10 Weirdest And The Most Terrifying Eyes

As people said, “eyes are windows to the soul”. Yet, the following eyes are not considered the same but also the weirdest in the world.

A pair of eyes can see everything in the dark, an odd eye with two pupils, or a girl who could see through a large block of concrete!

The Top 10 weirdest and the most terrifying eyes in the world are going to appear in a few minutes.

Number 10: The “cat eyes” that can see in the dark

The Chinese boy who has this special pair of eyes is Nong Yousui. When Nong Yousui was about two months old, his father discovered that his eyes looked exactly like cat eyes.

He was very worried because he saw that his son had blue eyes that was unlike any other normal person.

He took the boy to the doctor for examination and the doctor then said that he had nothing to worry about.

The boy’s eyes would return to normal color – black when growing up. When it was time to go to school, the homeroom teacher discovered that Yousui’s eyes often narrowed during the day.

It’s day and night different from other pupils. He said that he could see through the dark but many people thought he was paranoid.

Nevertheless, after many verifications, it was the truth, which was published in 2009. Since then, everybody was curious about him and the boy became a strange phenomenon.

Number 9: The eyes can distinguish 99 million colors

Most of our eyes have 3 types of cone cells – they can distinguish colors. Each cell can distinguish 100 different colors, when combining 3 cells, the human eye will be able to identify them., about 1 million colors.

People with color blindness usually have only two cells and they recognize about 10,000 colors. Nonetheless, there’s a woman who had four types of cells in her eyes called ‘tetrachromats’ that brings the number of colors she could distinguish to nearly 100 million.

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That’s a number no scientist can estimate. In 2007, neuroscientist Gabriele Jordan of Newcastle University conducted a test to find out who had four active color-recognition cells.

And surprisingly, she found a woman with this capability, who is code-named cDa29.

Number 8: The man can pop both of his eyes out 4 cm

A Brazilian man hopes to be named in the record book due to his ability to pop his eyes out. 48-year-old Claudio Pinto is living by performing this strange ability.

Pinto boasted that he could bulge his eyes 95% out of his eye sockets. Pinto performed various tests and doctors said they had never seen or heard of anyone who could make his eyes as big as him.

‘It’s a very easy way to make money,’ Pinto said. ‘I can make my eyes bulge up to 4 centimeters, that’s a gifted genius that God bless me.’

Number 7: The boy cried tears of blood 16-year-old

Calvino Inman cried tears of blood at least 3 times a day without any warning signs. And the red blood tears can last for up to 1 hour in just 1 flow.

This condition called hemolysis, is rare in humans. It can be caused by a tumor in the tear gland or in a duct, injury or infection or other illness.

In some cases, in Inman for instance, this phenomenon occurs without any obvious cause. He also had many medical tests such as ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, and CAT scan, but no one had ever given a satisfactory explanation for this phenomenon.

Calvino even appearded on the television with a hope that someone would know about the cure but there has been no one so far. Poor him!

Number 6: The girl with see-through-everything eyes

Laura Castro, born in 1995 in Miami Florida, USA, is very beautiful and cute from an early age. Especially, she inherited from her mother a pair of attractive brown eyes.

But strangely, when she reached 10, her eyes became white, without any trace of black. Her unusual eyes gave Laura a very special ability – seeing through everything.

In a morning, Laura discovered her ability for the first time when she looked at her own body by chance. She cried when she saw the inside of her stomach.

Laura even found her heart throbbing. Not only that, she could see through thick brick walls or solid metal panels. The researchers conducted an examination on Laura.

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They covered her eyes, then placed in front of her a large concrete block with a thickness of 10cm, behind it is a very small object.

She then removed the blind and called out exactly each object behind the concrete, which surprised the researchers.

Laura could look through the thick layers of wood, completely see in the dark, read the letters and numbers in an unopened phone book.

And the thing is she has never felt painful. She can still see everything with more and more powerful vision. Anyway, what happened to her remains a mystery to the scientists so far.

Number 5: The multi-pointed star in the eye

The weirdest thing happened that took the public by storm. Four weeks after being shocked by a 14,000-volt power source, a 42-year-old electrician living in California, USA, went to the doctor for an eye exam because he felt his eyesight was significantly reduced.

The doctor took the picture that shocked the electrician: A multi-pointed star appeared in his pupils.

Number 4: Man squirts milk from his eyes

Ilker Yilman, a Turkish construction worker, has also put his name on the Guinness World Records thanks to his ability to squirt milk from his eyes.

In 2014, Ilker performed a very special performance: he put milk into his hand, sniffed it with his nose and then squirted it out with a distance of up to 2.8 meters.

It’s unbelievable for those who watched the performance, they were blown away with Ilker’s ability. It is known that he could do this thanks to his abnormal tear glands.

Number 3: Girl cries crystal tears

Jody Smith, a 35-year-old British woman, can be considered an alive ‘fairy’. Many people think that this woman is lucky but this ‘luck’ is really not comfortable at all.

Because every time she cries, Jody’s tears are often come out like tiny crystals, which sparkling yet razor-sharp.

And that hurts Jody very bad. Currently, Jody has a 13-year-old daughter, Chloe, with her husband who is an engineer Whenever Jody is about to cry, her daughter, Chloe, stands next to her to collect diamonds.

According to Jody Smith’s doctor, this is a rare genetic disease called ‘cystine’, the phenomenon of solid crystals come out as tears generated by cystine acid deposition.

Cystine acid is a type of amino acid that is highly excreted, poorly soluble, so it is easy to crystallize.

This is also the cause of stones in the urinary tract. However, with Jody, this acid produces tiny crystal particles concentrated in her lungs and chest.

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Each time she cries, those crystals will follow her tears to get out. And here is the most interesting part of the that is to decode the most controversial photo

The image of the eye with 2 pupils is said to be extremely strange that belong to a Chinese man.

Although the disease was not found in medical documents, this man was said to be a major official in the Chinese dynasty in 995 AD.

Number 2: The man who lost his eye in the right

A man named Billy Owen, an American car mechanic, might freak you out by his ability to stick his hand from his mouth to the right eye socket.

Due to a rare form of sinus cancer, Billy was forced to remove the right side of his face, eyes, muscles and nerves. In addition, the right side of his jaw was removed.

This major surgery brought a new leaf to his life. Currently, Billy is one of the few people who are able to put his finger in his mouth and poke it out of his eye socket and vice versa.

Thanks to that, he gave up repairing cars and starred in horror movies with zombie roles. Additionally, he often appears on television conversations to earn extra income.

Number 1: Hair growing out of the eyeball

A pair of eyes with eyelashes is a normal thing. Nevertheless, an Iranian 19-year-old guy was born with an abnormal tumor in his right eye, right on the surface.

This evil disease not only seriously impaired his vision but also made it impossible for him to close his eyes comfortably.

The reason is because the tumor is getting bigger, not only that it also grows strange long hairs. Experts said that the tumor could grow ‘hair’ was due to corneal disease.

This is also a very rare visual disease, currently the world only records about 1 to 2 cases of the disease each year.

Although the young Iranian man was unlucky in suffering from a strange disease, he was also promptly operated by Dr. Ali Mahdavi and Dr. Leili Pourafkari, from the Department of Medical Sciences of Tabriz University, Tabriz City, Iran.

Does any of you feel these aforementioned eyes weird and scary? I’d like to say again: there’re plenty of things that we need to uncover in this world.

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