11 Albino Animals In The Wild

As you know, wild animals have variety of colors and white individuals are considered as unusualness. But in fact, they are harmless to human.

People think that their white skin relates to the albino disease, a disease of skin pigmentation. It barely happens with animals, still, it doesn’t mean that it would never happen.

The majority of albino animals have white fur, pink leather and purple-red eyes.

Number 11. Albino Peacock

Peacock is known by their attractive tail. In Britain, people have just found a peacock that has a white tail. It became a treasure of the local.

Let’s look at the tail of this peacock. We have to use the word magnificent instead of beautiful. But the fact that it cannot easily attract its lover with this white fur is so sad.

At first, people found it strange and named it “ a ghost peacock”, but gradually it is loved by all the local.

And everyone raises their awareness highly to protect it because they are afraid that it will be hunted. Now the second one is put in Wuhan zoo, china.

Number 10. The turtle

This turtle differs from its fellow-creature because of its white shell and its skin color, which looks like they apply whitening cream on it.

The researchers announced that the rate that you can meet animals like this is just 1 per hundred thousands of eggs.

Despite outstandingness, he loses the ability of camouflage and becomes a big prey of the other animals. Nop, this turtle not only is albino, but it also has 2 heads.

It is a red-eared turtle born in a farm at Bang kok, thailand. Its owner, Noon Ausanee estimated its value to the price of 31.500 US dollars. However, the potential buyers are worrying that nop cant live long.

Number 9: Albino Humpback Whale

Humpback whale, Migallo is the name of an albino humpback whale found in the sea of Queensland state when it was migrating to the north along the Australia coast.

Migallo swam with a group of humpback whales and the observers started their journey from gold coast city in order to observe and follow this rare animal.

According to the pacific dolphin association, migallo is the first-found humpback albino whale in the world. The first time that people saw it was in 1991.

Another one has lately been found when migrating along Australia east coast. The specialty is that there are only 4 individuals, which is a good signal for this kind of white fish.

Number 8 : Albino deer

The deer, this guy used to be a major point of attention in US. They not only have white fur but they are also very rare with the small rate: 1 over 20.000.

The US government decided to apply the administrative sanctions for people who post the images of this animal on social media with the purpose of protecting them.

It’s sad that these animals can’t be mature because the predators find it easy to find them. The albino deer usually has bad vision, they are all white, including their tails.

Number 7 Albino Crocodile

Alligator is not an exception of changing the skin pigmentation. They are albino with the outstanding white color, which makes them always hide themselves.

Moreover, they even have to limit their contact with the nature light as well. I heard that there are 12 individuals like this over 5 million of alligators in south africa.

With this scarceness, they are chased by many enemies in the ecosystem. Moreover, their skin is also known as an attractive-purchasing cloth for designers as well It’s not surprised that the crocodile-skin handbag of Ngoc Trinh values approximately 180.000 US dollars, which became a hot talk.

Alligator is not strange to us, but the white albino is extremely rare. The bag ,hermes hymalayan crocodile herkin of luxury hermes brand is made from the skin of these alligators.

It sounds reasonable because hermes crocodile herkin is one of the most expensive handbags in the world with the price of about 180.000 US dollars. But just several rich characters can own it.

Numer 6: Albino hedgehog

This hedgehog found in Russia was quickly brought to the hospital to protect its fragile health.

With the shinning color, this guy has no ability of camouflage and a weak immune system. But fortunately, the professional people give it a hand timely.

It’s hard for it to live in nature. With the special care, it is much better. The staffs are trying to find for it a wife to maintain this rare kind of species.

5. Albino Penguin

Penguin is obviously not an exception. They are so outstanding and attract the photographers without any colors.

It’s very hard to see them because of scarcity: just 1 over 146.000 ones. The black fur on their back helps them to hunt the fish without being discovered. But with this guy, he has white fur. I wonder how he can hunt.

Number 4. Albino Squirrel

You may not know, the rodents can be albino. According to the scientists, among 100.000 squirrels, there’s only one albino.

The albino squirrels have several genes from their parents that is the lack of melanin which create the color of skin and fur.

Besides, in fact, the pigments in the body make this guy’s eyes turn red and lose the vision. That is the reason why they have the white color, which brings them more risks.

Their fur is advantageous just in winter when it’s snowing. The experts supposed that albino squirrels have the ability of survival in urbans more than in the meadow.

Number 3. Albino Lions

The wild albino lions are as rare as the white lions. We have to accept that they don’t need the colorful color, they are still outstanding.

So, there are some diseases bring them into certain troubles. Their health is always worse than their fellows, even the hunting is also very difficult.

The scientists accepted that this kind of animal is very rare because 50% of them cannot live through the first year.

So far, the scientists have just discovered some which can grow. Nowadays, by inbreeding method, the scientists can create the albino lions, but it is limited because of moral factor.

Number 2 Albino koala

A zoo in Brisbane City, Queensland state, Australia, appeared an extremely white and rare koala.

Its mother is named, Tia, completely regular with its unique grey fur of them As known, this white-fur koala doesn’t suffer from albinism.

It is known to have this recessive gene from his mom, Tia According to many experts, although having the grey fur but possibly, Tia was also born by an albino koala too

Number 1: Albino Gorilla

With the unusual appearance, this guy becomes the most famous in the world when there is only one different individual left.

The scientists quickly identified that this albino gorilla has gene disorders and lack of pigmentation.

That’s the reason why it has this disease. despite rareness, this guy is still very familiar with human.

When the scientists study deeper, they found that the reason is from the incestuous relations of its parents. This gorilla’s name is snowflake.

It used to be the most famous in the world and it is the only albino of its species. the local caught snowflake in 1966 at Guinea equator.

This gorilla had lived for 40 years at Barcelona zoo, Spain before it had skin cancer disease in 2003. The world is so colorful, right.

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