Top 7 Strongest Women Who You Don’t Wanna Face

Your companion on the journey of world discovery We often think about feminineness and cuteness whenever it comes to women.

However, there are actually some ladies existing in the world that can make the men standing next to them feel weak.

Maybe, this muscular lady for example, or this skinny girl who can be able to crash a concrete pillar using her bare hands Are you curious about them? If yes, then let’s watch this video till the very end 7 most strongest women!

7. Heba Ali

Miss Heba Ali, 5ft6inch tall and weighs around 150 pounds. She is an American-Arab woman, and currently works as an online bodybuilder who attracts lots of followers on social media.

She often goes with the nickname “Wonder Woman” which was titled by her fans Well, it’s undeniable to say that she is a real bodybuilding monster.

Although her biceps are not incredibly big, however, hidden inside it is an extreme power that makes the men hesitated to battle with her She loves to go climbing, running across the freaking hot desert, flipping those giant car wheels, wooo, her strength is way beyond the normal standards of us women Heba Ali started spending more time training herself after graduated from high school.

And until this very moment, she has changed the passionate love that she spends for bodybuilding into a successful career. Obviously, she is a great model that inspires many people in the world

6. Chintya Candranaya

If you are a big fan of Bruce Lee, then you must know that this master can do push-ups using only 1 finger. But no need of coming to China to see that, there’s actually a person from Indonesia can be able to do so.

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That person is Chintya Candranaya, a martial art practitioner from Lampung. Through her Instagram account, she often shares the videos of her practicing martial arts professionally.

And the most viewed video is probably the one that she did push-ups using only 1 finger In the most recent video that she uploaded, Chintya performed many challenging tasks like: nailing, breaking the durian or crashing the concrete pillar using her bare hands, and even , breaking a hard and solid brick Nonetheless, Chintya can even use her bare feet to bend a whole iron rod.

When seeing this girl performing her talent, many people couldn’t control their amazement and paid lots of respect for her

5. Kristen Nun

Miss beauty of bodybuilding, Kristen Nun, born in 1985, from America, is dubbed as the strongest woman in the world with her enormous biceps that make every single man has to admire.

In order to achieve this figure, she had to train herself at the age of 17 and obviously, the amount of time that she spent on doing bodybuilding was endless Currently, Kristen works as a professional bodybuilding coach, who owns thousands of followers on Instagram and million views on Tiktok.

Besides that, she also owns an online fitness food store to help people get their healthy and personalized foods delivered direct to their door

4. Cassandra Martin

Cassandra Martin, from America, is a famous bodybuilding model who owns many big biceps. When talking about muscular and stable body figures, we cannot miss this queen, Cass Martin.

Her body looks not much different than a real bodybuilder who has trained their body for so long. This is a result of her long working-out journey and also following a healthy diet plan After becoming a bodybuilding model, Martin spent lots of time to learn deeper about many legends in this field and even learned to do weightlifting after watching the of Ronnie Coleman Currently, Cass Martin still works out hard every day and the passion in her seems to be endless.

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By eating healthily and working out strictly, this lady still desires to achieve a much more muscular body than her current look

3. Donna Moore

Miss Donna Moore, an extremely strong girl, from Colburn, North Yorkshire, England. And it would be my big mistake if not including her name in this list.

She is dubbed as the female superhero as she got the title “the strongest woman” in 2019 Looking at how she trains herself, you probably gonna think that she is a superhero, not a normal human at all.

The most amazing achievement that she has got until this very moment were doing deadlifting 200kg, Axel Deadlifting 195kg, squatting 170kg, overhead pressing 105kg and lifting a 120kg rock without sweating.

And most recently was how she pulling an airplane weighing up to 19 tons in Norway. Well, it seems like her hard-works had been paid off fairly Many experts in this field predict that her peak will arrive in 2 more years, let’s see if she can bring us any surprises in the future, okay? \

2. Celia Gabbiani

Celia Gabbiani is a professional bodybuilder who owns such amazing abs, this 28-year-old girl was born in Marmande, France She started entering the sport field at the age of 6 and played variety of sports before choosing bodybuilding.

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At the age of 13, once again, she casted a blast when becoming a professional swimmer. With her endless passion, she officially became a lifeguard at 19 years old.

However, her life flipped onto a whole new page when she decided to join the bodybuilding field at the age of 23 After 5 years of training hard, Celia, a girl who is 1.67m tall, has become a successful bodybuilder.

She participated in many bodybuilding contests and got many prideful awards for herself Currently, besides working as a bodybuilder, she is also a nutritionist who owns thousands of followers on social media

1. Aneta Florchot

A 38-year-old bodybuilder from Poland who owns a power that is considered as an alien strength. Florchot first started her career at the age of 16.

Although she did participate in many bodybuilding contests in Poland, but in 2000, it was her first time becoming a championship She is the very first person from Poland who could lift up 500kg when doing weightlifting.

Since 2002, she started training herself harder to enroll in a contest of finding the strongest woman in the world After a year, she quickly got that title in Zambia, and in 2004, she was officially dubbed as the strongest woman in Europe.

This Polish bodybuilder has become the championships 4 times in her career and is pridefully listed in the Guinness Book with her amazing achievements Besides those respectful accomplishments, Aneta even made a new world record when rolling up 6 frying pans in 1 minute using her bare hands Well, she totally deserves to be ranked at the 1st place in this video! The following list are those strongest women that I’ve ever known Do you find them incredibly strong?

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