8 Women That You Can’t Believe They Actually Exist

Your companion on the journey of world discovery Did the previous women from the introduction impress you? Do you know that they are the ladies that have such incredible appearance which make you cannot believe in your eyes?

And of course I really wanna share their stories for you guys in today. Probably, they will be one of your biggest inspirations ever Let’s watch this till the very end to figure out who they are Now, let’s come with 8 Women That You Can’t Believe They Actually Exist

8. Michelle Kish

Michelle Kish, a 20-year-old girl, from Illinois, America, is often mistaken as a kid as she suffers from a rare syndrome called Hallerman-Streiff when she was born This deadly syndrome makes her face heavily deformed and even affects her vision as well as her height.

Besides that, Michelle also faces many problems with her heart, stomach, and liver – which requires her to use a ventilator in order to breath.

This rare disease even results in her face deformation, forehead tumor, narrow airway and ear canal but luckily, it doesn’t damage her brain.

That’s why the hospital has always been her second home since she was born Although living a very tough and challenging life, but Michelle makes people around respect and admire because of her amazing optimism and cheerfulness.

She loves to spend her time playing piano, scrolling the internet, playing video games and having fun with her dog. She has a respectful ego, self-love and amazing confidence.

7. Jyoti Amge

Talking about tiny people, we often think about those cartoon characters on movies, however, there’s actually a tiny person existing in the world, and Jyoti Amge, born in 1993, from India, is a clear example for that She has been listed in the Guinness Book as the smallest woman in the world.

She is only 62.8cm tall and weighs around 5kg When she came into life, her weight landed at 400gram. Doctors predicted that she couldn’t survive for too long.

But miracle did exist, she has made it through and survived until this very moment. Although her health condition is not as great as other people, but, this girl still strives hard to live a positive life Instead of feeling ashamed of herself, Jyoti would love to share her story to people who suffer from the same condition with her, can feel that they are loved and respected in the same way as her. This tiny girl is a great model for us to look up and appreciate

6. Mariana Mendes

Miss Mariana Mendes – 24 years old, from Brazil. Her life is a series of misfortune when she was born with a big tumor on her face Feeing sorry for their daughter and afraid that she will be bullied at school, when Mendes was 5 years old, her parents took her to perform a laser surgery.

However, it didn’t work, the tumor still grows and enlarges day by day Although being heavily criticized by people around, some even said directly to her face that she is ugly, but that doesn’t make Mariana feels ashamed about her body Nonetheless, she even works as a model to inspire people who are lack of confidence in themselves, helping them get through the darkest time and shine bright like a diamond, just like her.

4. Sara Geurts

Miss Sara Geurts, a model who is currently living in America, who is well-known with her distinctive skin which is a result of the EDS syndrome that she suffered from at the age of 10.

This disease makes her skin becomes wrinkled, sagging. That’s why this 26-year-old girl looks not much different than a grandma However, despite how people keep judging about her look, she still decided to start off her career as a model and prove that there are no reasons why she should feel ashamed about herself Her story has inspired many people since numbers of them have given her many compliments and wished her a happy, healthy life in the future.

3. Mandy Harvey

Playing the musical instruments and sing along with them already sounds like a challenging task for many people, but there’s a girl in this world can do that even tho she is deaf Hm… that sounds very unrealistic right?

But Mandy Harvey is the one that I’m talking about. In the America’s Got Talent Show in 2017, Mandy appeared on the stage with her ukulele and her translator Right on the stage, she removed her shoes in order to directly feel the beats that were ringing from the floor, so that it could help her know what notes were she playing.

This 29-year-old girl received a huge applause from the audiences as well as the host by performing her own song called – Try, which is inspired from her own story, showing her great effort from overcoming the challenges arising in her life.

As a result, the uneasy-going host: Simon Cowell hsf to speak up: “ Mandy, I don’t think you need a translator for your performance” before pressing the golden button to let her join the semi-final round. That’s just so amazing, right guys?

2. Duckie Thot

Continue with this list is a 21-year-old girl from Nam Sudan – Australia, who has a skinny look with a skin color which looks exactly like a Barbie doll Thot was the top candidate o the Australia Next Top Model gameshow in 2013.

The reason that got her lots of attention from people is because of her special appearance: long silky hair, flawless skin, skinny body Many people said that she looks weird and there’s nothing special about her “hard and solid” body like a Barbie doll.

Some even said she’s foolish and useless. But that doesn’t stop her from working harder. She still decided to continue with her path and has now become a hot model who has more than thousand of followers ob Instagram. She is such a great model for us to look up

1. Alba Parejo

What do you think if you have lots of moles and birth-marks on your body? That must be so terrifying, right?

However, this girl, Alba Parejo, from Bercelona, Spain owns those unfortunate features on her body, but still strives hard to overcome those disadvantages and becomes a professional model Alba suffers from a rare disease that makes her body covered with numbers of moles and birth-marks.

Her family did take her to the hospital and performed the surgery but it couldn’t solve anything except leaving her with bigger scars.

Despite all the criticisms from her friends and relatives, she still decided to pursue the modeling path and has successfully made it become true At the age of 16, she appeared on the cover of a local magazine and even appeared on many other amazing photoshoots.

Her story is a great inspiration for many people, especially are those who have problems with their skin The following list are 8 people who have such an amazing thrive, I hope that their stories are the inspirations for many people.

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