11 Creepy Things Found in the Ocean

11 Creepy Things Found in the Ocean

11 Creepy Things Found in the Ocean

From underwater signs forewarning death to massive underwater military graveyards and an unexplained radioactive shell that may be from another world.

Discoveries that have spooked even the most experienced of divers, behold, 11 Creepy Things Found in the Ocean.

1. French Street

The residential sign which took the internet by storm seemed to represent the displacement of more than 30,000 people from their homes and lend a subtle reminder of the insignificant power emblems of industry have against nature.

2. Mysterious Parts 

Algae filmed the face of the creepy Victorian-era object, making the toy ten times more enigmatic and unnerving. Old dolls are scary enough when we see them in old cabinets and antique shops, imagine unexpectedly spotting one at the bottom of the sea.

3. The Mysterious Steam Engines of New Jersey

The elusive locomotives were never reported missing and to this day no one knows how they got there. One theory is that the trains were in transit across the Atlantic Ocean when their carrier fell victim to a storm.

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4. The Mysterious Sign at Eagle’s Nest Sinkhole

The Grim Reaper stands guard at the mouth of one of Florida’s most treacherous caves, Eagle’s Nest Sinkhole. “Stop, Prevent Your Death,” reads a black and white sign adorned with cryptic pleas to turn back before entering.

5. A 2,000-Year-Old Computer

When a group of fishermen uncovered the rusted mechanism and excavated it in 1902, they were shocked to later find that the device had been invented between 200 and 70 BC. Known as the Antikythera Mechanism, the instrument was the world’s first analogical computer.

6. The S.S. Andrea Doria

Destroyed and sunk after being hit by the warship M.S. Stockholm in 1956. Today, any divers who explore the site report strange sensations— that is, the feeling of being constantly pushed, pulled, and poked by imaginary hands.

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7. Chuk lagoon

Off the coast of the Caroline Islands in the South Pacific there is a blue expanse of tropical splendor known as Chuk Lagoon; here a jagged juxtaposition of rusty tanks, ships, submarines, and planes lay mangled on the bottom of the shiny sea floor, hundreds to be exact, as World War II played a hand in the sinking of naval ships and aircrafts, lending one of the largest underwater graveyards on the planet.

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8. A Second Stonehenge

A few years ago, during a search for ancient shipwrecks, a group of archaeologists discovered a pattern of perplexingly placed stones approximately 40 feet down in Lake Michigan’s Grand Traverse Bay.

The stones were eerily reminiscent of England’s own iconic Stonehenge— which many people link to ancient aliens and aircraft landing pads.

9. Hundreds of Ancient Skeletons

At the base of the Himalayas in a body of fresh water known as Roopkund, hundreds of skeletons scatter the sandy floor. Believed to be about 1,200 years old, the creepy relics of human life were discovered by a British game reserve ranger in 1942.

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10. A Strange Object at the Bottom of the Baltic Sea

Explorer Peter Lindberg and his Ocean X team of marine explorers stumbled upon a strange object that could only be described as a disc bearing a striking resemblance to the Star Wars Millennium Falcon.

According to the team, the apparent “UFO-shaped” object made of formed pieces of angular metal, must be from out of this world, and believers in extraterrestrials have had a field day convincing themselves the find was anything but a farce.

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11. The Bloop

In 1997, a mysterious underwater recording captured the heart of conspiracy theorists around the world. When a team of scientists was searching for underwater volcanoes off the coast of South America, hydrophones more than three thousand miles apart all captured the same inexplicable sound.

Seemingly from the depths of the ocean came a recording no one could seem to explain, except that it was a strange and exceptionally loud noise which soon became known as “the bloop.”

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