Weird People That Want To Live Like Animals

Your companion on the journey of world discovery You know that there are 7 billion people in the world, right? So it’s obvious that there must be some “weirdo”, strange people existing out there as well

The people that I’m talking about is those that refuse to function like humans, but instead, wanna live like dogs, cats or even some wild animals like tiger and snakes for example That doesn’t make any sense right, but, it is true and all of them will be included in today Now, let’s come with Weird people that want to live like animals

Transforming into tiger Mr Dennis Avner from Nevada, USA used to be a veteran. He is always obsessed with the scary looking face of wild cats or tigers. That was why he decided to transform into a real tiger.

After retiring, Dennis Avner made his dream become true And in order to do that, Dennis had to go through many painful surgeries, like growing his nails and hair to be as long as possible, implanting beard and fangs, cutting of his mouth, creating a tiger-like nose, cheeks injection, and sharpening his ears to have the most look-a-like tiger face.

Do you think this man is stylish? Zebra man A performer from England – named Horace Ridler born in 1892 and passed away in 1969, is known as a mutant that wanna live like an animal.

He was a famous performer who appeared on many horror TV shows and is known with a nickname “zebra man”. From 1927-1963, Ridler went through 150 hours to have his whole body covered with a zebra tattoo from head to toe with a price of ….3000 USD.

And back then, 3000 USD is actually intense.. Transforming into a snake Abnormal photos from Tiamat Legion Medusa – 60 years old, an ex-CEO of a bank It is weird that throughout 22 years, Tiamat has spent more than 75.000 USD to reshape her body, trying to transform into a real snake

Tiamat went through 20 surgeries to change her body parts like attaching horns, tattooing snake scales, cutting off one of her ears and part of her nose to look like the character “Voldermort” in Harry Porter. She even cut off her sexual organs, oh god, that is so painful!

Transforming into a parrot This is about a man who went through numbers of surgeries to have his body look like a parrot. Bonkers Ted Richards, 58 years old, from Bristol, UK, is obsessed with his loving pets, which are: Ellie, Teaka, Timeh, Jake and Bubi He has 110 tattoos and 50 piercings covered on his body.

He also cut off his ear to look more alike to the real parrot. And what’s more surprising is that, he even changed his name into Ted Parrotman Transforming into a cat Wildenstein is a lady from Switzerland who owns an attractive body, elegant and narrow face Mrs Jocelyn spent almost 2.7 million dollars for her animal-transforming surgeries.

The reason why she did that was because her and her husband both have an intense love for cats, however, they still broke up in the end, although she has spent lots of effort to keep this relationship, still, she couldn’t make it, really pitiful right?

Transforming into a leopard This 40-year-old abnormal performer from America is known with his nickname “Larry Da Leopard”. Mr Larry has his body covered with many black dots just like a real leopard His family has decided to cut off with him for 10 years since he came up with his weird decision.

Many people support this lifestyle of him, but there is also some think that he looks like a beast. And…yes, even Larry himself also thinks that he looks like a half-human half-beast person Lizard man Erik Sprague, born in 1972 in Texas, USA, is known as a “lizard man” after deciding to have his teeth sharpened, attaching a horn on his forehead and doing surgery to have his tongue split in half just like a real snake and also tattooed his whole body and lips with green ink to have a similar skin like a snake.

Accordingly, an unnamed source close to him stating that he also wants to attach a tail too but he knows that it’s impossible Tiger woman A female performer – Katzen Hobbes, from Austin, Texas, USA, has always dreamed to become a legit tiger since she was born.

That’s why when she grew up, she decided to have her body covered with tattoos and piercings that look like a female tiger She has even tried many things throughout 14 years to look like a tiger as much as possible, like attaching plastic mustache like tiger beards and obviously, she got heavily infected after that Transforming into a platypus Jenya Bolotov, 26 years old, from Russia, has always wished to become a…platypus

This guy first thought about this crazy idea when he was 18 years old as he first had his ears and mouth stretched And after 7 years stretching all of his facial parts, his mouth, ears, and nose is now stretched at the length that he wished to look like a platypus People think that this dude is crazy, however, while he was interviewing for the New Dog Media newspaper, he simply said that “I have officially become a platypus. And I’m happy because my dream has come true”. Which animal-like version are you most impressed with?

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