Top 10 Tire Manufacturing Companies in the World

Top 10 Tire Manufacturing Companies in the World

1. Cooper Tires ($139 million)

John F. Schaefer and Claude E. Hart, who owned the Giant Tires and Rubber Company, merged in 1930 with the Cooper Corporation, owned by IJ Cooper, to create Cooper tires.

One of the two largest tire manufacturing industries in the United States, the company is headquartered in Findlay, Ohio. They oversee the design, manufacture and sale of automobile and truck tires.

They won the Army and Navy’s ‘E’ Award for building military inflatable rafts, pontoons and life jackets during World War II.

The latest Discoverer Winter tires for heavy vehicles (suburban vehicles) using patented snow gauge technology are suitable for terrain and winter driving.

2. Toyo Tire Toyo Tire ($166 million)

Akira Nobuki is currently the Chairman of Toyo Tires, headquartered in Osaka, Japan. Founded in 1945, the company made its first exports to the United States in 1963.

They proposed dynamic simulation optimization contour theory to help design tires for buses and trucks. The new Extensa HP II is an affordable all-season passenger car tire.

Their t-mode technology uses vehicle-mounted tires and runs the tires through simulation to create the perfect tire based on some governing factor type of tread and rubber material.

They exhibited a new concept non-pneumatic tire called ‘noair’. They are made using resin and carbon fiber and are in the process of being perfect for any terrain.

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3. Yokohama Yokohama ($185 million)

On October 13, 2017, this Japan-based company celebrated its 100th anniversary. Instead of partying the night away like other 100-year-old companies, they launched a new tire called the BluEarth-air EF21.

These tires are built with fewer materials without compromising integrity and strength. Their 4×4 range of geography tires is a huge hit with off-terrain fans.

They have been a busy supplier for the Macau Grand Prix Formula3 Intercontinental Cup since 1983. They also sponsor the Boston Celtics and SanAntonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association.

Advanced artificial intelligence technology allows you to run multiple parameters to get the perfect tire for your intended purpose, saving you time.

4. Sumitomo Rubber ($285 million)

The current chairman, Tetsuji Mino, is based in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, where Sumitomo Rubber is headquartered. Founded in 1909, the company now owns subsidiaries such as Dunlop Tires, Falken Tires and Ohtsu Tires.

SRI Sports, which owns Dunlop, produces sporting goods such as golf and tennis balls. Toyota hired Sumitomo when they were planning airless tires for their light electric vehicles.

They are currently in the design process and are expected to be commercially available by 2025.

5. Hankook Tire ($293 million)

Hankook Tire is a tire company known for sponsoring Real Madrid. They are also the official sponsors of the UEFA Europa League. They contracted the FarnbarcheRacing team to supply tires for the Ferrari F230 GT in the 2009 Le Mans series.

In 2008, it became the supplier of the Primetime race group in the GT2 class of the Le Mans series. The recent opening of a manufacturing plant in Clarksville, Tennessee will create about 1800 jobs in the area.

6. Pirelli Pirelli ($333 million)

Pirelli is a company headquartered in Milan, Italy. It is a subsidiary of Marco Polo International. Famous for his Pirelli Calendar featuring famous stars and photographers, Pirelli has also been involved in the fashion industry and the renewable energy sector.

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Their motto is ‘force is out of control’, best described by the invention of the now widely known radial tire. These tires are in great demand, with Porsche fitting the Porsche 911 Turbo line with Pirelli tires and Hyundai choosing to use the tires as original equipment in the Hyundai i30n range.

They sponsored the Spanish and Hungarian Grand Prix and were a controlled tire supplier for the 2008-2010 British Formula 3 Championship.

7. Continental ($585 million)

Germans know cars. Volkswagen, BMW and Audi find their homes here. One of the best tire companies is here. Continental looks back to 1871 and is headquartered in Hanover, Germany.

They do business with five divisions: Chassis & Safety, Tires, Powertrain, Interior & ContiTech. They were primarily a rubber company that joined the tire company after purchasing General Tire in 1987.

Tires are supposed to provide great traction and good wet braking. The Automotive News PACE award went to Continental for sharing with Honda for innovations in remote engine start, climate control, and two-way long-distance communication, a remote control device that can be used for lock/unlock mechanisms from more than half a kilometer away.

8. Goodyear Goodyear ($575 million )

If you saw a tire with the logo of a winged shoe, you would have dared to look at the tire. A logo representing the Greek messenger god Hermes, Goodyear is the largest tire manufacturer in the United States.

It is named after Charles Goodyear, the inventor of vulcanized rubber. They began in 1898 and in 1900 became famous in the United States for their airships and airships, an iconic part of sports culture. They are a successful supplier of Formula 1 history. It is also NASCAR’s only tire supplier.

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They first orbited the moon when Apollo 14 landed and recently built an eco-tire made of a soy-based rubber compound.

9. Michelin Michelin ($1.156 billion )

A French company, started in 1889, makes tires for airplanes and space shuttles. Red and Green travel guides, roadmaps and Michelin stars awarded to Red Guide’s top restaurants are noteworthy.

The company was credited with the invention of tires designed to work with removable tires, rails (plural) and radial tires. From 1972 to 2008, Michelin won 360 Moto Grand Prix in 36 years and will supply tires until 2023.

He also won the Formula 1 Drivers Championship with Braham and McLaren. World Rallying has supplied Audi, Citroen, Ford and Lancia.

New active wheel technology with In-Wheel electric motors and electric suspension brings a new leap forward in safety and performance.

10. Bridgestone Bridgestone ($1.21 billion )

Shojiro Ishibashi established the company in 1931 by translating his surname to ‘stone bridge’. They developed tires for Formula 2, Formula 3, Formula Ford and Formula Opel Lotus.

He won five Formula 1 Driver’s Championships between 1998 and 2001-2004. They also supplied Le Mans Rally for teams owned by Nissan and Toyota in the 1980s and 1990s.

They are the exclusive supplier of MotoGP forms 2009-2015 and won their 100th championship in 2012. Companies have obviously come a long way since we were the first to use tires made of wood and metal plates.

This sector has seen growth like any other and we will see more of it as everyone needs tires, until flying car technology is discovered in the next few years.

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