Top 5 Strange Things Men Do When They’re Alone

Top 5 Strange Things Men Do When They’re Alone

Ladies do you ever wonder what men so when there alone? You do? Then you’ve came to the right place. Now clearly im a woman so what would I know about this.

Well like every other video ive done my research. Hello youtube im Court mcginley and welcome back to the most amazing top 5. Sit back subscribe and let me entertain you.

Ok guys Lets see if we can get this video to 300 likes I know you guys can do it. Alright without further a due lets get started on our list of the top 5 strange things men do when they are alone.

5. Touch themselves

Even around people guys are always readjusting themselves so I couldn’t even imagine how intense it must be when theyre alone. Like sometimes guys just chill on the couch holding there junk.

I don’t get it. Its not an attractive look I can tell you that. But when your alone you do you. Just so long as us women don’t have to witness it.

4. Creeping on Exs

Now this one is equally the same for men and women id say. Both sexes do this. I mean if your just sitting around your house bored your thoughts are going to wander and a memory with your ex might pop into your head.

And of course once that happens you get curious and go and look on their social media accounts to see what they’ve been up to. Innocent enough.Unless this becomes like a daily thing- then you might be boarder line obsessed and need to get out of the house more.

3. Spend a lot of time in the bathroom

Heck I have guy friends who do this regardless if they are alone or not.But I mean when you go into the washroom with your phone its pretty easy to get distracted. If youre on your phone a lot of time can be spent in the washroom without even realizing it.

But one weird thing ive found through my research is that a lot of the time when guys are just chilling in the bathroom is when they’ll go on their dating apps and set up dates.

I don’t know about you ladies watching this but id find it a little weird if this is how my relationship started out. I know it doesn’t really matter. But none the less- a little strange.

2. Watching porn

At least according to all the sites I looked on…you know doing my vast amounts of research for this list. They claim that a lot of men look at porn when they are alone and you know what I believe it.

While it is a cliché if ive learned anything from American pie its that men like looking at porn- or watching porn… Basically just anyway they can see naked chicks theyre down. Also according to my research most men actually spend more time looking for the right porn rather than they do actually watching the porn itself.

1. Scratching

now I wish I was talking about their heads or their arms- heck even their armpits wouldn’t be so bad…but no im talking about their balls. Well im sure they also scratch all of those other places ive mentioned but yep balls for sure.

Heck some guys are so nonchalant about it that they even do this in public. Yeah… men can sometimes be pretty gross.

I mean yeah if you have an itch you gotta scratch it but still ugh Well there you have it that’s our list of the top 5 strange things men do when they are alone.

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