See what these sexy ladies have done

They could work as models, but they prefer politics.

1. Joanna Mucha

Joanna Mucha has been hailed by the media as a sex bomb of the Polish parliament. She is also sometimes called “Tusk’s first miracle” or “Miss Sejm”. However, the most beautiful “minister” has serious competition on the world political scene.

2. Mara Carfagna – The most Beautiful Minister in the World

Italian politician, former minister for equal status. A lawyer by education, she once reached the final of the Miss Italia competition. She was a presenter on the television station belonging to the Mediaset concern, Silvia Berlusconi. In 2006 and 2008, she was elected to the Chamber of Deputies on behalf of FI and the People of Freedom.

On May 8, 2008, she took the post of minister for equal status of women and men in Silvio Berlusconi’s government, she held this position until November 16, 2011. She was announced the most beautiful minister in the world by the Italian “Il Giornale” and German “Bild” newspapers. See what the beautiful Mara did before she went to politics.

She has a topless Modeling career behind her

In the photo, the beautiful Mara Carfagna at the time when she was a photo model and posed topless, incl. for the Italian edition of the men’s magazine “Maxim”.

The media reported that Mara had “deluded Berlusconi.” A big scandal was caused by a joke of Berlusconi, who told Mary that if he had not been married, he would have married her.

From the very first days of her presence in parliament, the former TV star tried to remain unnoticed and dressed very modestly. “Beauty is an asset, but not in this environment” – the minister used to say.

3. Alina Kabaeva – Former Gymnastics Star, Now the Sexiest Member of the Duma

The beautiful Russian gymnast and alleged lover of Vladimir has been an MP from the United Russia party since 2007. Her father is a Tatar and her mother is Russian. She started practicing sports in 1987 at the age of 4.

In the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000, she won a bronze medal, and four years later in Athens she became an Olympic champion. According to the Daily Mail, Putin was to ask the gymnast for a meeting after that success.

See how Kabaeva presents herself in a daring shoot for one of the men’s magazines.

She was Putin’s mistress?

Representatives of both Kabaeva and Putin denied that the two were having an affair. However, a St. Petersburg company specializing in organizing weddings was of a different opinion. Employees reported that the influential couple had contacted them because they were planning a wedding in 2008.

A year later, Kabaeva gave birth to a son. The boy’s father’s identity was never revealed. Many media, however, suggested that it was Putin.

In the photo, sexy Kabaeva in a sensual session for the Russian edition of “Maxim” magazine.

She gave birth to Putin a son?

Sensational information that today 29-year-old Kabaeva and Putin were a couple and had a son was given in 2009 by “Moskovsky Korrespondent”, belonging to the multimillionaire Alexander Lebedev. Putin’s reaction to these reports was immediate – his anger led to the fact that the newspaper was closed within a month.

In the photo for the Russian edition of “Vogue”, Kabaeva is wearing a Balmain gown for $ 35,000. dollars.

4. Barbara Matera – The Most Beautiful Italian MEP

Barbara Matera is a 31-year-old Italian MEP. In 2001, she joined the Forza Italia party led by Silvio Berlusconi. In 2009, she ran for the European Parliament on behalf of, inter alia, FI People of Freedom. She won the mandate of a deputy with the second election result under the PfL list.

See a picture of Matera before her political career, when she posed topless.

She was a TV star, competed in the Miss Italy pageant, and acted in films

Before joining politics, she was a photo model, she posed, among others to the calendars (in the photo), in 2000 she took part in the Miss Italy pageant. In 2003, she became a presenter on the Rai Uno television station, and hosted numerous television programs on various stations. He has also appeared in films and series.

5. Rachida Dati – The Most Beautiful French Politician

Former French Minister of Justice, the first North African woman and the first Muslim woman to hold a ministerial position in France. In the local elections in 2008, she was elected mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris. In 2009, from the list of the Union for the People’s Movement, she was elected a Member of the European Parliament, and consequently on June 23 of the same year she left the government. Currently, he holds both offices: deputy and mayor.

Some time ago, she had to explain herself extensively after mistaking inflation for … oral sex. The unfortunate slip of the tongue occurred during an interview on the radio. When asked about the country’s economic affairs, the politician confused the English word “inflation” with the French word “fellatio”. In France, she earned the nickname “Rachida Barbie”.

The media Tracked Down her Daughter’s Father

In 2008, she sparked an avalanche of speculation when she announced that she was expecting a child without revealing the identity of his father. – My private life is complicated and I keep the press away from it. I will not say anything about it – she said.

Suspicions of paternity fell on the French minister of sport, and even … on former Spanish prime minister José Maria Aznar, but he immediately and firmly denied media reports. In 2009, Dati gave birth to a daughter whom she named Zohra. However, this was not the end of the media “investigation”, because when Dati, still lying in the hospital, was visited by the younger brother of the French president Francois Sarkozy, he was suspected of being the daddy of a newborn child.

6. Nicole Minetti – Former Berlusconi Dentist, Currently a Regional Activist

Italian politician, Milan councilor, friend of Silvio Berlusconi and his former dental hygienist. Her career began when Prime Minister Berlusconi, attacked in Milan with a metal miniature of a cathedral, had to repair his damaged dentition.

Minetti first showed her charms in an entertainment program from one of Berlusconi’s television stations, and then, from his commissioning, she found her way to the Lombardy self-government.

Organized visits by prostitutes to Berlusconi’s mansion?

She is suspected of pimping for the prime minister – accused of organizing visits of prostitutes to Berlusconi’s residence. The weekly “L’Espresso” revealed, inter alia, that Minetti negotiated the price of oral sex with the prime minister with the dancers. She was also alleged to have dragged a Moroccan immigrant, Ruby “Rubacuori”, out of a police station in Milan in May 2010, where she was detained on suspicion of stealing 3,000. euro.

7. Elena Udrea – Sexy Romanian Politician

Romanian politician, member of the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L), lawyer by education. Former Minister of Regional Development and Transport (2008-2012). Since 2008, a member of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies.

In the photo on the right, she is wearing skimpy mini and boots on the cover of the Romanian magazine “Tabu”. This session caused a lot of controversy in her home country.

8. Eva Kaili – The Beautiful Face of the Greek Parliament

The beautiful Eva Kaili is a deputy to the Greek Parliament. She graduated in architecture and also worked as a news presenter.

9. Ruby Dhalla – A Beautiful Politician from Canada

Canadian politician from Punjab. As a member of the Liberal Party from 2004 to 2011, she sat in the Canadian House of Commons.