Top 10 Smallest Dog Breeds in the World

In this article We Share the Top 10 Smallest Dog Breeds in the World. Check the Table of Content and Read the article.

Smallest Dog Breeds in the World

1. Shih Tzu (4-7.2 KG)

These are smart, active and full of life small dogs that enjoy the company of people, but love to maintain some independence.

With the right training and socialization from an early age, Shih Tzu becomes an amazing family pet and plays great with children.

Shih Tzu CountryChina
Shih Tzu FamilyGroup 9 FCI Toy Group AKC
Shih Tzu SizeSmall
Shih Tzu Life Span11-16 years old
Shih Tzu CharacteristicsSmart

2. Toy Poodle (6-7 KG)

A poodle is a real artist, he can learn the most difficult tricks, with pleasure and shows them to a grateful audience.  He is immensely devoted to his family, he does not like loneliness, he is hard-pressed to stand indifference or rudeness from the owners.

Toy Poodle CountryGermany
Toy Poodle Size28 – 35 cm
Toy Poodle Life Span15 years
Toy Poodle CharacteristicsIntelligent

3. Pug (6-9 KG)

Many people find the pug’s unique appearance incredibly attractive, so the popularity of this breed is growing year after year.

Pug hair is easy to care for, and these dogs do not have special requirements for physical activity, which is a great advantage of the breed for busy owners.

Pugs are very popular and known for their curiosity and energy.

Pug CountryChina
Pug FamilyGroup 9 FCI Toy Group AKC
Pug SizeSmall
Pug Life Span11-16 years old
Pug CharacteristicsSmart
Smallest Dog Breeds in the World, Top 10 Smallest Dog Breeds in the World

4. Maltese (1.4-3.6KG)

The Maltese are kind, loving, intelligent, responsible and trustworthy. It is a good family dog, El Maltese is lively, playful, vigorous, and they generally like to learn tricks.

They can be fast with noisy children. Its minimal construction of the Maltes contradicts its brave presence.

He is highly alert, the Maltese responds with a bark like a burst, to unfamiliar noises.

Maltese CountryMalta, Italy
Maltese FamilyToy dog
Maltese Size10 inches
Maltese Life Span12 to 15 years
Maltese CharacteristicsDrooping ears

5. Bichon Frise (5-10 KG)

The Bichon Frize has excellent. A positive attitude makes this dog an ideal friend for both young people and the elderly.

Bichon Frize was loyal and friendly to other animals. Bichon Frize is extremely adaptable to living in an apartment. If you want a companion dog, the Bichon Frize is perfect for you.

Bichon Frise CountrySpain
Bichon Frise FamilyNon-Sporting Group
Bichon Frise Size27–30 cm
Bichon Frise Life Span16–19 years
Bichon Frise CharacteristicsA wonderful “pompom” with a brave and sensitive heart
A friendly and cheerful dog companion
Easy to learn with gentle handling

6. Yorkshire Terrier (1.3-3.2 KG)

The Yorkshire Terrier is an excellent dog, in the character of which courage, agility, stamina are combined with amazing delicacy, intelligence, and quick wit.

A great friend for all family members, but considers the owner to be one to whom he is devoted.

York is a cheerful companion for children and adolescents, ready at any moment with all its energy to join games and fun.

For older people, especially single people, he will become a good companion, faithful and selfless. He feels comfortable both in small-sized apartments and in country houses.

Yorkshire Terrier CountryEngland
Yorkshire Terrier FamilyToy dog
Yorkshire Terrier Size15-17 cm
Yorkshire Terrier Life Span12-15 years
Yorkshire Terrier CharacteristicsIntelligent

7. Boston Terrier (4.5-11 KG)

Boston Terriers are determined as a strong and active dog with free and graceful movements.

Boston terriers are vigilant and kind dogs with a friendly and affectionate disposition.

They are easily recognizable by their characteristic black and white color, reminiscent of a tuxedo.

Boston Terrier CountryUSA
Boston Terrier FamilyGroup 9 FCI, AKS Non-Sports Group
Boston Terrier SizeSmall
Boston Terrier Life Span13-15 years
Boston Terrier CharacteristicsFriendly

8. Pomeranian (1.9-3.5 KG)

Pomeranian dog is a breed from spitz. This breed becomes popular by some royal owners since the 18th century. Queen Victoria owns a small Spitz.

Pomeranian CountryGermany
Pomeranian FamilyGroup 5 Spitz and primitive dogs, Section 4 European Spitz # 97e1.9 – 3.5 kg
Pomeranian SizeSmall
Pomeranian Life Span12-16 years
Pomeranian CharacteristicsIntelligent

9. French Bulldog (9-12 KG)

The French Bulldog cannot leave anyone indifferent. Just looking at this funny dog improves your mood.

If you add love to children, ease of upbringing and devotion to the owner to an unusual appearance.

Dogs of this breed are smart enough and smart. The dog is perfect for the role of a family pet and will be happy to bathe in affection and attention.

French Bulldog CountryFrance
French Bulldog FamilyCompanion dogs
French Bulldog Size28-30 cm
French Bulldog Life Span10 – 14 years
French Bulldog CharacteristicsBold
Agile dogs

10. Chihuahua (0.9-2.7 KG)

This mini breed has a very elegant appearance and compact body. The dog’s skull is small, widens at the base, and narrows at the nose. The nose is short and neat, looking up.

Chihuahuas have beautiful and large eyes, mostly dark in color. Large erect ears are rounded at the top. The back is muscular; the chest is voluminous. The tail of the dog is high, it is quite long and thick, rounded up.

Chihuahua CountryMexico
Chihuahua FamilyCompanion dog
Chihuahua Size15-23 cm
Chihuahua Life Span12-20 years
Chihuahua CharacteristicsDevoted

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