Top 10 Most Expensive Gold items in the World 2021

In this article We Share the Top 10 Most Expensive Gold items in the World 2021. Don’t Waste time Lets Start!!!!

Top 10 Most Expensive Gold items in the World

1. Patek Philippe Super complication Gold Pocket Watch ($24.4 million)

The Patek Philippe Henry Graves Super complication watch is one of the world’s most complicated mechanical pocket watches.

It is an 18-karat gold watch with 24 complications. This watch was assembled by Patek Philippe.

2. Gold and Black Diamond iPhone 5 by Stuart Hughes ($15 million)

The iPhone 5 with gold and diamonds finish on the back surface of the phone makes it a very precious phone in the world.

This expensive phone was made by an enthusiast with gold and diamonds.

3. Custom White Gold Poker Set Designed by Geoffrey Parker ($7.5 million)

These pokers are very precious and one of the costliest and luxurious pokers in the world. These are the exceptional sets built to order in Alligator leather. Diamonds, Rubies & white gold and platinum.

These luxury leather pokers are embellished with Diamonds Rubies and also with a bar of white gold.

4. Canadian Giant Gold Elizabeth Coin ($997,000)

The big Maple leaves are one of the costliest and precious six pieces of Gold coins.

The weight of each gold coin is 100kilogram. These coins are made by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2007.

In March 2007 the market value of the one coin is 4 million us dollar. On 27th March 2007, one coin was stolen from the museum of Berlin.

5. Gold Valentine Stiletto by Christopher Michael Shellis ($268,000)

Christopher Michael Shellis is a professional shoemaker of Britain and he made many expensive shoes that are made of the pure gold stiletto.

These beautiful shoes have stunning heels made of solid gold and the sides of the sole are studded with 2000 diamonds.

6. Datta Phuge Gold Shirt ($240,000)

Dattatrey Phuge was the richest businessman, millionaire, and money-taker from India.

In 2012, Datta Phuge had made a shirt of 22-carat pure gold and this shirt was decorated with seven Swarovski crystal buttons and also have a flashy gold belt in a matching design.

7. Gold Beefeater Barbeque Grill ($160,710)

The Beefeater grill company of Australia decided to make one of the most expensive grills with 24-carat gold, from the warming rack down even that the nuts and bolt holdings are also made with gold.

This plan was so wonderful and created the most expensive grill in the world. The price of this grill 155,000 American dollars.

The actual sale price of this grill depends on the price of gold on a given day.

8. Clic Gold Reader ($75,000)

The clic gold reader glasses are one of the most expensive glasses in the world. It is made of pure 18 karat gold.

These glasses are so expensive due to the plating of pure gold on it. The maximum price of this eyewear is 75000 us dollars.

These eye wears are available in very limited stocks and each pair takes approximately 50 hours to be completed and the special point is that the lenses of this eyewear are changeable at any time.

9. Eames Golden Chair ($2,122.36)

The Eames brand is a company that is famous for making expensive furniture and chairs in the world.

The Eames golden chair is one of the most expensive and precious items of this company because this chair is made up of pure solid gold.

10. Golden Phoenix Gold Cupcake ($972)

The Golden Phoenix Gold Cupcake is one of the costliest food in the Bloomsbury cupcakes in Dubai.

It contains butter, organic flour, chocolate, and the most important and precious thing is the 23 karat gold in this cake.

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