10 Disabled Women Athletes That Create True Miracles

Who will accompany you on the journey to explore the world. Playing sports with a normal person is extremely simple, but for people with disabilities, it is really difficult.

Yet, the following 10 women have created many miracles. Let’s find out 10 disabled female athletes that create true miracles And don’t forget to join our mini game to become a lucky person of interesting gifts! Let’s get started with

10. Kanya Sesser

She was born without legs but has a great determination. 25-year-old Kanya Sesser was born in Thailand, but due to her lack of legs, she was abandoned by her biological parents and raised by a monastery in Thailand.

The turning point in Kanya’s life was when she was adopted by a couple and brought to America. Since moving to the US with her adoptive parents, Kanya has been determined to carry out her burning passion from a young age. Although she has no legs, the girl is determined to become a basketball, skiing, or skateboarding player.

Up to the present time, not only playing well but she is also very good at the 3 mentioned sports. Thanks to sports practice, Kanya has a good body, so she is also very confident when she is invited to be a bikini model.

9. Aimee Mullins

Aimee Mullins is an athlete, actress, and fashion model. She is one of the most famous thinkers on the topic of muscle innovation. Aimee was born with a condition known as Hemimelia, which led to the amputation of the lower leg when she was only one year old. But not because of that did she ignore life.

Her mental strength has made her a much stronger person than usual. After years of hard training, she participated in the Paralympic competition in 1996 in Atlanta and set a world record at 100 meters, 200 meters, and a long jump.

It was her last achievement before she retired in 1998. Thanks to her miracles, she was voted by Sports Illustrated magazine as one of the “Coolest Girls in Sports”.

8. Natalia Partyka

Natalia Partyka is a Polish table tennis player who competes in competitions for disabled athletes and participates in competitions for athletes. She won the ticket to the final position of the London women’s table tennis competition at the 2012 Olympics.

Natalia won her first international table tennis medal at the 1999 World Championship and competed in the 2000 Summer Paralympic Games in Sydney at the age of 11 and became the youngest Paralympian in the world ever. She won three gold medals at the 2007 European Paralympic Championships.

She represented Poland in both the 2008 Summer Olympics and the 2008 Summer Paralympic Games in Beijing and won the gold and silver medals for women’s singles and team table tennis events, respectively.

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7. Melissa Stockwell

A former Paralympic swimmer, Melissa Stockwell was the first female soldier to lose a left leg during the Iraq War while fulfilling her duties as a lieutenant. She lost her left leg in a bomb blast when she was leading a convoy to Baghdad.

She competed in the 100-meter butterfly, 100-meter freestyle, and 400-meter freestyle competitions at the 2008 Summer Paralympic Games. In her triathlon career, she won three consecutive gold medals in the world championships in 2010 in Budapest, 2011 in Beijing and 2012 in Auckland ITU.

6. Bethhany Hamilton

Bethhany Hamilton is a professional American surfer. Bethany Hamilton won the 1998 Rell Sun Menehune competition and the NSSA Open Women’s Championship in 2002. She survived a shark attack in 2003 and lost her left arm.

After losing her left arm, she returned to professional surfing and still proves to be one of the best surfers in the world and won many titles such as the 2005 NSSA National Competition and the O’Neill Island Girl Junior Pro tournament in the same year.

Hamilton recently won the Surf ‘n’ Sea Pipeline Professional award in 2014 in the United States. Besides surfing, she wrote about her experience in her autobiography in 2004, called “Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board”. And later, it has been made into a movie.

5. Oksana Masters

Oksana Masters was born on June 19, 1989, in Ukraine. She is a Ukrainian-American disabled athlete. She was one of the youngest victims affected by the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster. As soon as she was born, Oksana had a disability because her mother was contaminated with radiation.

Her left leg was shorter than her right, and both were very weak, with up to 6 toes, 5 fingers but no thumb, and only 1 kidney. Because of being an unhealthy child, Oksana’s parents abandoned her in an orphanage. 7 years living in an orphanage is a terrible time that Oksana never wants to remember.

Not only was she often starved, but she was also bullied by other children and sexually abused by employees. However, she only endured and hoped for a brighter future that a kind family would adopt her and she never intended to accuse those who had abused her. In 1996, she was adopted by the American family.

In 2012, she and her teammate Rob Jones – a former marine who lost 2 feet while fighting in Afghanistan, won a bronze medal at the Paralympics. Since then, the name of Oksana Masters is known worldwide, especially in handicapped sports. After that, Oksana regularly received interview invitations and appeared in newspapers and television.

She also received an invitation to take nude art photos from the sports magazine of The Body Issue. Without hesitation about her defective body, she accepted that invitation. Series of the artwork of disabled beauty in sports has made the whole world bow to her confidence and energy

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4. Tiền Hồng Diễm

Tien Hong Diem was born in 1996 in a poor family whose parents grow mulberry to raise silkworms in Luc Luong district, Yunnan province of China. When she was 4 years old, crossing the road, she was hit by a truck. In order to save her, doctors cut the entire lower body of Hong Diem from the pelvis down.

When she was discharged, she could not get up by herself. Her family had no money to install prosthetic limbs, and her grandfather cut a basketball ball into her body. Thanks to his initiative, from a girl who could not go out, Hong Diem was able to move around thanks to the ball and her hands.

With the help of everyone, in 2007, Hong Diem was installed with a prosthetic leg. This is the first time in 7 years could she walk on her feet. At the time of treatment in Beijing, Hong Diem knew Truong Hong Nga – a swimming coach for the disabled.

Realizing that Diem was a very energetic girl, Ms Truong invited her to join a swim club for people with disabilities. Hong Diem went to Beijing to practice, becoming an athlete at 11 years old. Every day Hong Diem learned to swim 10,000 m for 4 hours.

As without legs, she took a lot of time to practice her waist and abs. In 2008, for the first time, Hong Diem was selected to the swim team of Yunnan province.

In 2009, she participated in the swimmer’s championship for the disabled and won a gold medal and two silver medals. In 2010, she continued to win a gold medal and three silver medals at China’s Paralympic Games. It’s admirable, isn’t it?

3. Brenna Huckaby

25-year-old Brenna Huckaby, a disabled athlete, won two gold medals at the 2018 Disabled Olympics in Pyeongchang (South Korea). Before that, she was the first disabled model to appear in America’s most famous swimsuit magazine – Sports Illustrated.

In order to have the present success, the 25-year-old girl has been through a difficult time and must constantly try and make efforts. Like other peers, Brenna Huckaby had an innocent and happy childhood with her family in Louisiana, USA.

She grew up in a land of warm climates. It is impossible to imagine that she would become a skier in the future when she has only one leg left. Because of suffering from malignant bone cancer, until the age of 14, she had to have her right leg removed, which was a nightmare for her.

But that did not make her energy disappear. She started training on her disabled body. And after years of practice, she has gained many achievements now. It’s rare to see women with disabilities in sexy swimsuits.

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I want to change the discrimination against people with disabilities in the world. I hope the women, regardless of their bodies, will know how strong and sexy they are. They are truly amazing people.

2. Danielle Bradshaw

Danielle Bradshaw, a 15-year-old girl living in the city of Greater Manchester, England, has developmental disorders in the hip and the knee right from birth. At 2 months of age, she underwent more than 12… ligament segmentectomy operations on her right leg.

Since then, her life has always been associated with a wheelchair. At the age of 11, Bradshaw asked the doctor to have her leg amputated and tried to run to fulfil her dream of becoming a track and field athlete. After successfully cutting off one leg, she fitted the plaster prosthesis leg and exercised regularly.

Now Bradshaw has become a true athlete and has won many medals from major competitions such as the British Athletics Championships. Currently, she wants to attend the 2016 Paralympic Games.

However, her left toes deformed, causing her pain, severe ligament damage and decrease in running speed. With a passion for athletics and a desire to attend the big competition coming, the young girl wanted to cut off her other leg.

Bradshaw said that running with 2 prosthetic legs will help her reach faster speed. The Bradshaw family hopes the hospital will make a decision soon and agree to have her other leg amputation surgery done by her next time. Let’s all wish her luck a lot in the future!

1. Jessica Long

Jessica Long was born in Russia, abandoned by her parents and adopted by an American family. Jessica is the winner of many world championships, the Paralympics, who holds the world record among athletes with no limbs. Jessica Long’s biography has a tragic beginning.

She was born in Russia, in the Irkutsk region, near the city of Bratsk, in 1992 with a defect in the lower limbs. She lacks tibia and some leg bones. Her parents immediately abandoned her at an orphanage. After some time, little Tanya was taken to a family from the United States.

At that time, she was 13 months old. The girl did some sports, starting with gymnastics and ending with climbing. She practised endlessly and she felt swimming suited her most. In 2003, Jessica was recognized as the best disabled swimmer in Maryland.

At the age of 13, she won three gold medals at the Paralympic Games in Athens. From 2004 to 2008, Jessica Long achieved a lot of success at various championships and set many records. In 2006, the US Paralympic Committee awarded her the title of best athlete of the year. In addition to the above medals, she also won many other medals later. I really admire the talents of the women here. And you? P

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