The Truth About Strange Children Who Have Abnormal Appearance

Hello profilers! Innocent, naive and beautiful babies are still a topic that we care about a lot, but not every kid is lucky from birth to be. Toddler left with “devil horns”, or a boy called the son of a devil, even there’s a child is considered an embodiment of the gods.

And what is the explanation behind their mysterious looks? The answer will be in today’s video The truth about kids who have abnormal appearance

8. Toddler left with “devil horns”

Clyne Solano, 20 months old, suffered from congenital hydranencephaly in the womb. It is this disease that prevents the baby’s brain from developing normally. In order to alleviate brain swelling, Clyne had undergone a major surgery. The surgery was somewhat successful.

However, surgical procedures caused the baby’s skull to deform in the missing brain tissue. Since then, Clyne’s growing skull has become remarkably concave, giving it the appearance of two horns on its head.

At that time, the boy needed to undergo another reconstructive surgery so that the skull could return to its normal shape but he was too weak to get a surgery. His mother said, “My son had surgery, which left a hole in the middle of his head.

To fix it, he needed another reconstructive surgery. But now, I don’t want Clyne to continue because I’m afraid my son is not strong enough to do that.” That’s why I am having a hard time making decisions. If we do nothing, his head will look like that for the rest of his life.

Although most babies with such serious brain conditions die within several months, Clyne is still fighting every day. Despite the rare disease, health workers in Pasig City, Philippines diagnose that the boy will have a life to look forward to in the future.

7. Baby born with streak of white hair

MilliAnna, a 18-month-old lovely baby girl, born with striking white streak in her hair. MilliAnna is the fourth child in the family to have a white streak on the forehead. Her grandmother, mother and great grandmother all had the same situation. Not only has the white hair streak, the baby’s forehead has a special white birthmark.

Most people seeing her on the streets come to ask about her strange streak and birthmark. It is known that white hair is caused by a syndrome called poliosis, a chromosomal condition caused by a lack of pigmentation in the hair and skin. In medicine, the birthmark is also known as Angle Bite. Birthmarks appear quite strange.

So far, science has not fully understood about the cause. Researchers have collected countless types of infant skin marks from many parts of the world. These birthmarks and hair color don’t affect the babies’ health. The medical community thinks that it is a natural birth and is not harmful.

6. Baby born without limbs

5-year-old Camden, an American born without arms and legs, faced many difficulties in daily life. The baby’s mother, Katie Whiddon, said that when she had an ultrasound at 18th weeks, the doctor diagnosed Camden with phocomelia – a birth defect that prevented the fetus’ hands and feet from developing normally.

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However, she still decided to give birth to the baby, which broke the relationship between Katie and her boyfriend: She said, ‘When I learned that my baby would be born without arms and legs, I was almost bewildered about what to do next.

I was only 19, not confident that I would become a good mother. But the day he was born, I knew that I made the right choice, not a bit regretful.” Despite her anxiety and scare, this young mother still believes that her children will overcome challenges and do well in his life.

‘When Camden was 2 months old and lying on the bed, I saw him slamming his hands on a toy, I cried and believed that he could do anything later.’ Camden was taught basic skills by her mother such as bathing, eating and drinking … The image of a baby without arms and legs and trying to use a face cloth to wipe his face might make people shed to tears Because touching.

After watching this image, many netizens pray and wish Katie Whiddon’s family happy. Until the age of 4, little Camden could take his first steps, making his mother extremely happy. Currently, Camden is living in Denton, Texas with his mother and children.

Katie also regularly updates her children’s photos on her Instagram account. It can be seen that despite the shortage of limbs, little Camden is having a happy life alongside his mother and sibling.

5. Boy had giant ‘turtle shell’

6-year-old Didier Montalvo was diagnosed with a rare disease called Congenital Melanocytic Nevus – a type of cancer. This is a disease that can easily become malignant. The boy was infected with a congenital dark pigment that caused the birthmark on his back, which as big as a tortoise shell and weighs 4.9kg.

Not only that, it also causes painful itching and greatly affects his confidence. When he was born, doctors thought the boy could not live. But under the care and love of his parents, he was able to survive again, and the ‘turtle shell’ on his back also became bigger and bigger. Without money for surgery, Didier had to live in shame and humiliation for years.

His parents are the only one taking care of Didier. The boy was treated as a bad omen by the villagers, so they did not allow him to go to school and baptize, nor did any children dare to play with him.

Luckily, after hearing about the boy’s ‘turtle shell’, Mr. Bulstrode – a famous plastic surgeon who personally flew to Colombia and picked him up for treatment. He wishes that he and his associates will bring a meaningful life to the boy. And like a miracle, the surgery successfully removed the eight-year-old tortoise shell on the boy’s back.

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Dr. Bulstrode also applied another skin to the boy’s back to cover it. He said he was thrilled and happy to see the photos of Didier’s recovery.

4. Incarnation of god

9-year-old Deepak Paswan was born in one of India’s poorest regions. When he was born, this boy freaked everyone out with his eight limbs. According to the doctors, these extra men should be a twin brother to Deepak Paswan.

However, because of somewhat factor during the pregnancy, their bodies couldn’t remain intact. Doctors call Deepak’s case a parasitic twin. These are the cases in which two fetuses develop in the womb, but then do not separate from each other and only one of them is fully developed and carries all the limbs of the other.

Because of his birth in one of the poorest regions of India, where the villagers are so outdated. Thus, from an early age, with his bizarre appearance, local Hindus had always called him with a god’s name.

It is known that Hindus in the areas around the state of Bihar in northern India where Paswan lives, often visit the boy and see him as the incarnation of the god Vishnu, who has more than 4 limbs.

Therefore, from the time he was born until he reached 7, although his parents explained a lot to everyone about him, this boy’s house has to receive a lot of strangers from many countries every day, who come here to perform religious rituals.

7 years old but Deepak Paswan hasn’t gone to school yet because he was made fun of by his peers, “There are even children listened to their parents and threw stones at Deepak to ward off the devil.

During the first days of school, I saw many parts of his bodies got injured because of that so we decided to leave Deepak at home. Recently, thanks to the donation from the health organization, the excess on his body has been removed and his life returned normal as other kids. That’s great, right?

3. Evan

It is known that Evan has congenital Harleqquin Ichthyosis, a genetic disorder all over the body. The strange disease caused Evan to fight to get his life back. The way Evan was born is different from other babies.

With such thick skin, he couldn’t open his eyes for the first week. As usual, babies born with this disease couldn’t survive. However, Evan’s parents didn’t lose their hope. They named the baby Evan, with the meaning of ‘young warrior’.

To avoid infection, Evan was made to shower twice a day to scrub away dead skin. Her mother said, “We have to take care of Evan’s skin carefully. If he doesn’t take a shower twice a day, his skin will thicken very quickly and be difficult to clean” Whenever she bathes Evan, De De often has to use her hands to remove all the dead skin cells on his skin.

After that, she will use a soft cloth or towel to scrub one more time, then apply a layer of moisturizer to moisturize and prevent the skin from becoming too dry” Because the skin is dry quickly, Evan is often at risk of dehydration, seizures and heat stroke.

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The little Evan also had difficulty in moving. Thanks to the support equipment, Evan can walk normally. Despite the inconvenience and pain caused by the disease, Evan rarely complains. He’s still a playful, hyperactive boy, who receives love from his classmates.

2. Boy with largest mouth in the world

Isaac Johnson, in Bloomington, Minnesota, recently won the world record title for the largest mouth with a diameter of 9.67 cm. Isaac said he always found his mouth quite big. Recently, he has realized it exceeded all standards. His wide mouth is listed on Guinness World Records.

Isaac’s brother also has a wide mouth, but he only ranks fourth in the list of the world’s largest mouths in 2016. The top of the year belongs to Schmidt, with the mouth wide open to a diameter of 8.8 cm.

At that time, Isaac’s mouth was 3cm smaller than Schmidt and over time the boy’s mouth grew. The video shot at Isaac’s home shows the boy taking on a challenge with a tangerine, an apple and an orange just to prove how wide his mouth is. The 14-year-old easily opened his mouth to fit the biggest orange.

Besides, Isaac’s friends also love to hang out with him and constantly ask Isaac to perform the scene. After the video was shared, many internet users left comments expressing how surprising they are. Some people believe that the boy is like real Titan – the giant gods in Greek myth

1. Real-life Vampires

George Cullen, 11 years old and Simon Cullen, 13 years old suffer from a rare disease, which causes them to have vampire-like features, as known as, HED. It is a rare mutation disease and only about 7,000 people worldwide have it.

These two boys have incomplete but very pointed teeth, very similar to vampires, in addition, the two boys do not sweat and reduce the times going out. It is known that Mrs. Mandy and her husband discovered that their son, Simon, had a strange phenomenon a few hours right after he was born.

Simon’s body temperature dropped suddenly and the nurses had to keep him warm. Then on the arm and near the baby’s eyes appear burns like sunburn. When Simon was 4 months old, he almost died.

At that time, Simon’s body temperature increased because he couldn’t sweat and he had to go to the hospital for emergency treatment. When Simon was 6 months old, the boy’s teeth didn’t show up and at that time the doctors thought that Simon had Hypohidritic Ectodermal Dysplasia.

Before the birth of the second child, George, the doctors warned that he might suffer from this syndrome and it was true in the end. Now, George and Simon have to stay indoors very often. If going outside, the two boys must use sunscreen, wear a hat and sunglasses. Guys, these babies are all great. Wish them have a better life in the future.

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