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Most Shark Infested Beaches

Most Shark Infested Beaches While the chance of an assault may be slim, it doesn’t hurt to know exactly which waters these bullies frequent. Here are 11 shark infested waters that you should avoid:  1. The White Shark Café  Investigators found the waters teeming with tiny light-sensitive creatures so tantalizing, sharks would come in masses …

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Fish With Human Teeth

Fish With Human Teeth Some fish have human teeth? Well, not actual human teeth on fish, but fish with teeth that look like humans? Confused? Watch the video Teeeeth! That’s what the video is about. In this episode we’re looking at the strangest teeth found in sea creatures. 1. Gob Faced Squid There’s a certain …

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Why are Shark Attacks on the Rise

Why are Shark Attacks on the Rise 8.  New Hunting Grounds Shifting oceanic temperatures and changing habitats mean new hunting grounds for sharks and significant problems for humans. Blacktip sharks, which mainly hang out in the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Keys, are migrating up the coast to North Carolina, following the cooler waters …

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12 Fish with the Weirdest Teeth

12 Fish with the Weirdest Teeth 12. Titan-Triggerfish The Titan-Triggerfish is a tropical terror with a mouthful of eerily human chompers that will leave you scrambling for the shore. These fish grow up to two and a half feet long, or the size of your average toddler, and they take home security really seriously. Titan-Triggerfish …

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11 Scariest Freshwater Fish

11 Scariest Freshwater Fish 1.Wels Catfish Longer than a Volkswagen Beetle, the Wels Catfish is one hefty, scary animal. In addition to its crazy length, it also clocks in at 660 pounds. For reference, that’s larger than your average male grizzly bear! The Wels Catfish lives all over Eastern and Central Europe and reportedly has …

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