Fattest Woman That Can Totally Shock You

Today, I will continue giving you many surprises Being fat is always the number 1 enemy of women, but honestly, not everybody is lucky enough to maintain a perfect body.

And the upcoming women that I’m gonna introduce are the clear evidences for that. By being overweight, they have to face lots of difficulties in life, however, the 2 last women are actually well-known with their chubby looks. So, let’s check out who they are 8 Overweight Women That Can Totally Shock You

8. Charity Pierce

This chubby lady, Charity Pierce, 38 years old, from America, weighs up to 350kg, is one of the heaviest women in the world. The cause for this is because she has been eating uncontrollably since she was small It’s impossible for her to go outside due to her massive size.

And literally all of her daily activities are done right on her bed Thought that she wouldn’t care about dating and stuff but recently, right after she fell in love with a 22-year-old guy at the first sight, she decided to ask the doctors to do some surgeries and cut off her fat layers.

But as a matter of fact, it’s only possible once Charity loses 130kg, after that, she can start doing the surgery and cut off her big stomach to lower her weight gradually

7. Amita Rajani

Amita Rajani, 42 years old, from the west of India, is known as the heaviest woman in Asia – her weight was 3kg when she was born, but when she was 6 years old, she started gaining weight and it now hits up to 300kg.

She has to stick with her bed all day long and this seriously stresses her out so much. She can’t even do anything and has to ask for help from her mom. As a matter of fact, her family spent around 40.000USD for her to lose weights but it didn’t work In 2015, luckily, she met the doctor, Shashank Shah.

This doctor suggested her to cut off the stomach. On the day she did the surgery, it took 18 people to lift and transfer her to the hospital. Surprisingly, her weight has dropped from 300kg to 140kg after the first surgery was done and 86kg when the 2nd one was done. This is like a miracle for her

6. Susanne Eman

Miss Susanne Eman – born in 1979, from America, who weighs 330kg What’s surprising is that she didn’t gain weight accidentally but it was on purpose. This lady wanna be known as the fattest woman in the world with a weight of 700kg at the age of 42 Omg! What a strange desire right, guys?

In order to make it become true, she has to consume 20.000 calories every day. She feels more confident being fat like this and thinks that she can attract more men this way.

Susanne Eman also works out daily to maintain her weight as well. And once a week, she has her health check-up done regularly to make sure that her blood sugar and fat not going anywhere.

And most importantly, the main reason why she wanna get fat is because she wanna stop all the stereotypes about being fat is being ugly

5. Titi Wati

Titi Wati, 37 years old, from Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan, has become the most overweight woman in Indonesia when she weighs around 356kg Currently, this mother of one child can only stay on her bed, and can’t even move around.

The one who helps her out with all the eating and showering things is her 19-year-old daughter – Herlina 10 years ago, this lady only weighed around 45kg, but she admitted that the cause of her overweight is because she used to eat so uncontrollably.

Now, her daughter is asking people to help her taking her mom to the hospital but the possibility that she has to destroy her house to take her mom out is very high

4. Iman Ahmad Abdulati

Iman Ahmad Abdulati, 36 years old, from Alexandria, north of Egypt, is known as the fattest woman in the world with a weight of 501kg When she was born, her weight already reached up to 5kg Iman is diagnosed to suffer from Elephantiasis, a type of parasite that makes the patient’s hands and legs become swelling.

Iman never has a chance to go to school due to her oversized body After going through many hopeless years, her sister, Chaymaa’ Ahmad Abdulati, initially contacted with many healthcare organizations with the hope that they will offer some help. Hopefully, in the near future, this girl can lose some weights and live a cheerful life ahead

3. Mayra Rosales

Mayra Rosales, 37 years old, from America, has a shocking weight – 545kg. She is one of the fattest girls in the world and is also known with a nickname “half ton killer” After facing with the biggest challenge in her life, it was when she decided to make a change.

By getting involved in an accident that she had accidentally been accused for killing her nephew. When the truth came to light, she also started making some new changes in her appearance as well.

By cutting of her stomach and fat layers, she has lost more than 400kg in 5 years Can you believe that she now weighs only 90kg? And accordingly, her health condition has also got better somehow. And now, is another amazing woman, who proves that being fat can be as attractive as being skinny

2. Tess Holliday

OMG! I was so shocked seeing her, because she has made me fallen for her right away. So this is, Tess Holliday, born in 1985, a supermodel from America and also works as a fashion designer, makeup artist and hair stylist.

Tess Holliday is very popular on social media with her perfect fashion style. No need of being skinny, curvy or having 3 perfect body measurements, this chubby girl can steal anyone’s heart right at the first sight Currently, Tess Holliday has a very successful career and happy life with her husband, Nick Holliday and 2 of her kids

1. Sammy

Another cute and chubby woman. Sammy is very famous with her curvy body Her body is often compared with Kim Kardashian’s body And yes, her body curves are sexy enough to steal anyone’s heart She is even dare to put on those tight and short pieces of clothes that only skinny girls wear.

Her fashion style is very one-of-a-kind and trendy. As a matter of fact, many guys have fallen for her unique beauty So yeah, being fat is not always bad, guys.

There are many more chubby women left but I’ll introduce them to you in the upcoming The previous people are some of the most overweight women at the moment Who are you most impressed with?

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