5 Ladies Being Famous With Their Special Skin

Your companion on the journey of world discovery! From the previous photos, have you figured out what today topic is yet? That’s right, today, you and I will come and discover many popular ladies with special skin Now, let’s come with 5 ladies being famous with their special skin

5. Winnie Harlow

Winnie Harlow, born in 1994, from Canada. She always attracts people with her unique skin as she is infected with vitiligo, which causes patches of skin to lose pigmentation However, she doesn’t even feel unconfident with her face, but instead, Winnie even loves her body and is very proud of that distinctive feature of her.

By working hard along with an outstanding appearance, these factors have helped her receive many honor prizes throughout her career Nonetheless, being confident is also a key element that helps Winnie becomes successful and has a firm standing in the fashion industry at the moment

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4. Ava Clarke

Ava Clarke is an American – African albino girl. With her distinctive blonde hair, blue eyes along with tinted lips, she has become an icon in the fashion industry. Many of her photobooks are appeared on many famous fashion magazines like Vogue, Denim and VIP.

At the moment, it’s fair to say that the media and photographers are seeking to see her in real life and take photos of her. According to the diagnosis of the doctors, she was assumed to be blind when she was young, but magically, by working hard and being very serious with her career, Ava can now read, do ballet and is even the major attention of the public in real life

3. Lola Chuil

This young lady, Lola Chuil, goes with the nickname “pretty princess Lolita” owns a jet black, healthy skin color. Nonetheless, the outline of her face is also very sharp, unique and beautiful, which makes the social media falling for her crazily Lola is currently living in Los Angeles, enrolling in a local high school and can speak 8 different languages.

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Because of her unique beauty: jet black skin color, pretty lips, beautiful eyes along with a perfect body that she looks like a cartoon character walking out of the movie. Her supporters and fans made up a nickname for her, which is the small version of Naomi Campbell and they assume that she will definitely be successful in the future as a top model

2. Nikia Phoenix

Nikia Phoenix, a model from America. She always stands out of the crowd because of her dark skin color, natural hair along with her freckles appearing all over her body. And she is one of the rarest people who has such an unique skin like this.

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An outstanding appearance has helped her attract the eyes of many fashion brands as she was hired to work for the Alternative Apparel company when she was at a coffee shop. Since then, she started receiving many modelling invitations from many large campaigns like Coca Cola and Target

1. Nastya Zhidkova

I swear making this list without Nastya Zhidkova is probably the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my entire life Nastya Zhidkova born in 1996 from Russia. She is named as the most beautiful albino model in the world.

This young and talented lady has casted a blast on the fashion field of Russia. Moreover, she also works as a talented singer. Currently, her social media accounts receive a massive number of followers which helps her become a representative for many famous fashion brands in the world The following are top 5 beautiful models who are famous with their unique skin I hope they have improved your knowledge somehow

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