10 Horrifying Facts About Snake

Hello all experts in analyzing strange things Snakes are cold-blooded reptiles having the same class as lizard, gecko but have teeth.

In addition, snakes have no ears and nose, but they’re very sensitive and can hear and sniff out from far away.

And yet, snakes also have fangs and venom, very dangerous biological weapons. However, there’re still many unknowns about this reptile.

Eating animals bigger than them or even themselves are two of the many special and strange instincts of snakes. Now let’s come to: 10 horrifying facts about snakes

No. 10

The greatest enemy of snake Not owning too large size, Hedgehog is still an obsession with snakes, even the poisonous.

They can eat poisonous snakes like candy without happening anything. Hedgehogs are slow but full spiny animals. This is the armor protecting them from poisonous snakes.

Their venom immunity is 35 – 45 times higher than that of Guinea pigs. They even have the abilities to withstand arsenic 25 times higher than humans.

Apart from hedgehogs, the honey badger is the greatest enemy of snakes. Considered to be the natural enemy of poisonous snakes, badgers not only possess the natural resistance but also don’t fear even when being dangerously attacked.

They don’t have the ability to jump flexibly but in return have the super thick skins. Even the lion or crocodile are also difficult to hurt them.

The bites of poisonous snakes almost cause brief pains and don’t leave much damage on the badger’s body.

Directly being attacked, the badger can’t help hurting and cowering, but not that makes them give up, they continue to revenge.

With many attacks that were ineffective, the snakes know they have no chance to win, then, they immediately turn and flee.

But the badgers don’t let them go, they find way to control and finish the enemy. Finally, the badgers fix the enemy’s head and kill it and eat the scary snake deliciously.

No. 9

The ability of eating the longer-sized fellow According to research, snakes are the popular cannibal in nature.

A group of scientists at the University of Toronto, Canada, conducted a long-term study and found that, when hungry, poisonous snakes can “swallow” even the longer ones than themselves.

First, it used venom to attack the prey, after the prey was defeated, it began to devour from the head, then, used the jaw to grab, the spine to squeeze and pull the prey inside.

When swallowing all, the snake began to vomit secretions to reduce stomach pressure and make digestion easier.

No. 8

Snake can fly far about 52 ft Paradise flying snake is a species of snake found in Asia. They can roll up half of their body in the tail and then suddenly straighten out and bounce to fly into the air like superman.

Wow! That’s barbaric! This is the snake that can fly or “throw away” up to 52 feet from tree to tree without having to crawl to the ground and climb up, because their tails can keep balance.

Rather, their flight state here is to slide or fall from the air. In order to fly, the snake must “flatten” the body then move in S-shaped state, which is equally translational.

The first is to “flatten” the rib system and create itself a disk-shaped move that can “throw” from up to down, moving from tree to tree.

No. 7

Why do cobras always spit out venom at human’s eyes? For so long, cobra is classified as dangerous species, because it has venom, especially can spit directly into the enemy’s eyes including humans when being attacked.

According to research, to do this, cobras use the muscle contraction to squeeze the venom glands to have enough pressure to spit out about 2m away.

Specially, they can direct the venom into the opponent’s eyes. Nerve poison can blind the eyes for a moment, which helps the snakes escape safely.

The venom spitted out isn’t in stream or ray shape, but in a special geometry which has great pressure aiming at the opponent’s eyes.

Therefore, when contacting cobras, people should be careful to avoid the unfortunate things that may happen.

No. 6

The snake has the same size as worm In 2008, scientists found the snake considered the smallest in the world, which can roll up on coins, or wrap the fingers like a ring.

They are about 10cm long, like noodles. The scientific name is Leptotyphlops carlae. The biologist at Penn State Univeristy, who discovered this snake, said this is the smallest snake ever found by humans.

They mainly eat ants, larvae and termites to survive. . They give births only 1-2 children at a time.

No. 5:

Snake can survive without eating for months According to the research by the University of Arkansas, USA, like pythons, snakes may still grow normally in length without eating, which is done by reducing their metabolism by up to 70%.

The result of the UOA study was published in the Sep 2012 issue of Zoology, which was based on a study of 62 different skin-colored rattlesnakes living in the western America.

This species has special biochemical changes that make it possible to survive without eating for months.

During the first stages of starvation, snakes burn up selected fat stores, then, the metabolic rate decreases to help them survive. And this is also the criterion for the snake to evolve.

No. 4:

Snake actually has lots of bones Known as reptiles moving flexibly, but not many think that snakes possess a great number of bones.

Let’s see 1,2,3,4,5 … I can’t count because their bones are too small. Depending on the type, the number of bones can be up to 400 or more.

However, the pieces of ribs are attached only by a joint. In the tail, the ribs are replaced by transverse muscles and split into halves.

Typically in rattlesnakes, 7-8 last vertebrae expand and merge into one. Perhaps, this special design of the species’ skeleton gives them the ability to move miraculously.

No. 3:

Snakes eat their own babies There is a saying: “A wolf won’t eat wolf” but snakes do it. So scary! In Feb 2009, a team of biological experts at Granade University, Spain found that rattlesnake could eat the snakes they bear if they‘re too weak to survive.

In the study, the mother snake ate about 10-12% of the eggs and the weak snakes unable to survive.

According to scientists, the reason for this situation is because rattlesnakes are out of energy after birth, they have to survive by eating the meat of the weak and eggs incapable of hatching.

These are also the mysteries related to the ability to survive that humans haven’t been able to explore all.

No. 2:

Venom is not snake’s secret weapon Refering to snakes, we often think about deadly snap with unbelievable speed, or the ability to knock out rivals with incredible venom.

And to become a true assassin, snakes also possess other unexpected weapons – that’s the forked tongue.

But why does the tongue “split” into two tines like that – you know it? On the surface of the tongue is covered with sticky mucus capable of recognizing odor molecules.

Each time flicking out, the tongue will collect small chemical molecules. When the tongue is pulled back to their mouth, they initiate a signal, transmit it to the brain and the brain analyzes what it has just “smelled”.

And the tongue with 2 tines will help the snakes better orient their direction. When crawling in damp and dark places, the tongue will be a great aid to help clean the nose.

Along with the tongue, the nose also shows the ability to analyze the scent of the environment, thereby helping the snake to decide whether to pursue or attack its prey.

The test also proved that if you cut off those 2 tines, snake will lose the ability to detect odors, even get lost, just wander on the ground.

No. 1

Suicide by eating themselves Many peopl e feel extremely dizzy by the image of snakes, the “cold-blooded assassins”, eat themselves. Disgusting crawling body, super big mouth, full of venom, if it visits anyone, they could only die – those seem to be common descriptions of snakes.

And it’s not wrong to say that snake is one of the dangerous animals existing in all places and the most fearful “cold-blooded assassin” on the planet.

But how do you feel when seeing the snake eating itself? OMG, what’s going on? Yes, you didn’t look wrong! Although having the venom that knocks people down in just a dozen seconds, they aren’t crazy to bite and eat themselves?

Maybe they “suicide”? Experts also supposed that eating themselves is also affected by the ability to orient the smell of snakes.

When hunting, the smell of prey accidentally clings to their tails, so when “tucking” into the tail, they feel like chewing their real prey.

Only when they realize what they are eating is not prey, they will release it themselves. This is so crazy! Along with the amount of toxins in each snake that individual will die or remain alive.

Still, this is thought to be one of the creepy habits of this animal – eating themselves. This is probably the biggest secret I’ve ever seen The facts above hope to make you understand more about scary snakes!

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