7 Times The Failure Of Snakes

In the world, there are many kinds of snakes including both harmless ones and poisonous ones. when being attacked, the victims are dead immediately.

And these poisonous snakes are always considered as assassins which kill many creatures in the world.

as you know, snakes are considered as dangerous and creepy killers. They killed many kinds of creatures in the world. However, snakes don’t always prevail.

There were many situations that snakes were fought back by the preys, even they are made mincemeat of.

Besides, they also have the big enemies that make them extremely scare of. They have to hide whenever encountering them let’s explore the most depressing failures of the snake with

No. 1

The lizard bites the head of the enemies. The lizard is always the favorite food of the snake. And we assumed that the life of the lizard is over if it encounters the poisonous snake.

But it’s not the same in this situation, a snake is attacked painfully by its own pray. Its head is bitten mournfully instead of gulping the pray.

It is difficult for the snakes to escape in this case. Supposing that the snake can escape, swallowing the lizard is still a hard work because of such a serious wound. So the snake has to pay a high price for this time of hunting.

No. 2

The mouse attacks the snake frenziedly. Looking at the size and the dangerousness, the mice seem to be nothing compared to the snakes Normally, the snakes always regard the mice as their favorite pray.

However, as a role of a mother, the mouse’s mother takes risk and attacks the snake frenziedly to protect its children. We can see that this is the most powerful feature of animals.

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And a similar situation is when the snake is bitten to a pulp by the mouse. Regretfully, the snake has looked down on its enemy. Well, such rodents are not as gentle as they look.

No. 3

The squirrel defeats the snake, which is the revenge for rodents. A mouse snake has encountered an extremely annoying opponent.

It’s a squirrel. They are also rodents, but they differ from mice as they are extremely agile and scary.

This time, the loser is the snake after attacking the squirrel but all missed because it was too fast. The snake knows that it is not a rival of the squirrel and then run away quickly.

But the squirrel clings very uncomfortably and attacks continuously. In the end, it killed the rat snake. It’s such an unbelievable end. On the other hand, this is a revenge for its rodent relatives

No. 4

A bad result for water snake hunting frogs. A water snake was wandering in search of prey. he smelled the frog, one of his favorite dishes.

Unfortunately, In this time, its prey is a goblin frog, a frog with the largest size in the world with a length of 23cm.

It is known that the goblin frog is an ambush predator. They often hide in soil, lie motionless and attack when prey appears.

These voracious ones are willing to attack oversized prey and water snakes are no exception. When the snake attempted to attack, the frog opened its mouth widely to counter it.

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This snake escaped death but everytime they were not so lucky. A shudder escape. I am sure that this snake will never forget this moment until it’s dead.

However, there are also cases when snakes do not escape the frogs, they are devoured devastatingly, not as lucky as the frog above.

it takes only 2 minutes for the frog to eat the snake. he even used his hands to put the snake into his mouth.

Then he just sat breathing heavily as if he had just come back from exercise. If you look closely, you can see snakes wiggling inside frog’s bellies.

No. 5:

Mantis and snake fight. The painful failure belongs to the loser, snake. mantis is considered as a boxer in the insect world.

They have extremely strong forelegs, such as dual swords in front of the chest. This is the most powerful weapon of the mantis, which makes every enemy terrified.

Snake either, it is dangerous reptile. Their weapons are poison and strong strikes that can kill their prey in a second. While hunting, snakes dont know that he had become the prey of a mantis.

With camouflage talent and two front extremely dangerous legs, the snake became the pray of this mantis.

The mantis immediately ate the grass snake although the grass snake tried to find a way out. The front legs of mantis are tightly clamped and it doesnt let the mantis survive.

Mantis is the winner and death is inevitable for grass snakes. Therefore, mantis doesn’t look so small as its appearance.

You know, snakes are dangerous, but they also have their own enemies. it will be hard to overcome opponents who attack in herds or poison-resistant enemies. Let’s take a look at a few more cases in the series of miserable failure of the snakes.

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Case. 1:

The cobra hiding from the enemy was torn mercilessly. A poisonous cobra has fallen into a very dangerous situation when being discovered by mangut.

The most dangerous enemies of snakes in general and cobras in particular. No matter how well the snake hides, with its quick sense of smell, it’s easy for the mangut to figure out where the prey is.

The cobra is forced to leave its hiding place and decide to fight with the enemy. Despite the advantage of the ability to spray poison, the snake was quickly defeated because the enemy is too crowded. it became a dish and torn mercilessly.

Cats are lovely animals close to humans. However, cats and snakes are a different story. Both are not prey to each other, but whenever they meet, they go on fighting as if there is a long-standing fued.

Cats often use their paws to attack. After being attacked by paws, the snake decided to counter. The cat starts in surprise and continues to attack the snake and then carefully leaps back whenever the enemy counter.

The war between reptiles and mammals was getting more and more intense. snakes kept attacking and cats are quick to play around enemies.

The fight between cat and snake usually takes 7-10 minutes. And the victory belongs to the cat after playing around the snake. The cat used a fatal blow to hit the head which made the snake die powerlessly.

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