Top 10 Strangest And Strongest Hands In The World

The one who will take you to discover the most interesting things on earth Human hands always contain such extraordinary power that we will never be aware of.

I know that there are 7 billion people in this world, but, today, you and I will take a look at 10 people who have the strongest hands ever Are you curious about them?

If yes then take my hand to find out who they are Now, let’s come with 10 Strangest And Strongest Hands In The World

10. Evnika Saadvakass

The first person is the girl, Evnika Saadvakass, from Voronezh, Russia, who has been trained since she was 3 years old and currently has a solid pair of hands which can produce many punches as hard as dumbbells.

This is the result of the hard training that her dad taught her. There were many times her dad uploaded the recording how she crashed a tree or even breaking the door using her bare hands.

At 8 years old, Evnika also shocked people with the fact that she can throws out 100 punches in just only 1 minute. And obviously, her number 1 wish is to become a professional boxer in the future. And I strongly believe that she will achieve that dream soon

9. Ukraine Vasyl Lomachenko

The fighter, Ukraine Vasyl Lomachenko has caused a shockwave on social media when uploading a video recording the scene of how he nailing the wall using his bare hands.

In the, this championship literally stabbed the nail into the wall using his left hand. After that, this guy, who was born in 1988, used the other hand to punch the nail and made it stick to the wall without relying on any support equipment.

8. Ho Eng Hui

Ho Eng Hui, from Malaysia but has been practicing Shaolin kungfu since he was 17 years old. That’s why this guy is capable of performing many spectacular movements.

His hands are incredibly strong, they are nothing different than those power drills at all As a matter of fact, he took 2 years to learn how to break a coconut.

And until this very moment, he has been recorded in the Guinness Book as the man who could break 4 coconuts in 12.15s using his fingers. This performance was taken place in Italy in the shock of many audiences there

7. Xie Guizhong

Well, normally, doing pushups with our arms is already so tiring, but, this guy, Xie Guizhong, from China has made many people shocked by doing 41 push-ups in 30s using only 1 of his fingers.

OMG, did you guys hear that? 1 finger…only 1 finger guys…that is so respectable! And he also broke his previous record as well, which was doing 25 push-ups in 3 seconds. This has made many people rolled their eyes over because this is so unbelievable

6. Wang Weibao

Wang Weibao is from China, a man who is deeply in love with martial art and very skilled in kung fu as well In November/2018, Wang Weibao set up a new record by balancing his whole body using only 4 fingers in 19.23s. That is so shocking right guys?

5. Hands Harder than Rocks

Wow! Did you guys see that callous hands? Yes, they are the hands of a man from China. This man has been working out using his bare hands to crash all of those solid and hard things like rocks, bricks and concrete.

His energy is so amazing! I bet after watching this scene, your hands and bones must feel so painful right, and there might be some of you have goosebumps too.

Damn imagine if just throwing some simple punches but are enough to break the stuff made from concrete and metal. That must take lots of blood, sweat and tears to learn and do so, right?

4. Hafhor Bjornsson

This bodybuilder, Hafhor Bjornsson is called as the second version of Thor in England. He broke the world record by successfully pulling a dumbbell weighing up to 1.041 pounds (which is equivalent to 472kg) at an international bodybuilding contest.

Recently, once again, he got people shocked by lifting a 10m long log, weighing up to 650kg while taking 5 steps forward. The thing that nobody could do throughout 1000 years.

With this achievement, this actor and bodybuilder, Hafthor Julius Bjornsson has been dubbed as the strongest Viking man twice in a competition taken place in Norway

3. Kann Trichan

Before talking about this man, I wanna warn you guys that please don’t copy what he did because it’s gonna be so life-threatening.

So basically, this record is made by Mr Kann Trichan, a 50-year-old chef from Thailand, the one who shocked everybody by dipping his hands in a hot oil pan without being burned.

He has recorded himself in the Guiness Book by taking 20 pieces of fried chicken out of the 480-degree Celsius fryer in 1 minute using his bare hands The reason why he found out this special talent was when he got involved in an accident as a whole hot oil pan poured all over his body but he didn’t get burned.

Since then, he started performing this ability for his diners who wanna see and observe this incredible talent with their naked eyes

2. Wang Hua

Wang Hua is a master of Kungfu as he has practiced many kinds of martial arts since he was small. According to a video uploaded by UPI, this master had constantly breaking many bricks in half.

At first, he broke 2 at once. But at the very last minutes, he broke 3-4 of them at once and in total, 100 bricks had been destroyed in just 37 seconds. Wang said that this achievement has broken his previous record: which was breaking 50 bricks in 40 seconds

1. Chintya Candranaya

Chintya Candranaya is from Indonesia, who has practiced Pencak Silat for such a long time. This girl is also well-known with many of her amazing performances on social media.

She used to use her bare hands to break a durian which was covered with lots of sharp thorns. In the recent video that she just uploaded, many people have been incredibly amazed at her talent as she used her bare hands to break a coconut, that is so powerful The following are top 10 people who have the strongest hands in the world.

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