Top 10 Evidence Showing That Animals Cry

Whether animals have feelings or not is a question that is still very controversial. While owners of adorable pets like cats and dogs always try to personify them, many scientists are still skeptical of animal emotional intelligence.

They believe that although they may still feel what we do, their spectrum of happiness is limited. However, real life has proven the opposite.

Today I’m going to show you some clips that can convince even the toughest people that animals have emotions, and they are also grieving when their beloved ones are gone, just like humans. “10 evidence showing that animals cry”

Number 10: The crow

The crow is one of the smartest birds. Even in the animal kingdom, few species are smarter than them, including elephants, chimpanzees, or dolphins.

It is believed that crows have the same mindset as a child, so they also know a sense of community connection. If a crow is attacked, it will inform its fellows.

And even years later, all the crows in the area will still hate that person. When one dies, others will surround and cry out anguishedly, which people call the funeral of the crow.

There is a rare case that when a female crow dies, a male crow has climbed on it and done sex. This phenomenon so far has not been explained.

Scientist Kaeli Swift and his colleagues have spent years studying the secrets behind their funerals.

One theory is that crows want to warn their fellows about a danger that is emerging in the area.

Number 9: The sea lions

Sea lions are often solitary animals. Their relationship only includes mates and parents. However, the maternal love of this animal is extremely strong and profound.

When a baby sea lion is killed by another predator, the mother will become distraught and agitated. The mother cries and moans for days for losing her biological child.

In the case that a sea lion dies from birth, the mother will remain by the side of the body for days. They often cherish, cuddle, and hopelessly call beside the bodies.

Number 8: The chimpanzees

An experiment but a real scene at a nature reserve. But firstly, I have to tell you, chimpanzees have up to 90% DNA similar to humans, which means they can communicate by tools, sign languages and can experience emotions.

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This video was shot in Zambia, Africa, where a group of scientists accidentally witnessed an incredible sight.

The researchers worked in a fenced area of up to 1 square kilometer, an area with a group of chimpanzees of up to 43 species.

A pair of chimps found the body of a 9-year-old male chimpanzee named Thomas. To the surprise of the researchers, dozens of other primate species came here in just a few minutes as if to say goodbye to the ill-fated chimpanzee.

For a long time, chimpanzees have remained silent as if they were attending a real funeral. Some of them gently smelled the body and touched the dead chimpanzee.

According to scientists, they have never seen anything like this. A special thing is, there is a male chimpanzee visiting the body of Thomas at least 4 times, checking the body and raging at a specific time.

This chimp screamed and walked over Thomas’s body very quickly. According to the reserve managers, this male chimpanzee has a very close relationship with the dead one and has been caring for Thomas for more than 4 years.

Number 7: The long-finned pilot whales

The long-finned pilot whale, also known as the Black Fish, is a mammal developed with a brain twice larger than that of a human.

Of course, the intelligence of whales cannot be compared to humans but they are still quite intelligent compared with other animals.

They have a high collective moral responsibility and never let their fellows get into trouble that can lead to sad consequences.

According to some theories, long-finned pilot whales can get ashore if one of them dies. You can see a mother whale mourning for its dead baby.

It gently touched the head and pulled the baby whale along the ocean and opened its mouth as if crying.

The mother whale seems to be unable to accept the death of her offspring, which makes viewers feel sad. More sadly, humans are responsible for the deaths of many marine species.

Number 6: The dolphins

Let’s talk about ordinary dolphins, the animals that are thought to have emotions and intelligence similar to humans.

It is hard to explain the action when they try to swim along the body of its friend who has died for an hour as if trying to wake it up from a long sleep.

Scientists believe that dolphins have experienced psychological reactions similar to human sadness. Some dolphins can carry their dead baby in their jaws for weeks.

At the same time, the researchers found that this behavior is not so common in other species.

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Number 5: The elephants Well

We all know that elephants love the members of their group very much. They not only protect their fellows but also have a ritual to honor the dead members in a very special way.

You can see unusual movements in elephants when one of them dies. When an elephant closes his eyes, the entire group of elephants will stop moving, stroke, touch gently, and express sadness.

This usually happens for a few weeks, during which the living elephants will occasionally visit the tomb of the dead.

They stood by the elephant’s body completely silently for a long time as if truly mourning for the death of their fellow.

What is more special is that elephants perform the same ritual when they accidentally find the bones of a dead elephant.

Firstly, they form a circle around the body, using a trunk to lift or turn the bones and then stroke them.

Researchers believe that elephants understand the concept of death and are aware of the loss of beloved ones.

Number 4: The penguins

The emperor penguins living in Antarctica are accustomed to harsh climates in the winter that can reach minus 40 degrees Celsius and wind speeds of up to 40m/s.

Scientists believe that the penguin’s fur and the thick layer of fat are the weapons that help them overcome the cold. They even gather in groups to help each other warm-up.

Of course, the middle penguins receive the most warmth because they are protected by the outer penguins.

But penguins are intelligent, they have created a special rotating system, moving continuously so that each has a chance to enjoy the inner warmth.

This intelligence is also manifested when their fellows are killed. A baby penguin died in a blizzard. When the mother penguin found it, it was too late.

The mother tried to revive the baby bird in vain. It touched the beak and cried for a very long time. A while later, another penguin appeared next to the mother as if comforting her friend. It was difficult to hold back tears when witnessing such a sight.

Number 3: The horses

It is not by chance that our ancestors borrowed the image of a horse when it came to long-term, profound attachment: “When a horse is sick, the whole stable refuses grass”.

Horses are one of the most social creatures and they enjoy the companionship. Therefore, they easily become depressed before the death of their fellows.

When an unfortunate horse dies, the others in the stable will gather, sniff, and gently touch the body.

Some other horses express mourning by standing silently, lowering their heads, and looking at the bodies of their fellows. Because of the deep connection between the horses in a stable, the owner gives the whole stable check the ill-fated one before burying it.

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Number 2: Langur monkeys

Mistaking the robotic monkey for their fellows, langur monkeys were extremely sad. The incident took place on January 11, 2017, at a sacred Hindu temple in Rajasthan, India.

western To film Langur, an Asian monkey, a team made a robotic monkey, hid the camera on it, and brought it to the monkeys.

Seeing the robotic monkeys, the monkeys thought they were a baby langur and gathered. A large monkey even pulled its tail to check.

Then, due to an unexpected incident, the robotic monkey fell to the ground and laid motionless. At first, the monkeys thought it was injured, so they kept checking it.

But not seeing it move, they assumed it was dead. “After that, something unusual happened,” the witness said.

“The monkeys gather around the robotic monkey as if it were a real baby monkey. They react like their own baby is dead.”

The scientists saw a mournful silence on the faces of the monkeys. There were no noises and then they started hugging each other ”. So touching!

Number 1: The geese

Geese are creatures that have only one mate. Because of this strong connection, when a goose dies, its mate will be extremely sad. Geese will be at the side of the body of the mate.

In addition, the goose gently decorates the feathers on the body and sleeps aside for several days. When the goose’s mate is no longer there, it becomes depressed, losing appetite and shunning its flock.

Eventually, they can find a new companion, usually another goose who has lost a mate. However, there are some cases of geese even showing mercy to other animals, even humans.

A goose in Central Park, West Sussex County, England expressed sadness and thoughtfulness when two of his geese friends died.

After its friends died for 15 years, every day it still looks at the cars of visitors to the park, but no one understands why.

It keeps staring at its own reflection, usually with black and dark cars because the mirror image will look clearer.

It is said that because it is so lonely that when looking at the cars, it thinks that its friends are still somewhere around.

The goose which used to be agile, active, cheerful, nowadays just stands there, thinking pensively with no eagerness in the surrounding life.

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