Top 10 Richest YouTubers in the World

In this article, We Share the Top 10 Richest YouTubers in the World. Don’t Waste time Let’s Start!!!!

Top 10 Richest YouTubers in the World

1. PewDiePie


Felix Avid Ulf Kjellberg is one of the richest YouTubers in the world. PewDiePie is a very popular youtuber from swedan. He is known as PewDiePie He is famous due to his comedian videos on YouTubers. He has a very large collection of funny and comedian videos on youtube.

PewDiePie Born

  • 24 October 1989

PewDiePie Age

  • 30 years

PewDiePie Country

  • Gothenburg, Sweden

PewDiePie Height

  • 1.81 m

PewDiePie Full name

  • Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg

PewDiePie Spouse

  • Marzia Kjellberg (m. 2019)

2. Roman Atwood

Roman Bernard Atwood is one of the richest Youtubers in the World. He was born in Millersport Ohio. He starts making videos at a young age. He became a famous video maker when he was in 10 class. He is famous for making pranks and funny videos on youtube.

Roman Atwood Born

  • 28 May 1983

Roman Atwood Age

  • 36 years

Roman Atwood Country

  • Millersport, Ohio, United States

Roman Atwood Height

  • 1.73 m

Roman Atwood Spouse

  • Brittney Atwood (m. 2018),
  • Shanna Riley (m. 2001–2008)

3. Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh is one of the richest youtubers in the world. She is a very popular Youtuber. She is also a host in a chat show. The additional thing is that Lilly Singh is also an actress or a famous writer. She is born in Ontario, London. She starts her youtube videos in 2010.

Lilly Singh Born

  • 26 September 1988

Lilly Singh Age

  • 31 years

Lilly Singh Country

  • Scarborough, Canada

Lilly Singh Height 

  • 1.65 m

Lilly Singh Full name

  • Lilly Saini Singh

Lilly Singh Books

  • How to Be a Bawse
  • A Guide to Conquering Life

Lilly Singh Parents

  • Balwinder Singh
  • Sukhwinder Singh

4. Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley

Mathew Tyler Oakley may be a famous American YouTuber, actor, activist, and also an author. Mathew is one of the richest YouTubers in the world. Its most activism has been dedicated to LGBTQ+ youth, LGBT rights, also as social issues including health care, education, and therefore the prevention of suicide among LGBT youth.

Tyler Oakley Born

  • 22 March 1989

Tyler Oakley Age

  • 30 years

Tyler Oakley Country

  • Jackson, Michigan, United States

Tyler Oakley Height

  • 1.65 m

Tyler Oakley Books

  • Binge

5. Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna Pansino is a famous American YouTuber, baker, actress, singer, and also author. She is the richest youtubers in the world. In 2010, she started the cooking series referred to as Nerdy Nummies, which become the foremost popular baking show on YouTube. She won one Streamy Award.

Rosanna Pansino Born

  • 8 June 1985

Rosanna Pansino Age

  • 34 years

Rosanna Pansino Country

  • Seattle, Washington, United States

Rosanna Pansino Height

  • 1.47 m

Rosanna Pansino Full name

  • Rosanna Reardon

6. Fine Brothers

Excellent Brothers Entertainment is an American media firm, which is predicated by brothers Benny Effective and Rafi Effective, which are the creators and media entrepreneurs. FBE make React video collections, their several timed-spoiler series, narrative internet sequence, and created a “trans-media” sitcom on YouTube, MyMusic.

Fine Brothers Genre

  • Entertainment

Fine Brothers Subsidiary

  • Officially Pinned Inc

Fine Brothers Founders

  • Benny Fine
  • Rafi Fine

7. Markiplier

Markiplier Richest YouTubers in the World

Mark Edward Fischbach, on social media he’s referred to as Markiplier. He’s an American YouTuber gamer, actor, and comedian. Mark Edward start his career in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is based in a California.

Markiplier Born

  • June 28, 1989

Markiplier Age

  • 30 years

Markiplier Country

  • United States

Markiplier Height

  • 1.79 m

Markiplier Residence

  • Los Angeles, California, U.S

8. Zoella

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg is additionally referred to as a Zoella. She is a very famous English YouTuber, a popular vlogger, businesswoman and also an author. She is understood because the wealthiest and hottest Youtuber within the world.

Zoella Born

  • March 28, 1990

Zoella Age

  • 29 years

Zoella Country

  • Lacock, United Kingdom

Zoella Height

  • 1.63 m

Zoella Partner

  • Alfie Deyes (2014)

9. Jenna Marbles

Jenna Nicole Mourey is very popular American YouTuber, vlogger, comedian, and also a very famous actress. She is usually known by the name of Jenna Marbles on social media networks. She is understood because of the wealthiest and really attractive Youtuber within the world.

Jenna Marbles Born

  • September 15, 1986

Jenna Marbles Age

  • 33 years

Jenna Marbles Country

  • New York, United States

Jenna Marbles Residence

  • Los Angeles, California, U.S

Partner Jenna Marbles

  • Julien Solomita (2013)

10. Niga Higa

Niga Higa

Ryan Higa is usually referred to as nigahiga. He was a really rich Youtuber from American. Ryan Higa is additionally a comedian and actor. He’s also famous for making comedy videos on YouTube. His channel is included in the list of most subscribed YouTube channel in 2009–2011.

Niga Higa Born

  • 6 June 1990

Niga Higa Age

  • 29 years

Niga Higa Country

  • Hilo, Hawaii, United States

Niga Higa Height

  • 1.73 m

Niga Higa Nationality

  • American

Niga Higa Residence

  • Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S

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