11 Mind Blowing Underwater Statues in the World

From sunken Greek gods to underwater ruins and fully submerged saints, these 11 Underwater Statue are a sight worth seeing!

1. Jasson Voorheas

Underwater Statues, 11 Mind Blowing Underwater Statues in the World
Image by flickr

Made famous through the Friday the 13th film series, horror film enthusiasts can relish in a real-life rendition of the movie murderer planted under the surface among the mud and muck at the Louise pit mine in Crosby, Minnesota.

What better way to tribute a drowned boy and horror flick phenomena, then through this perfect replica, left to forever lurk from 110 feet deep at the bottom of the lake. To get a further glimpse the terror make sure to check out Lahr’s channel for yourself.

2. The Statues of Thonis Heracleion and Canopus

The objects recovered from the site dating back to the 12th century BC, include colossal statues, inscriptions, remnants of grand temples, and coins and handcrafted ceramics.

The civilization forever frozen in time can be found around the Abu Qir Bay, approximately 30 feet below the majestic surface of the Mediterranean.

3. Underwater grotto, Bohol, Philippines

The world’s first underwater pilgrimage in 2012, as hundreds flocked to the site where the Virgin Mary and a youthful Jesus, both 14 feet long, were immersed in the Bien Unido Double Barrier Reef Marine Park off Bohol, Philippines.

The only place one can find a double barrier reef also doubles as a unique underwater grotto created by Boholanon divers and blessed by priests.

4. Ocean Atlas

The 60-ton wonder known as the Ocean Atlas signifies the greater need for ocean conservation and is placed in New Providence, Nassau— a site in urgent need of reef restoration.

The record-breaking sculpture was sunk in the water in 2014 and quickly the word spread to encourage coral colonization nd deter tourists who meddle with endangered reefs.

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5. Amphitrite

Located 55 feet beneath the shimmering surface of the Caribbean Sea, lies a symbol of beauty so breathtaking it was as if she were sculpted by the Gods themselves. 

Every year thousands of divers and snorkelers flock underwater to revel in a grand sea statue just off the Grand Cayman Islands; as here, perched beneath the waves, stands a 900-foot-tall, 600-pound bronze statue of the mermaid Amphitrite.

The Caribbean is never short of beauty and Amphitrite is no exception, as even the great god and protector of the sea took notice of this spectacular sea sprite and employed every dolphin in existence to help make her his wife.

6. Guardian of the Reef

Standing 13 feet tall from his based secured to the sandy seabed is the Guardian of the Reef in West Bay of Grand Cayman. Another impressive work of art by the Canadian sculptor Simon Morris, who installed the underwater anomaly to promote two things— scuba diving tourism and environmental awareness.

7. Christ of the Abyss, Italian Riviera, Portofino

Some underwater relics serve to honor those who have come and gone before us, and the Italian Riviera does just that. Here, an 8-foot bronze rendition of Christ honors the first Italian diver to lose his life scuba diving in 1947.

Created by Italian sculptor Guido Galleti, the memorial is cemented to the sea floor 33 feet beneath the surface and signifies one of the most famous dive destinations in Italy.

8. Christ of the Abyss off Key Largo, Florida

Italian sculptor Guido Galleti created not one Christ of the Abyss, but three. While the first protects the Italian Riveria, the second is contained in Granada and honors an Italian team who drowned in the tragic sinking of the M.V. Bianca passenger ship in 1961.

The third can be found 27 feet below the surface off Key Largo, in the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.

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9. The Living Sculptures, Bali

Underwater Statues, 11 Mind Blowing Underwater Statues in the World
Image by inbali.org

Several figures of traditional Balinese have been prepared and stored in a massive collection of underwater artworks made from unique objects such as bicycles— materials that enable coral growth and help the fragile organisms thrive in light of their natural habitats facing extinction.

10. Cleopatra’s Lost Kingdom

The last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt resonates in history books as the highly idolized Cleopatra. This legendary “princess” had a palace, one that happened to get pushed into the sea by tidal waves around 1,600 years ago.

11. Subacuatico de Arte or MUSA

2009 saw one of the largest and most ambitious underwater artificial art attractions the world has ever seen. Today, 500 permanent life-sized and monumental sculptures pervade the ocean floor in a submerged museum of contemporary art called the Museo Subacuático de Arte (MUSA).

The project was founded by Roberto Díaz Abraham, former President of the Cancun Nautical Association and Jaime González Cano, Director of the National Marine Park.

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