10 Scary Animals Are Not Dangerous

Hello, all mystery analyzing experts! The animal world consists of many species of different shapes and sizes. Some species are so cute that we want to cuddle and pet.

However, there are also animals that look so scary that you can’t even imagine. Although they may seem a bit bizarre, it does not mean that they are dangerous for humans such as gentle big crocodiles or giant sea creatures with teeth that look like monsters.

Curious, right? Come on, let’s come to 10 animals that look dangerous but are actually harmless

10: Indian crocodiles

A crocodile with sharp teeth but is really gentle. That sounds very ridiculous but it is real, guys. Indian crocodile, also known as the long-snouted crocodile, has the scientific name of Gavialis gangeticus.

It is one of the longest living crocodiles. The average adult is 3.5-4.5 meters long. The biggest one is 6.25 meters long. Newly born is 37 cm long.

Juveniles reach 1m after 18 months. The average weight is 159 to 181 kg. They are a giant reptile that is seriously threatened when only living in some areas of India and Nepal.

Unlike the world’s most dangerous crocodile of Crocodylidae, which we’ve talked about in previous video, they are extremely gentle and harmless.

Or maybe this species has hideous teeth but they are so brittle that it cannot eat anything too big. In my opinion, it is good to know how much power you have!

9: The whale shark

The whale shark is a special member of the Elasmobranchii subclass. It is the largest shark and also the largest living shark in the world.

This species was first identified in 1828 off the coast of South Africa. Considered to live in the oceans, they gather seasonally in some coastal areas, such as the strip of rocks along East African coast.

The maximum proven length is 12.45 m, and the maximum weight is 21.5 tons. Some places record unofficial figures of 18 meters.

It has a wide mouth that can reach up to 1.5m and holds up to 300 small teeth. The small eyes lie just in front of the wide and flat head.

Their bodies are gray and turn white in the abdomen; with three distinct stripes running along each side and their skin.

Whale sharks are not great swimmers. Its average speed is only about 5 km/h. They feed on plankton, large algae, mollusks, and small squids and invertebrates.

The reason why they are said to be gentle is that no case of humans being attacked has been recorded in the world.

Divers can swim around to play with them freely without any problems. It is true that being big does not mean being harmful, doesn’t it? Just those are as small as the scorpions in the previous video that have poisonous venom.

8: Whip scorpions

Also known as vinegar scorpion, it looks like a scorpion in the Arachnida class. Whip scorpions are about 25–85mm long with most species having a body of no more than 30mm.

The largest species belongs to the genus Mastigoproctus, reaching 85 mm long. They have legs, bigger claws, and a “whip”.

Just like the related species, vinegaroons only use six legs to move, while the first two legs are served as sensory organs are like antennae.

At first glance, the scorpion has an “unable to love” appearance. However, they are considered gentle because they are harmless.

Vinegaroons don’t have venom glands, but they have glands near the back of their abdomen that can spray a mixture of acetic acid and caprylic acid smelling like vinegar but harmless.

Vinegaroons are carnivores. They are nocturnal hunters and feed mainly on insects, centipedes, scorpions, cockroaches, and crickets.

7: Giant African centipedes

Giant African centipedes can make you cry when seeing them. The giant African centipede is one of the largest centipedes in the world.

However, this 256-foot tropical animal only eats decomposed grass and organic substances. They never attack humans and are not poisonous.

However, when humans encountered them, they will be considered monsters or be killed because of their hideous appearance.

What’s more special is that they are one of the world’s most arthropod animals, which are terrifyingly scary.

But in fact, they are very friendly. Now, in some countries, they are also adopted as a domestic pet.

6: Naked mole-rats

Also known as hairless mole or desert mole, this has appeared in the list of animals with superpowers of never getting old in the previous video.

This is a hairless African mole, distributed in the Eastern part of Africa. Hairless moles are one of the ugliest animals on the planet.

The hairless African mole has a highly developed social life called Eusociality, which usually gathers in large colonies in burrows deep in the ground.

This lifestyle is like some insects such as bees, termites,… Their leader is a mole and only one female can reproduce.

They never age, nor are they dangerous to humans, But when encountering this strange animal, many people are frightened of their horrible appearance.

Therefore, it is said that being bad can be hated everywhere, even if it doesn’t hurt anyone; otherwise, being pretty like the snakes in the previous video can kill anyone.

5: The Aye Ayes

Aye Ayes live in rainforests and deciduous forests but are now only found in forests in the east of Madagascar.

They are quite small in size, weighing about 3kg, with a body length of only about 25 – 40cm. As they are regarded as the embodiment of the devil and believed to bring death, locals often catch and stab their eyes when seeing them.

It is known that this animal only eats fruits, seeds, insects, nectar, mushrooms and is completely harmless. This is the main reason why this is threatened with extinction.

4: Milk snakes

A gentle snake is indeed very illogical because seeing them will make the majority of us panic. But there is one very gentle snake.

Milk Snake is a non-venomous species. This snake originates from southeastern Canada to the continental US or Central America.

Because they are easy to take care of, they are often adopted in the family. Medium-sized creatures are 90cm – 130cm. Life expectancy is about 12 years.

The reason why species are gentle is they do not have venom. They have so many colors to scare enemies like poisonous snakes, but in reality, they are completely harmless.

Milk Snake is mistaken for a poisonous coral snake because its color is almost the same, except that it is yellow and red, while the milk snake is red and black.

So just remember, the red next to black is a friend, while the red next to yellow is a killer.

3: Manta rays

This is one of the largest rays on the planet. They are found on temperate, subtropical and tropical coasts. Looking at their massive bodies, they are hardly expected to be very gentle.

Many people after witnessing the sight of rays playing with divers all have to say out of surprise that they are friendly.

The ray has a flat body which seems meek and effeminate, almost like a triangle. There is a round muzzle with the eyes on top of head.

They can reach a body width of up to 7 meters, which is amazing. Manta rays are often mistaken for their cousins, stingrays but in reality, they are only extremely gentle and friendly.

If you ever meet them, you can check their personality. But be careful as you may mistake them for stingrays.

Stingrays don’t like to attack humans, but because of their instinct, they are ready to respond if threatened.

And now, let’s come to the most interesting part of the video, which is explaining the most controversial photo.

In the photo is a strange fish about 2 meters long, carried by a woman in the hand which looks very horrible.

In fact, it is a wolf fish caught by a Japanese fisherman in waters off Hokkaido. This is the fish that I’m about to introduce now. Let’s go back with…

2: The wolf fish

Wolves are incredibly scary, so what about wolf fish? At first glance, its shape is no different from species found in science fiction.

This species has a large size and scary shape. The wolffish is about 1.5m long. It has very fierce and sharp teeth, living in the range from the Scandinavian sea to Cape Cod in the North Atlantic, stretching into the Mediterranean Bay below the Mediterranean.

This fish makes “home” at the coastal cliffs at depths of below 500m. Its sharp teeth are suitable for a diet of molluscs, crabs and sea urchins.

Looking at this fish, no one says that they are not dangerous at all, but in fact, they do not attack humans. There are only a few cases due to threats in which they must defend.

1: Humpback anglerfish

They are found in hot tropical waters at a depth of up to 2,000 m. Wow! 2000 m, guys, What a terrible depth! The humpback anglerfish actually has a scary, lumpy appearance.

It is these external characteristics that make them have the second name of “ugly black devil”. Surprisingly, the maximum length of this species is only 12.7 cm.

Along the back of the fish, the scales densely glow to attract prey. When the prey comes close enough, they immediately grab and crush them with their powerful jaws.

Despite their hideous appearance, this deep-sea fish does not harm humans, so it is considered a gentle creature.

It is undeniable that they look disgusting, guys, but it is the mother of nature who bestows them. They have no other choice as long as it doesn’t hurt us.

Hopefully, the knowledge above can satisfy you.

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