10 Real Life Versions Of Hulk Bodybuilders That You Should Not Face Them

That there are many people who have extraordinary power existing in the world? And with that incredible strength, they have been able to do many impossible things, just like a real-life version of Hulk Now, let’s come and discover about them 10 Real-Life Versions Of Hulk That You Should Not Face Them

10. Julia Vins

Opening for this is….the female weightlifter, Julia Vins, who is known with her barbie doll face and muscular body that attract millions of people following her on social media.

She was born and raised in a favela in Engels city – Russia This girl who was born in 1996 has an incredible weightlifting ability when she used to lift up a 250kg and 150kg heavy dumbbells at a competition for the strongest people in the world which was taken in Finland in June/2018.

The reason why she started doing weightlifting is because she wanted to be stronger and more confident, and successfully, in 2013, she officially became a professional weightlifter It took her lots of effort and hard work to achieve such a muscular body like a real man weightlifter like this!

9. Hwang Chui Soon

Ranking at the 9th position is no one else except, Hwang Chui Soon, born in 1983, an extremely muscular man who is known as an Asian version of Hulk.

Because of that, this guy usually receives many good compliments from many of his fans Looking at the body of this 1.75m tall guy who has such big biceps like that, nobody would believe that he used to weigh only 50kg in the past.

Couldn’t handle on the skinny figure of himself anymore, he decided to go to the gym and change his life. After 12 years of working out unstoppably, he has increased his weight to 100kg and officially becomes an ideal type of teenagers who has such an enormous, yet, sexy body Currently, he works as a coach and is also one of the most famous models who is receiving many attentions from his hometown

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8. Becca Swanson

Miss Becca Swanson – 46 years old, with a height of 1.75m along with a 110kg heavy body, this American weightlifter has done many spectacular things and is dubbed as the female version of Hulk Swanson began her career since 1996 She ranked at the 1st place in many competitions about strength and stuff, and also broke many memorable world records as well.

She’s now holding a world record about 3 different weightlifting categories with the total weight of 930kg: squatting – 387.5kg, deadlifting – 310kg and benching – 272.6kg. What a wonderful strength!

She has retired for 10 years but at the moment, nobody has broken her records yet. Which is a firm proof for how this lady has such an incredible power!

7. Je-Yong Ha Ha

Je-yong, a familiar name from Korea. This man owns a muscular body weighs up to 110kg along with his big biceps, in which its diameter reaches up to 56cm.

But what’s sad is that this guy is only 1.64m tall, which is completely in contrast with his body. He is a professional hand wrestler who used to rank at the 9th place in Korea and is often compared to look like Hulk because of his enormous figure In 2019, Ye-jong became the championship in a competition when successfully lifting a dumbbell reaching up to 240kg.

His benching record was 270kg, and squatting was 320kg. As a matter of fact, nobody in Korea could beat him whenever it comes to arm wrestling Recently, the social media was going crazy when seeing him pulling a tank trunk weighing up to 26 tons. This has strongly proved that this guy’s power is as strong as a superhero

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6. Sajad Gharibi

Mr Sajad Gharibi, 24 years old, from Iran is another real-life version of Hulk. Owning a good-looking face along with his friendly smile, this 28-year-old guy actually weighs up to 175kg because of his perfect body measurements and his massive weight.

That’s why it is undeniable why Gharibi is named as the real-life version of Hulk Gharibi is super famous in Iran as he receives many followers on Instagram and is now a new phenomenon on social media. This Hulk guy also participated in many competitions in his hometown as well as internationally

5. The great Khali

The Great Khali, born in 1972, is a nickname of the wrestling legend from India, Dalip Singh Rana. He owns an incredible height – 2.16m and weighs around 157kg. He first started his wrestling career in America since 2000.

And in 2007, he started participating in the famous WWE competition. Besides the wrestling championship title, The Great Khali is also known as a famous movie star as he already appeared in 4 Hollywood movies and 2 Bollywood movies in total

4. Strongman Brian Shaw

Brian Shaw, born in February/26th/1982 in Colorado – America His height is 2.03m tall and weighs around 200kg, who is also known as an American real-life version of Hulk He has got many incredible achievements at the gym Squatting – 360kg, benching press – 238kg, powerlifting deadlift – 400kg, and strongman deadlift – 448kg.

After ranking at the 2nd , 3rd and 4th position in many competitions, finally, in 2011, this guy officially got the title: “ the strongest man in the world”

3. Eddie Hall

Eddie Hall, a 27-year-old bodybuilder who was born in Newcastle – England. He is enormously 1.90m tall and is known as a new version of Hulk because of his incredible strength I guess nobody should face this guy in real life because with just a slight touch of him, you definitely gonna fall right on the floor.

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In 2015, he set up a new world record while successfully lifted up a 462kg heavy dumbbell in the Deadlift category in front of the naked eyes of the audiences in Australia. Which has far surpassed the previous record made by Hafbor Bjorsson, lifting up a 447kg heavy dumbbell Let’s come and enjoy that incredible performance of him, guys

2. Yeon Woo Jhi

It will be my big mistake if I forget to mention this lady. Yeon Woo Jhi, born in 1984, is an IFBB PRO South Korean female bodybuilder who has got many amazing achievements for herself.

The big contrast between her cute face and her muscular body has made Woo Jhi become extremely famous on social media. People even call her as the female version of Hulk due to her extreme body

1. Dwayne Johnson

The big biceps of The Rock deserve to be a new goal that men should strive for. This actor, The Rock Dwayne Johnson, who is 1.93m tall and weighs around 122kg.

The muscular and ideal body of him is the dream that every man on this world all want to accomplish. But in order to have a body like that, The Rock has to follow a very strict diet and works out extremely harsh.

He spends around 3 hours for his working out routine every day and consumes an extremely big number of calories which are 10 times a lot more than a usual portion With his muscular body, along with a spectacular talent, he has become a significant influencer in the movie industry.

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