At every gym there will be someone who irritates others with their behavior. If we want to carry out our training calmly, without disturbing anyone, we encounter various oddities that are difficult to understand on a daily basis.

Let’s get acquainted with the most popular types of people in the gym, making us angry, irritated, or simply – laughing.

10 Types of People you will Meet in the Gym

1. Miss beauty

They come, beautifully polished to the last line, perfumed and varnished, grab the dumbbells and … run to the locker room to brush their hair, because while lifting, a strand of hair fell out of a perfectly arranged bun. Unfortunately, many of the girls attending the gym are of this type, and it wouldn’t be irritating if it weren’t for the smells that hang around them. 

When we exercise intensively, we need really good lung ventilation. By taking a deep breath and the pungent vanilla scent of perfume, we can even choke, not to mention worse consequences. It should be remembered that not everyone comes to the room to find a potential partner. Snagging while training, chatting, or staring intrusively can be irritating and distracting.

2. Dirt

A sweaty bench, wiping paper all around, a candy bar wrapper, or a pile of sheets of paper. In addition, the smell that is floating around almost knocks you off your feet. A very common type, which makes you refuse to use some devices, and after training it is better to disinfect your hands thoroughly because you never know what you put on them. 

A gym is a public place, sweat or other secretions are a normal thing, accompanying exercises, however, it is worth paying attention to whether we leave a part of ourselves on it after leaving the bench. 

In each room, you can find paper towels and disinfectants, and if you have a problem with excessive sweating – naturally take your own towel with you. It will certainly make the stay more pleasant for other people and make people willing to exercise with us, not look with disgust.

3. Paker

He crashes between the benches, nudges others loaded with testosterone, takes the equipment, and finally throws the barbell to the ground with a loud clang. It is an individual that is very easy to see from a distance due to the great mass (not necessarily muscular) and making loud sounds during exercise. 

Usually, he does not put the loads back in place and at each station he leaves a mess behind him – after all, cleaning up after himself is according to it is not an element of training.

You can meet such people very often and they usually give us a contemptuous glance. It is not a rule, but such people are usually not very welcome, but everyone is afraid to call the attention. 

The gym is not a game – it is also used by other users and probably everyone would like to be able to focus on their training without stumbling over a set of barbells and dumbbells lying on the floor.

4. Kleptomaniac

Certainly everyone, at least once had a situation in which he was doing an exercise, be it with dumbbells or a barbell, ended the series, turned around and … no dumbbells. 

Nothing upsets your balance more than others picking up weights before you finish exercising with them. Usually, such people do not ask if they can use our training kit, and although it is intended for use by everyone – savoir vivre requires informing about the need to use these devices. 

Everyone will probably be happy to share dumbbells or a tool, and very often you do exercises alternately, as long as you have been informed about it.

5. Instructor

Although there is nothing wrong with effective advice, usually those that are inconsistent with our training philosophy and pushing hard can make you angry. 

The “instructor” usually comes up on his own and tries to convince us how many mistakes we make in the exercise and why he thinks so. Usually, culture requires that you listen to the end, because it is possible that you are actually making a mistake and that valuable attention will help you avoid injury. 

However, this type of person does not consider the refusal and tries to forcefully change our exercise technique. However, when asked about the source of this type of information or justification, then silence or support it with a read magazine, a friend’s text or a post on a forum.

6. On LINE

It is interesting how you can complete a workout while spending it in its entirety by clicking on the phone’s keypad. Online players can usually be found in every club and their numbers are constantly increasing due to the advancement of technology. 

The irritating behavior of this type of person is the fact that he often takes instruments, machines or benches, and when asked if he uses them, of course, he answers yes and starts exercising. 

However, between exercises, he sits and carefully watches over the equipment, not allowing it to be shared with others. After all, the application on the phone requires entering the number of repetitions, series and time spent on effort.

7. Injuryogenic

People who are reluctant to take the advice of others in the gym often get injured. People who are very susceptible to injuries often go to the very center of the club, grab dumbbells in their hands and … cheat, they hurt themselves. 

They do not want any help or advice, are immune to any remarks , and with their attitude set a very inappropriate example for beginners. Maybe they do not directly irritate everyone, but more advanced people seeing this type of training – usually just have a lot of fun. Funny, however, are not injuries that appear very quickly.

8. Modestly Dressed

They are the type of people who make a smile on their face rather than get angry, but they can be quite distracting during training. Although you usually do not pay attention to other people in the gym while doing your training, involuntarily everyone will notice a very large cleavage or buttocks sticking out of the translucent leggings. 

The gym is not a church, of course, there is no dress code there, but there are some rules that apply to everyone. Most people who exercise appreciate the value of their changing body and want to show it off, and sportswear is the perfect highlight. 

However, it is advisable to cover, though, those parts of the body that may distract others. This also applies to people with significant obesity, wearing tight-fitting clothes that a little allow themselves to stick out from the elastic of trousers or underwear. And I’m not writing about fat folds at this point.

9. Zakręręc / a

You should be especially careful with this type of person. They usually appear when we perform a technically quite dangerous exercise, a squat with a barbell, press-throws or a barbell press on a bench, when an inattentive individual rubs us, walks in front of us or bends down to pull the weight from between our legs. 

I do not know what drives such people, but they should be absolutely paid attention to, because disturbing some exercises can cause very dangerous injuries. The more that they usually affect the exerciser more than the “twisted” person slipping between the legs.

10. Stork

The stork is an individual that we will recognize by the impressive musculature of the upper body muscles and lean legs. I left this type for the end, as its presence is immediately noticed and entertained every time, no matter how often you encounter it. 

It is usually an individual that we will recognize by the impressive musculature of the muscles of the upper body, but when our eyes go lower, we encounter huge and voluminous tracksuits that compensate for what is not there i.e. legs. 

In extreme situations, the Stork even decides to wear short shorts, which, however, immediately exposes his poor problem. Hearing the calls he makes every minute, the words “six pack” and “wide chest” are uttered, and his main focus is a pump and big biceps. 

He never does sit-ups, because it puts a strain on the spine, but he can always be found on a bench for a barbell. The effect is simple – the asymmetry of the figure and the funny looks of others.

It is known that not everyone does everything in the right way and with perfect precision from the first visit to the gym, without making any mistakes. Usually, beginners, not knowing how to use machines and what to do with dumbbells or barbells, engage in inappropriate training techniques, thus increasing the risk of injury or severe pain. 

Each gym has a team of instructors whose job is to help people who come to the club for the first time. Do not be discouraged, but rather motivate yourself, because everyone makes mistakes and sometimes does not even realize that they can affect other people who train. 

After reading this article, your knowledge of the mistakes you make will surely expand and make no place for you among the 10 types of people I have presented in this article. 

In addition, it is worth reading the gym regulations, which usually contain many valuable tips. You must always be yourself, ignore others and remember to develop your body symmetrically. Errors will always appear anyway – the trick is to spot them and eliminate them.