10 Sensitive Issues about women’s Health and Sexuality

10 Sensitive Issues about women’s Health and Sexuality

If you look at stars like Jennifer Lopez and Monica Belucci, it becomes obvious that their sexual charisma does not fall over the years, but seems to only increase. Neither childbirth, nor divorce, nor a busy schedule, nor, most importantly, age seems to have any power over them. Pasikhat Magomedova, the founder of the COSMOPRO clinic network, talks about the revolutionary laser intimate rejuvenation MCL31 Juliet, which improves women’s health and increases sensitivity to sex.

Is it true that the intimate area also ages? 

Yes! Man is a single ecosystem. All soft tissues are made up of collagen, that is, protein structures. Gynecologists believe that “the intimate area is the second face of a woman.” Childbirth, illness, and premenopausal and menopausal processes – all affects the quality of the tissues of the vagina and vulva. 

Collagen fibers age equally on the face and in the intimate area. And such aging increases the risk of developing gynecological diseases and sexual dysfunction.

10 Sensitive Issues about women’s Health and Sexuality

At what age should you start doing intimate rejuvenation?  

Today, WHO recommends that you consider yourself young from 18-45 years old, middle age – from 45-55 years old. Modern women are actively building their careers, are fond of fitness, have children after 35 and 40 years. 

So, it is best to start with prevention even for young girls, especially after childbirth – it is more effective than treatment. For example, the MCL31 Juliet intimate laser rejuvenation procedure allows you to maintain the quality of the tissues of the vagina and vulva, as in youth.

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What tasks does the procedure of intimate rejuvenation solve?

  • Recovery after childbirth at any age 
  • Correction of postoperative scars and “tears”
  • Vaginal lifting – therapy for “wide vagina syndrome”
  • Correction of stress urinary incontinence 
  • Restoration of vaginal moisture – therapy for dryness and itching 
  • Correction of pigmentation of the intimate zone 
  • Eliminates sagging of the walls of the vagina (prolapse of the genitals)
  • Eliminates the symptoms of atrophy of the vaginal mucosa
10 Sensitive Issues about women’s Health and Sexuality

How is the procedure carried out? 

The good news: no anesthesia and well tolerated by women as the erbium laser is considered “cold”. This procedure is suitable not only for the intimate lifting of the vagina but also for lightening the intimate area – the pubis and labia, which is very popular even among nulliparous women when they want to prepare for the holidays. It turns out a wonderful combination of therapy and aesthetics. 

On the micro-sections under the influence of the laser, gentle evaporation of the epithelial tissues occurs and microtraumas are formed, the healing of which causes intensive regeneration processes. All these phenomena contribute to qualitative changes: a decrease in the volume of the vagina and an improvement in the elasticity of its walls and the walls of the bladder, changes in microflora and high-quality hydration, restoration of the physiological form, and aesthetic appearance.

Do I need a course of intimate rejuvenation if I had a cesarean? 

Violation of the elasticity of the walls of the vagina occurs even if the birth was by cesarean section. In addition, the hormone prolactin prepares the body for childbirth, as if “softening” the collagen fibers. Therefore, even young girls after childbirth are recommended to undergo a prophylactic course of MCL 31 to restore tone so that minor violations do not turn into pathology.

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Childbirth is natural, why restore with laser therapy? 

It is enough to give statistics here: in 80% of women who have given birth, prolapse of the pelvic organs is observed even after the first and second births. And in 100% of women who have given birth to two or more children, atrophy of the muscles and mucous membranes of the vagina is observed. Therefore, after childbirth, it is necessary to solve the pressing problems of women’s health: prolapse of the pelvic organs, a decrease in the brightness of sensation during sex and the ability to experience an orgasm. 

I can’t jump, run or even laugh out loud. Will a course of procedures help to solve the delicate problem of incontinence? 

Yes, the MCL 31 procedure has earned a high rating from gynecologists and the Ministries of Health of different countries as an innovative method of correction. Previously, such problems were solved with the help of surgical intervention, and now laser therapy does in five minutes what a gynecologist surgeon could not always work with. 

Does this procedure increase the number of orgasms?

After childbirth or complicated childbirth, the pelvic floor muscles lose their compensation reserve. First, a feeling of a “wide vagina” develops, and over time, the omission of its walls. Therefore, sexual partners may feel a decrease in the brightness of sensations. The procedure, as we have already found out, can help solve this problem. 

How is intimate rejuvenation related to women’s health? 

The syndrome of the “wide vagina” leads to the gaping of the genital gap. An open entrance to the vagina is an independent factor intensifying atrophic processes in the mucosa, as well as endlessly recurring inflammations (thrush, for example) and cystitis, especially postcoital. Moreover, against the background of a decrease in female hormones, the natural protection of the vagina suffers – its microbial composition. Indolent inflammatory processes, such as candidiasis, can be associated precisely with the gaping of the genital gap. 

What is intimate contouring? 

This is not another fashionable procedure. This technique is recommended by all leading international experts to correct not only age-related changes, but also as one of the simplest and most effective methods of recovery after childbirth and rejuvenation of the intimate area. We exclusively recommend Amalain gynecological fillers at the COSMOPRO clinic. 

  • The tissues of the mucous membranes of the vulva and vagina are subject to the same aging processes as the skin and soft tissues of the face and body. Childbirth, hormonal changes, genetic characteristics and various gynecological diseases have a negative impact on the aesthetic appeal of a woman’s genitals, their functionality and, accordingly, the quality of sexual life. 
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, perineal ruptures, and weight gain can lead to the prolapse of the tissues of the genital organs. With age, tissue prolapse progresses and at the same time, there is a loss of subcutaneous fat. The skin of the labia majora becomes thinner. The labia minora sag. The clitoris decreases, its sensitivity decreases. The vestibule and walls of the vagina undergo great changes. 
  • Low tissue elasticity, lack of collagen in cells provokes dryness and irritation. Low muscle tone does not allow a woman to experience the same pleasure during intercourse, and a decrease in the amount of natural lubrication can lead to pain and even microtrauma.
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Amalain gynecological fillers are injected in larger volumes than, for example, with facial contouring (4-8 ml). These are safe and effective remedies. Hyaluronic acid is one of the substances that are present in the tissues of each person, so it does not cause rejection reactions and allergies. Hyaluronic acid is completely absorbed, the rate of its excretion from the body averages from 4 to 12 months, depending on individual characteristics.

In the COSMOPRO clinic, the reception is conducted by experts whose scientific and practical work is highly appreciated by the scientific community. And for patients there are always pleasant discounts. For example, 30% discount on the MCL31 Juliet + Amalain course. 

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