The Meaning of the Car Logo 33 Car Brands

1. Audi

Audi Logo Meaning: Audi cars with a four-ring logo representing the four merged companies. The company has manufacturers of bicycles, motorcycles and small passenger cars. Since the company was originally a merger of four companies, each ring is a symbol of one of the companies.

2. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Logo Meaning: The pointed star applied to the Daimler company, registered in June 1909, is a symbol of landing on water and air machines. The 1916 Mercedes Benz “Mercedes” word was drawn around a circle with four small stars. “Mercedes” means happiness and Daimler production of car owners that will bring happiness.

3. Volkswagen

Volkswagen Logo Meaning: Volkswagen Motor Company Volks Wagenwerk from Germany (for public use vehicles). The first letter is denoted as VW. When you send a signal of 3 and so on with your middle and index fingers to make a “V”, the listed company and its products are a win-win-win.

4. Toyota

Toyota Logo Meaning: Toyota’s three oval logo is from the early 1990s. On behalf of the Earth, the large oval logo replaces Toyota, combining two ellipses in a vertical combination into the T-word. 

It is a symbol of Toyota and is based on confidence in the future and ambitions, but the symbol of Toyota is a symbol of the customer, the guarantee of the customer, the heart of the user, and the heart of the automaker is connected Yu said Toyota’s outstanding technology and innovative potential showed confidence in each other.

5. Ford

Ford Logo Meaning: English Ford “Blue White. Founder Henry Ford puts it into a drawing where Ford English draws a pattern of little white rabbits, like little animals.

6. BMW

BMW Logo Meaning: BMW logo middle is the origin of BMW, which has been in place for a long time, replacing the blue sky, white clouds and the rotation of the propeller.

Yu said a long history of BMW origins, a symbol of the company’s leading position in the aero-engine technology, but also a symbol of the company has always The aims and objectives: in the vast space, with advanced technical skills, the latest concept to meet customer wishes, reflecting the vigorous momentum and the new face of the ever-changing.

7. Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce Logo Meaning: Rolls Royce Rolls Luaro, Lewis Automotive Logo Two overlapping “R”s, your symbol, reflect a harmonious relationship to you.

lawo Laois logo In addition to the double R, there is a famous swing trail. The flag, an idea taken from the hallways of the Louvre in Paris, has been regarded as a statue of a goddess for two millennia, a majestic and noble figure of the artist who creates a source of passion. 

When automotive art expert Charles Sykes is invited to the Rolls-Lo Lewis Motor Company’s design mark, the goddess engraved in his mind instantly inspires him. So the weapon spread to the goddess of the body as a veil floating in the air.

8. Ferrari

Ferrari Logo Meaning: The Ferrari logo is a leap forward. During World War I, Italy had a very good pilot performance. His aircraft will bring good luck to Yamaha. Defeating the pilot’s parents and in their first Ferrari race – a pair of Earl’s offer: a Ferrari should also be in a car printed on these horses and have good luck at Yamaha. The pilot died, and the horse became black. Modena canary logo background color.

9. Peugeot

Peugeot Logo Meaning: Peugeot Motor Company, the predecessor of the Peugeot family, the Pierre brothers, opened a small workshop in the early 19th century for seesaws, springs, and other iron tools. 

These iron products, the trademark is a powerful lion; It reflects three main benefits: the uge Zeo has a lion-like, wear-resistant serrated teeth hardening, and a lion-like performance that doesn’t look like a lion’s flexible backbone. To show that 1890 Peugeot cars are of high quality, the company still decided to follow the “lion” trademark.

10. Aston Martin

Aston Martin Logo Meaning: Aston Martin car flags are notes with the English words Paris, Alston and Martin respectively from Mirth. Yu said companies like Mirs Heaven running speed and lofty aspirations.

11. Bentley

Bentley Logo Meaning: Walter Owen Bentley produced the first four-cylinder racing car with a badge in 1919, above is a pair of falcon wings surrounded by Bentley at the beginning of the letter “B”. 

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The four-cylinder car is no longer in production, and the “B” word badge is still a Bentley emblem. The first letter “B”, the body giving rise to a pair of soaring eagle-like wings, is the Bentley car logo on which the company’s name is based, and that logo is still in use.

12. Lincoln

Lincoln Logo Meaning: Lincoln cars are owned by the Ford Motor Company brand. Mounted on the central front, surrounded by a cross-shaped elongated shape, it symbolizes dignity and solemnity. 

The Lincoln Motor Company was founded in 1907 as Henry Leland and was acquired by the Ford Motor Company in 1922. Initial production of aircraft engines for industry. Lincoln is a brand named after the president, designed for the production of luxury automobiles for the President and Senate. 

Since the Lincoln Car was the White House car chosen by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt as the Presidential Limousine in 1939, it offers exceptional performance, elegant styling, and unparalleled comfort.

13. Jaguar

Jaguar Logo Meaning: The origins of the Jaguar name date back to 1937. June SS Motor Company has officially acquired the automaker of Sunbeam (Wolverhampton). Since Sunbeam competed and won many races and could be described as a “Victory” symbol, Sir Lions had many hopes that the car could be called a Sunbeam. 

Unfortunately, there were several problems within the company. In the end, they were forced to abandon the use of Sunbeam’s name as a company. Jaguar, Sir Lyons’ surname, was chosen for its clean pronunciation, which was named in various languages ​​following World War I over which the machines flew. Also known as jaguar, jaguar is also known as jaguar in Hong Kong, which is why it was translated into English jaguar. 

The name identified by the car is Jaguar across the street, designed with a clear, strong and concise image, a dynamic image, and contains a rhythm of strength and courage.

14. Chevrolet

Chevrolet Logo Meaning: The Chevrolet brand states that Chevrolet is branding Swiss racing driver and engineer Luis Chevrolet.

15. Lexus

Lexus Logo Meaning: The Lexus symbol in English picks up the first letter of the car, that is, the first letter “L” of LEXUS.

16. Lamborghini

Lamborghini Logo Meaning: The Lamborghini company logo is a body full of power, preparing a fierce attack on its opponents. Since the car of this company is a powerful high-speed sports car, it is said that it is obstinate Lamborghini product that it can no longer surpass the characteristics of Lamborghini products. The front and back labels don’t need the company’s name, just the stubborn bull.

17. Cadillac

Cadillac Logo Meaning: The French explorer Anthony Simmons chose “Cadillac” as the name of the royal nobility. The founders of the Cadillac City of Detroit, USA, dedicated their trademark graphic crown and shield composition. The crown symbolizes the seven pearls in the crown metaphor for the Cadillac family coat of arms, royal blue blood. The shield symbolizes Cadillac’s heroic army. 

The shield is divided into 4 equal parts. The first and fourth deciles are full at the ends of the Clemens family coat of arms, with one black-brown stick in the middle, allowing three of the same Blackbirds to separate the two. The three birds signify the sacred shamisen, and also signify the wisdom of a Christian warrior, a rich and intelligent heart, and the boldness and passion of a perfect character. 

The second and third deciles were due to internal marriages, and when another territory was added to the Clemens family estate, four equal to Clemens’ coat of arms were adopted. Brave and daring since the beginning of the colors of the vast lands that have chilled the fame of the Clemens family.

Silverwork shows unity, love, virtue, and rich red. Across the rod represents the brave knights in the Crusades. Cadillac trademark of courage and honor to the ancestors of the city of Detroit.

18. Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Logo Meaning: The Alfa Romeo logo dates back to the early 1930s.The logo is the emblem of the Duke family of the city of Milan Weisikangtai, owner of medieval Milan, a cross-section of the Crusades divisions of Milan. expedition; right part of the badge of the Duke of Milan; The snake swallows Sarah in a quick pattern, said to be one of them.

According to mythology, symbolizes that the Weisikangtai ancestors repelled the suffering of the people’s “dragon”. In a nutshell, the old badge that accompanied the Alfa Romeo sports car is known to be one of the well-known trademarks.

19. Volvo

Volvo Logo Meaning: “Volvo” (Volvo). Also translated as “rich”. A logo consists of two parts: an icon and a wordmark. The Volvo Graphics logo consists of a double ring wheel shape, with an arrow pointing to the upper right. The middle of the Latin word “Volvo” means roll-forward, and it means that the wheels of a Volvo car roll forward, promising.

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20. Mazda

Mazda Logo Meaning: Mazda Motor Corporation is previously known as a Japanese industrial production vehicle named after the company founder “Matsuda”. Mazda Pinyin Because Mazda is what people used to call Mazda.

Mazda was initially holding the sun and holding hands in oval hands, which means Mazda will have it tomorrow, and Mazda has traveled the world.

Using the Mazda with Ford after using the new logo will allow seagulls to fly in an oval shape, forming the word “M”. The “M” is the MA.A number 1 capital letter, indicating that the company will fly into a new century of limitless creativity and genuine service.

21. Pontiac

Pontiac Logo Meaning: The Pontiac logo consists of two parts: text and graphic. The letter “PONTIAC”, taken from the name of a place in the state of Michigan, USA: the arrow of a graphic car marked with a cross. 

Pontiac is an important member of General Motors Corporation, which is also the symbol of Pontiac automobiles. Arrows stand ahead of Pontiac’s skill and research spirit. It indicates that the Pontiac car has traveled the world.

22. Lotus

Lotus logo meaning: In addition to “LOTUS” (LOTUS), the Lotus car filled with an oval on a layered floor with the shape of an abstract lotus above is the four-letter alphabet of Lotus, the four founders of Chapman’s name (ACB CHAPMAN) “C is the largest in ACB” position was created.

Lotus is a British Chapman company founded in 1951 that mainly produces small sports cars that have changed hands several times in fierce competition, which was owned by DRB-HICOM in 1996 through the owners of the bankrupt Aroti.

23. Renault

Renault Logo Meaning: In 1898, Renault, Louis Renault, three brothers of France, built before both Ancients. It is one of the oldest automobile companies in the world. Renault sedans, official vehicles, and sports cars.

The Renault logo creates a four-diamond pattern that symbolizes the three Reynolds brothers in harmony with the automotive industry, calling it “Renault” to compete in “innumerable spaces (4D), survival and development”.

24. Buick

Buick Logo Meaning: Gun graphic trademark “sword” pattern Buick trademark shape mounted on the vehicle radiator grille. Three different colored swords (three colors of red, white and blue respectively) take precedence in different height positions, give a positive feel, and continue climbing the Buick, which is a top-notch technology.

The Buick Khan in English is named after the company’s founder, David Buick. The full trademark is Eagle’s Wings, which is about to fall on a Buick with the letters of the alphabet. This symbolizes the ideal residence of the Buick Eagle. It becomes an old adage: “The family with the airplane tree to stimulate the Golden Phoenix.”

25. Porsche

Porsche Logo Meaning: Porsche cars in English with the surname of the German Porsche founder, Ferdinand Porsche. The graphic logo company is located in the coat of arms of the city of Stuttgart.

Trademark “PORSCHE” trademark rights owned by Porsche Design Company; Trademark STUTTCART “words at the top of the horse, the company is headquartered in Stuttgart, the mid-term equine trademark says Stuttgart, a place rich in a worthy race of horses, in the upper left corner of the horn’s trademark pattern Lower right.

Stuttgart is a great place to hunt, the trademarks to the upper right and lower left of the yellow stripe represent mature wheat color, a metaphor for the branding black instead of fertile lands, and the trademark red is for people.

It is a symbol: wisdom and love are of great deep meaning, forming a delicate and beautiful idyllic landscape, showing the insurance McNair, which was good in the past, and heralding a bright future for Porsche.

26. Opel

Opel Logo Meaning: Those who frequent TV sports channel spectators will see the “emblem, the circle lightning,” which is the identity of Opel in Germany, where large international sporting events are circled with lightning. This makes Opel’s strength and speed unmatched. Opel is always lively and energetic.

The German Opel company is a subsidiary of General Motors (GM) and is the GM window in Europe. It has been around 100 years since it was founded by Adam Opel. 

The Opel company’s sponsorship of the Football World Cup, European Championships, Davis Cup, League Cup tennis tournaments and other major world sporting competitions has given the Opel company a high reputation in sports and a good profit. 

Currently, Opel has more than 100 markets in 20 countries worldwide. Opel Motors has been the number one brand in Western Europe for the fifth consecutive year, accounting for 12% of the Western European automobile market share.

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27. Fiat

Fiat Logo Meaning: The Italian Fiat Company was founded in July 1899 and has a history of over 100 years. Fiat is now Italy’s most important automobile manufacturing center and the largest group of private companies. 

After the early establishment of the group’s only production vehicle, it quickly diversified its products in the fields of commercial vehicles, ships, aircraft, trains, farm tractors and construction machinery.

Turin Fiat (FIAT) Italian Automobile Factory (Fabbrica Itliana Auto-the dotmobi Ledi Torino) Translation The abbreviation “fiat” comes from the words “law”, “license” and “approval”. 

The company’s logo was used on “FIAT” and improved in different shapes and colors. 1921, Scarlet Letter White Circle Logo; 1931 Font Vertical Pulling Workers Trademark; In 1959, the company turned the corner with more launches of new cars and logos. 

1965 Guizhi official emblem with a round logo in red and white; The new logo on each of the four boxes on the letter, in 1968 the establishment of the merged corporation; A 1991 factory, Fiat 600 switch in the front of a straight bar secured with 5 cables, the back is still a box of 4 boxes.

28. Rover

Rover Logo Meaning: The Rover is the world’s most famous homeless mascot, the Vikings play pun. The word “Rover” is in English meaning Rangers, Mariner.

From 1902, this flag will be placed in the middle position of the car. In the 1920s of the 20th century, the image of the viking helmet and the triangular badge are attracting younger generations like the Rover car.

Later, standing on the Rover slowly signs the Vikings on his head, but he still wears a helmet. The correct and coherent logic is to have the bow of the National People’s Assembly be fired from within the Virgin Statue.

In 1929, the first Viking ships with lines and sails appeared on the radiator as an auspicious symbol of what flowed through the centuries-old rover.

29. Hyundai

Hyundai Logo Meaning: In 1947, Ju-Young Chung founded Hyundai Motors over 50 years of history, becoming Korea’s largest automobile manufacturer and joining the ranks of world-renowned automakers. 

The trademark is used in oval italics. H is the capital letter of the Hyundai Motor Company English name HYUNDAI. After reflecting on the concept of a modern car with the goal of taking off in 2000, Hyundai Motors can see the oval that symbolizes the car’s steering wheel as a symbol of harmony and stability.

30. Skoda

Skoda Logo Meaning: The giant ring of Skoda, a worldwide symbol of perfect product; the bird wing symbolizes technological progress in global product marketing; the right movement of the arrow is a symbol of tradition.

Skoda Felizia’s brand trademark is now producing grilled vegetables on the underside of the leaves, Seungri said. Besides, Skoda is also a legendary figure. It is said that an American plant manager went to an Indian servant. This person is said to be very diligent. Now as a symbol of Sri Lanka, this mark is also very beautiful.

31. Chrysler

Chrysler Logo Meaning: Chrysler is named after founder Walter Chrysler Motor Company. As a graphic symbol of a five-point star, like a medal, it contains the noble ideals and aspirations of the Chrysler family and employees, and is a sports star who always pursues victory through infinite effort. 

This five-star, divided into five parts each on five continents around the world, including Chrysler Motors and Chrysler Motors, consists of Chrysler Motors.

32. Suzuki

Suzuki Logo Meaning: The Suzuki logo is the first capital letter of the first SUZAI logo SU.I, and it gives a feeling of infinite power, a symbol of Suzuki Motor’s infinite development.

Named after the Suzuki Room Manufacturing Company in Shizuoka Prefecture, Suzuki Room was renamed Suzuki Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. in 1954.

The company mainly produces mini cars, light trucks and motorcycles. The company has been selling compact cars in Japan since 1979, and the Suzuki Sports Soft/ATI took first place in the Asia Pacific Rally Championship. 

In 1983, the company and Chongqing Changgan Motors said that they had already occupied an important position among domestic light car manufacturers.

33. Citroën

Citroën Logo Meaning: The Citroën logo was coined in 1900 by André Citroen, inventor of herringbone gears. In 1912, AndreCitroen started using shaped gears as a trademark for Citroen products. 

Later, Citroen planned two trips across the continent, and across the Asian continent, the Citroen car became famous. The life of a French person, the cheerful and loving fashion, and the Citroën car in the French performance of this figure who is beautiful and beautiful like a novel always radiates French romance.

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