin, Turkey, he is 2.51m tall. Due to a rare disorder that makes his height developed uncontrollably

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