10 UNUSUAL KIDS Who Own Such Powerful Abilities

The one who will take you to discover the most interesting things on earth There are always some magical abilities hidden within kids that we can never understand So in today, you and I will take a look at those kids who own such incredible abilities that you might not believe in your eyes Now, let’s come with 10 Kids Who Own Such Powerful Abilities

10. Hasnah Mohamed

Opening for this list is a girl from Libanon named – Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani. In 1996, when she was 12 years old, she made the world go crazy when crying out real crystals.

But what’s more special is that those crystals are so sharp that can leave scraps on the glass windows without harming or injuring Hasnah’s hands After going through many experiments, the experts confirmed that those things coming out of her eyes were actually crystals.

Accordingly, this new quickly spread to the media and as a result, numbers of reporter have come to her house to see and witness that incredible scene with their naked eyes.

And until this moment, scientists still haven’t figured out the cause of this strange phenomenon

9. Jesse Jane McParland

McParland, from Co Armagh district, Ireland, 9 years old, is a young actor who appeared in many movies.

Although just 9 years old, but Jesse has accomplished more than 117 awards about martial arts, which is a payoff for the time that spent training herself at the age of 3 Recently, Jesse Jane appeared on the Britain’s Got Talent show and performed an incredibly impressive performance that caught people’s attention and enhance her reputation even more.

Moreover, she even said that her number 1 dream is to participate in the Olympics game in the future. Let’s all hope everything will go smoothly as she wishes, guys!

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8. Aelita Andre

Aelita Andre is dubbed as the second version of Picasso due to her amazing artistic talent. She’s from Australia and has started doing art at 9 months old.

Her parents said: “Our daughter is interested in stuff that related to colors, textures, shapes and lines”. It’s surprising to know that Aelita had her first exhibition when she was only 2 years old and the first exhibition that remarked the event of how her paintings were sold out completely was when she was 5 years old.

So now, she has been recognized as the youngest painter in the world Many experts who work in this field also commented about her talent as stated: “Aelita’s artworks deliver a refreshing feeling to viewers and somehow leading them to explore the creativity world from the aspect of a kid”

7. Eli Bouchard

Eli Bouchard – 10 years old, from Canada, is dubbed as a master of ice-skating At 8 years old, he had been able to do the twisted move – which cannot be done simply by many professional ice-skaters Recently, once again, he shocked people with his amazing talent.

As shown in the video, by going through many failures, after all, he finally became the youngest candidate to completed his performance at the Olympic game taken place in Stoneham Mountain Resort in Quebec. What an amazing achievement, right guys?

6. Aj Stuntz

Perhaps, most of us enjoy watching car races because of its craziness, so whoever does this type of entertainment must be very brave and stable-minded.

The little boy, Aj Stuntz – y years old, from America, is one of them since he can prove that even the youngest one can be able to race as long as you practice enough.

As a matter of fact, he learned to drive a car before he knew how to walk. The first time that he sat on a car was at the age of 3 and that time, it was an electric car.

Reaching 5 years old, he had been able to control his own car professionally and at the moment, Aj is completely capable of performing many one-of-a-kind performance that crazily amaze people

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5. Nandana Unnilkrishnan

Nandana Unnilkrishnan – 6 years old, from India, can read people’s mind without touching them Accordingly, this girl has faced with depression since she was small.

That’s why when she grew up, her mom noticed that she always reacted aggressively whenever her mom was about to talk But the thing here is that although Nandana can’t talk properly but she can type really fast.

Recently, she took a test about reading her mom’s mind. The test required her mom to read a text of passage silently that she never read before, then asked Nandana to type it on her computer And surprisingly, Nandana typed it perfectly without facing any grammar mistakes. That’s just so wonderful

4. Tiluck Keisam

This boy, Tiluck Keisam, from India, 9 years old, has made many people incredibly shocked with his Limbo performance. He passed through 146 bars which were 145m long in 56.01s.

Before that, this 4th-graded boy even got many medals and titles across India Tiluck started practicing Limbo when he was 5 years old.

This kind of sport requires the player to be flexible and quick to respond in order to perform it professionally. This sounds very challenging to a boy but seeing what this boy has done, well, it’s undeniable to say that he is truly talented

3. Elise Tan – Roberts

Elise Tan – Roberts is known as the smartest girl in the world with an IQ score of 152 At 5 months old, Elise already knew how to say Dada, 3 months after, she learned to walk and then run just 10 months after Before her 1-year-old birthday, she was able to identify the characters contained in her name and knew how to count from 1-10 at 16 months old.

At the moment, she even knows how to count from 1-10 in Spanish. After completing the IQ test which lasted for 45m, professor – Freeman confirmed that Elise is a super smart girl and that is a gift that God gave to her.

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Her name was listed in the Mensa organization – a group that has more than 110000 cleverest people in the world whose IQ are greater than 148

2. Ngoc Yen

Ngoc Yen, from Bac Lieu, Vietnam is a normal girl just like every other kid. However, she has one outstanding ability is staying afloat on the water.

The water surface is like her mattress because look at how comfortable she is lying upside down on the water like that. She can do it very simply without using any energy or forces to keep her stay afloat on the water like other people.

Sometimes, people even mistaken her as a dead person floating on the water, and when they took a closer look, that was when they are terribly shocked when got to know that she is completely fine while lying down on the water like that

1. Bella

Bella, from America, has an amazing ability that is to shoot the arrow using her feet. She can even shoot it perfectly while being blindfolded Accordingly, Bella’s number 1 hobby is dancing so that’s why she has learned to stretch her body as flexible as possible to shoot the arrow perfectly like that.

Her dream is to become a performer in one of the most famous circuses in the world At the moment, Bella has broken the record of Sofie Dossi, who shot an arrow with a distance of 7.62m in the past meanwhile, Bella had made it to 10m.

Talking about her endless passion for this sport, Bella said that her performance brings joy and peace to the audiences and that is the main reason that keeps her strongly motivated to keep working harder Are you in love with the following talented kids? I wonder does anyone of you own such an incredible talent like them?

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