10 Children With Real Superpowers

The one who will take you to discover the most interesting things on earth Do you find the previous babies special? It’s undeniable that they are given such superpower from God So, are you curious about them? Let’s come with me and check out who they are 10 Babies Who Own Superpowers

10. The boy who eats the most

Talking about superpower, we usually think about those special talents, but this boy from China, has an incredible eating ability that makes people fall in love when seeing him eating.

Currently, this boy is a star on social media who is well-known with his eating like mukbangs. Do you think he looks very cute with those chubby cheeks and a cute little lip? WOW! Watching him eating just makes me crave for food even more

9. Young Titus

This 2-year-old boy from America, Titus Ashby has become a phenomenon on social media recently due to his incredible talent as he can shoot the basketball ball right into the basket at only… 2 years old.

His parents posted a titled “unbelievable little kid does a trick shot” on social media and surprisingly, this attracted millions views from people He can shoot the ball professionally and not even miss it once even the he can’t even walk properly like a grownup.

Not only so, this boy can even perform many basketball tricks like real basketball players. I really hope that he will become a new star in the basketball industry in the future

8. Electrical boy

This is a very case in Vietnam. So in the video is a scene recording a boy who is 2-3 years old, standing next to a man who is holding a light bulb and a plug.

And whenever this man places the plug on the boy, the light bulb starts lighting up There were a couple of times the light bulb didn’t work when the plug was put on his cheeks or forehead.

But when he put it on different areas like his hands and chest, the light bulb lighted up again. This is the cause for many arguments around his talent since people suspect that this is fake.

7. Abhigya

This 14-year-old boy from India, is a young astrologist who is very knowledgeable about the Hindu medicine system called – Ayurveda.

Accordingly, this boy had received many prideful awards in this field as well He used to post a short video in August/2019 predicting that there will be a virus pandemic attacking our planet until June/2020.

And yes, this completely crosses the same line to the Covid-19 pandemic that we are facing at the moment He also warned us not to look down on this pandemic and must take it seriously However, Abhigya also predicted that the pandemic will slow down starts from May 29th 2020.

However, there will be another virus wave rising again from December/2020 to March/2021 Although there are still many people suspect what he said but until this moment, it is true to say that what this boy predicted is very logical and makes sense

6. Anna Belysh – Archery

Anna Belysh is a 19-year-old girl from Russia who owns a very special talent, that is using her feet to shoot the arrow. WOW! Her feet guys, using her feet, so shocking right?

From an unknown girl, she has now become a professional and famous archer. Her parents, who are currently living in Omsk city, central Russia, said that they are very proud of their daughter’s talent The of her shooting the arrow using her feet has become a new phenomenon on social media after a few days uploading it.

And it’s true to say that even the professional archers couldn’t even shoot as skillfully as her Currently, she and her family have registered to have her name listed in the Guinness Book with a hope that her special talent will be recognized soon in the future

5. Tsung Tsung

This boy is known as a master of music in China. Although he’s only 5 years old but can play the piano even more skillfully than those who have learned to play it for years.

The remarkable moment of him playing the piano has been posted on social media but people accused him for faking it because they couldn’t believe how a tiny boy could play it even better than real pianists After that, he did appear on many music TV shows and many experts in this field said that he has played perfectly without missing any notes

4. Emma Tablate

This is a girl from Philippines who owns a very special talent that is producing fire Whenever she thinks about fire, a glow of fire then starts appearing from her palm and is strong enough to burn the items around her.

Because of this ability that many people even came to her house to see her performing with their naked eyes And yes, they did see her burning the magazines, her mat and clothes magically. Currently, scientists still haven’t figured out the cause for her special talent. What an amazing ability right?

3. Nikolai Kryaglychenko

There are many shocking things happening in the world that we can’t believe And the story of the 12-year-old boy, Nikolai Kryaglychenko is one of them.

He turned into a “magnet boy” after getting involved in an accident where his back was leaning on a power pole which got him electrocuted.

Although the pole was exploded after that but lucky for him, Nikolai still survived until this moment After that, Nikolai suddenly has an ability to magnetize the metal items around him magically He said that he’s a big fan of comic books, and with this talent, he believes that it is some kind of superpower like the Magneto character in his favorite cartoon movie.

Accordingly, his number 1 dream is to become a real superhero in the future and help people out Do you think he has such an amazing thought? Leave your opinion below!

2. Deepak Jangra

Before talking about this boy, I wanna warn you guys that what he did was very dangerous so please don’t copy him Deepak Jangra, from India, can touch an exposed wire reaching up to 11.000V without being electrocuted.

People in his town even call him as “the small version of electric man” since he can even touch many other things like light bulbs, TV wires, or water engine at different electrical levels without harming himself The villagers often ask him to fix their electrical supplies in their house.

Although he did have many check-ups with the Doctors to find out the cause for this but it still remains unanswered.

As a matter of fact, Deepak wishes that he could become a manager of the Electricity Development Agency in the future

1. Wang Wuka

At this young age, many kids are still fed by their parents but this talented boy, Wang Wuka, from Anhui, China has been able to play billiards as professional as other players And of course, he didn’t own this talent naturally right when he was born.

It all started from his father, who is a big fan of snooker, decided to train his son when he was only 2 years old with a hope that he can soon perform his talent in front of the world.

With his skillfulness along with a strong passion, he has learned to play billiards professionally. Also because of his talent, that he can even shoot the balls while sitting on a tall chair, which cannot be done easily by many skilled players in the world The following list are top 10 babies who own such special abilities in the world Who are you most impressed with?

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